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TV Time: Zoe Finally Admits To A Crush

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It's crazy how much I'm in love with Hart of Dixie. I know it doesn't exactly have the most explosive story lines but it's always fun to watch small-town stories that really are pretty heartwarming. And now that things are heating up, I can't wait to see where they take the multiple triangles they seem to be forming. I'm glad we get an entire season of this cuteness, just because I've surprisingly enjoyed this one so far.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x07: The Crush & Crossbow

So as much as I don't want to imagine Wade with someone like Tansy, it seems like this is the type of girl he would have dated before Zoe entered the picture. And though Wade shouldn't be yanking Tansy's chain, you can't blame him for wanting to hold on or protect her from someone like Cole, who really seems like a douche. I really hope they give the triangle with Zoe a shot though. The fact that Tansy knows about her and that he's pining for Zoe so hard it hurts so much to watch. I want to see this happen with George now.

Speaking of Zoe, I'm glad she at least tried to do something with Judd -- who is yes, very very cute. Just when you thought it would be a Lavon/Lemon/George triangle, we get some Zoe and George action and I really do want them to get together. I know that I adore him with Lemon but I wouldn't mind seeing this one too. But it's all good, I can wait. Besides, I want to see more of Judd before we dive into the real triangle.

The reason I'm so hell bent on getting George and Wade into the triangle is because Lavon finally admits to loving Lemon still. Sure, they were cute hosting and being adorable together. They really do have something between them and it's nice to see Lemon look conflicted. She wouldn't be if she didn't have any feelings.

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Chuck 05x00: Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips

I'm glad that things are getting better with Morgan. he really was a total jerk. From how he switched to Verbansky to breaking Alex's heart. She looked so depressed and just distraught without her that I wish Casey beat the crap out of her for what he did to Alex. I really do think Morgan deserved more than being sent out for a while.

It was so nice to see a more solid-ish plot for Awesome too. Look at him helping Jeff out and making him so straight. I really like that Awesome's pretty awesome around Clara but also realizes that it's not as easy work to take care of a kid. I need more of Ellie and Awesome.

And finally, we get some Casey/Verbansky!!! I know it's not a lot and that we probably won't get a full-fledged romance, but it's really about time that Casey got someone. They were so cute 'flirting' to 'strangers in the night.' Only Casey would bring a girl to a shooting range. You guys are adorable.

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Nikita 02x08: London Calling

This episode takes us to London -- though we don't see much of it save for the exterior, establishing shots to find Michael's ex-girl, and mother of his child and find out she's an MI6 agent. Honestly, I didn't see that coming, though I should have considering how everyone on this show seems to be an agent of sorts. And we also get lots of Michael pining to be with his child, which is totally understandable.

With that though, we also see Nikita sort of get jealous or at least try to reprioritize her life and you also can't blame her for the choices she's making. It's not like she wants the kid. She wants Michael but knows he won't be able to walk away now that he's got some attachment to this kid. Why can't they just show that this kid isn't Michael's so we can go on our merry way? I guess we're not lucky enough. I'm sure this isn't the end to them so I'm not worried.

I am a little worried though for Alex as it gets revealed that Sean's a pretty big mommy's boy who's willing to resort to seduction to get what he needs out of Alex and I'm actually sort of wishing it'll happen if only to see Alex get a love life, no matter how fake it is. Alex is a smart-ish cookie though, kissing his hand of all places. I'm sure she'll cave in, in an episode or two though.


Merlin 04x07: The Secret Sharer

Let's start off by how glad I am Gauis isn't dead. Sure, he revealed who Emeris was but at least Evil!Uncle didn't quite get his way and we still get Gaius alive. Because as much as I don't mind Gaius, I like having him around. And with Uther dead, he's the obligatory old guy we need around.

That's why I'm so happy that Gwaine was there to help Merlin out. They've always had this sort of kinship about them and now that Arthur is king and can't be toted around -- not that Merlin could ever seek help from him -- at lest Gwaine was there so sort of save the day. We all know Merlin's more than capable but he can't exactly use his powers at the moment.

Finally, I'm so happy that Alator was actually on Merlin's side the entire time. Sure, now he's revealed himself as not on Morgana's side but at least Gaius's secret is safe with him and Merlin can go on living without having Morgana know he's Emeris. This actually foils Morgana's latest plot and as happy as I am that her attempts have been pretty laughable it only scares me too cause for sure, girl's going to be more gungho about her next evil plot. We shall see, I suppose.


Misfits 03x03: Simon

Oh no. This Peter drew it all till the very end. Just when you think that Peter finally solved the entire superhoodie dies problem, we see it's all 'to be continued'. I don't like this. I don't want Simon to die. Why make us think everything's okay when things aren't set yet. I wish Simon would just give up the saving Alisha bit too. Simon can't die, right?

In more light-hearted news though, Rudy and his twin were pretty funny. I want to see more of Rudy and his double just because the possibilities are endless. I love how the probation officer just doesn't care who does the work as long as someone does it. We need more 'Rudy-switching' in the future.

Finally, I really enjoyed Kelly and the hot guy for however short a period of one they were in screen. I love how upfront Kelly is about her feelings. I wish I could be like this except I don't think any guy would be cool enough to react that way. I hope we get to see more of these two in the future.


The Walking Dead 02x05: Chupacabra

First of all, OMG they keep zombies. Now that we've got that out of the way, I have to say that Darryl can't die. I love that his brother was there to give him a pep talk. Darryl, you are no pussy. In fact, you're the smartest survivor there. If you die, I do not know how I'll be watching this show anymore. Andrea, I hate you even more. Seriously. Look before shooting, girl.

As for Glenn, so much for sexy times. I feel bad that just when he thinks he's going to get lucky, he discovers a hayloft full of zombies. Why the hell does Hershel keep them? It's a little creepy but you knew this haven was too good to be true. I would be freaking out if I walked into the hayloft. Glenn, you're made of better stuff.

Finally, Shane is right. Sure you're finding more clues that lead us to believe that Sophia is alive but I'm honestly tired of this setting and just want them to move on. Can we please get out of here already? I want them to move on and just beat the shit out of more zombies.


Pan Am 01x08: Unscheduled Departure

It makes me so sad that there's still no use of the future of this show. More sadness is the fact that Kate's bringing up Niko -- not knowing if he'll be back. I wish they would bring him back. Instead we get Kate playing nurse to an old man who's suffering a heart attack. Too bad the medicine didn't make it in time. At least Richard, the CIA handler came through, I really am. Finally, he gets to do something for Kate.

I love the concern Dean had for Colette. Not wanting her to go to get the medicine/doctor and sending Ted with her. And as much as I sympathize with Colette, Dean has a point and it's against the rules. So when they actually kissed there in the end? I died a bit. I've been waiting for this since forever and finally we get some love. I need more, especially if this show isn't lasting.

Ted was quite adorable being all nervous and chatty. I wish Ted would just get Laura already. With the impending doom this show is on the path, I need all my ships to get together. And too bad that guy in the plane was a dick in general because he was cute and would have been nice if he and Maggie hooked up. Oh the regrets, this show gives me.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x07: The Big Sleep No More

Seriously. I don't know how I manage to stand so much Ivy/Charlie whatever her name is in my life. I don't want any more Charlie in my life. She seriously annoys the crap out of me and I really hope Diana just outs her already because she needs to GTFO

And I know they're only setting all of this up for a Chuck and Blair endgame but it really annoys me how they're dragging this shit on for so long. Just get Blair away from whoever she's not supposed to end up with already please.

Surprisingly, I actually want Serena and Max to hook up. Oh Serena, if you only knew how convoluted it all is. I need max and Serena to hook up so that ivy and Charlie can finally leave us.

Finally there's Dan. And well, Dan, you need to man up. I don't like this brooding shiz you're going through. I really only care about him when he's with Blair.

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90210 04x00:

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x09: Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

So it's official. Charlie's a creepster. I'm glad that Malcom and Shivette are finally onto him because it's just not cool that he's gotten everyone on a tailspin. And sure, he knows that they're suspicious, but I'm really hoping things get clearer with this Charlie guy because he is just a sly fox that needs to get out now.

Also, what a surprise that Gemma is alive! I was sure she wasn't dead but then they hadn't shown her in a bit so I was getting scared and now we're sure she's okay, so it's only a matter of time till the find her especially with Maclom being suspsicious of Charlie. Also, what's up with Andrew's associate and Henry? They could actually work out for me if she wasn't so scheming. Jamie Murray, I love how you always play the bitch.

But what I really wanted to talk about was how Shivette was finally admitting to 'falling in love' with Andrew. Can you not mess this up this time, Shivette? Let's go try and make that baby again since you're so loved up on your fake husband anyway. i'm scared though. Cause now that she admits to her feelings, I feel like things will start unraveling for her. Oh deer.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x00:

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x06: Thanksgiving

First of all, it makes me so happy that Jess gets a love interest (who isn't Nick just yet). Paul is adorable and funny and so like Jess that it makes me so happy she's found someone who isn't going to judge her or anything. I love that Nick is also very jealous. You can tell, even if he isn't aware just yet.

Cece and Schmidt make me laugh so hard. I love that Schmidt is so affected by Cece but can't take her 'dirty' ways, the beautiful savage. This episode was so hilarious. I swear, I can keep watching this over and over again and not get sick of it. I need more episodes like this.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x08: Treachery

THIS SHOW! It keeps getting crazier and I love it. Real!emily is one firecracker. I love that she totally barges her way into Nolan's life successfully putting Nolan on edge and at the same time flirts with Jack shamelessly with suntan lotion rubbing and black dahlia mixing. She's a little freaky with her Tyler-risqué obsession with EmAnda. She totally should have gone to Paris though. Her watching through the windows creeps me out.

And look at Daniel being a man's man all of a sudden. Being all 'she-was-with-me' to the police and confronting Victoria regarding her having EmAnda. It's so refreshing to see Daniel finally have balls again because honestly lately, he's been a wimp and a half. of course, Tyler being all Conrad's other son isn't going to bode well for anyone but let's cross that bridge when we get there.

I do love that we've rekindled the Jack/Nolan bromancing. They're so much fun when they're together. Look at them bonding for real at the stowaway. I need more of this in the future. And finally, I'm trying to figure out why Victoria is keeping Lydia at home. Is it because she secretly wants Carter to keep visiting? But why change the Locks? I guess Victorias conflicted with Conrad and Lydia. So much deception and secrets! i can't wait to find out more.

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Bones 07x03: The Prince in the Plastic

Though I wasn't so interested in the case this episode, all the side storylines were too cute to resist. I love how Bones tried her best to be a mom and practiced playing with toys. The ending when she and Booth were all horsing around and being domesticated? They were just too cute. It's these little moments that make me sigh all the time.

And a frustrated Angela (with the Chinese toy instructions) were so cute. Who knew a scientist and a half wouldn't be able to set up a crazy baby contraption. I'm sure Baby!Michael will be okay. Don't worry Angela, you're still an awesome mom even if you can't figure out that baby thing.

And though Daisy can usually get on my nerves, Sweets and Daisy were pretty cute being supportive of each other as Sweets tried getting his gun license. I hope Sweets gives Booth good back-up now that Bones can't be on the field all the time.
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