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Red Carpet Round-Up: One Half of the Last Time for Breaking Dawn

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Thanks to busy-ness and real life (and well, a general sense of growing up/waning obsession), I wasn't able to really get into the entire Breaking Dawn Press Tour. Unlike before, where I'd literally spam everyone with every event they graced (and they did a lot of stuff), things have gotten a little too much for me to go that nuts over, so instead I'm being anal and doing it just because.

Nevertheless, it was nice to see so much of Rob and Kristen and the rest of the cast, though as Nikki Reed put it, "the dynamics of the cast have changed" and you can sort of tell from how 'un-close' everyone already is, but you can't really blame them. Still, it was nicer to see them all closey but I guess better to just stay apart than be fake.

Let's take a look back at the whirlwind press tour that took these kids to Europe and the across the US (don't think I didn't realize they didn't go to Asia this time!!!) and see them for the second to the last time.

Photos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Fan, Ashley Green Central
I love how we got permutations of the pre-premiere press tour and this time we get a Rob/Ashley pairing and I actually like it. They were comfortable with each other and most of their interviews were casual. Plus Ashley just looked really pretty and Rob well, you know he can rock a suit. My favorite Ashley outfit would have to be her Stockholm fan event dress even if you can't really see it decently. She looked amazing in Versace.

Photos courtesy of Nikki Reed Org
Meanwhile Nikki and Jackson did the other European cities Ashley and Rob couldn't cover in their short amount of time and I'll give it to Nikki. Marriage must be doing her good because she is looking really pretty. I kind of can't choose a single outfit but obviously her Rome Film Festival gown was just stunning. She really is blooming. I hope this marriage lasts though.

And because apparently the fans are insatiable, the cast did a concert tour too, I suppose to promote their soundtrack. The girls went a little more casual but still very pretty. I really wish I could just wear pretty dresses everyday. And have long luscious hair that's blow dryed for me. I can't imagine how tired they got after all this.

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
It was so wonderful for the trio to get their hand prints at the Grauman's Chinese Theater just because no matter how you look at it, this thing was really a phenomenon. And it was the first time Kristen got to take a break from shooting Snow White and the Hunstman so it was a wonderful reunion. I loved loved loved her nude minidress. SO very her and yet, a little different. Rob of course, just looks devastatingly handsome, even when squinting into the sun.

I know that Kristen's hair is mostly just extensions (but they look so real, David Slade, could we not have used that in Eclipse???) but she looked wonderful at the press conference and the press junkets. Of course she dressed down for the two-day junkets but for the press con she was looking lovely in her grey dress. Rob of course was his usual expressive self, dressed down. I wonder what color the background will be next time. It's weird seeing blue. I miss the red vibrant one.

Right in the middle of the junkets, the entire cast took a break of course to give back to the fans and attended the Fan Convention in LA where I've never seen them look more comfortable. I love how Kristen's totally taken a 180 when dealing with the fans and press at the events just because she's probably gotten used to it after three trials with the previous films. I love how positively close she and Rob were and how un-shy they were about it. Cuteness all around, really.

With the number of cast members doing the talk show circuits, it's hard to keep track of just how many they visited but I thought Kristen looked amazing in her Leno dress and actually every single one she wore to her appearances (especially her Ellen skirt!!!). Meanwhile Rob was sharing every single adorable story known to mankind and being such a sweetheart in every single show. Rob + Late night talk show (or early morning ones) = WIN for real.

For the first time in three years, I wasn't able to watch the livestream of the premiere because I was out for meetings and though I missed it, I came home to a wonderful sight. Kristen looked amazing her long gown. Every year she tops herself and I can't wait to see how she dresses up for the last one. I love how Rob took a cue from her outfit and sort of matched without being overtly matchy. They were less handsy than they were during Eclipse but I'll take it. There's an ease about them that I'll take any day.

The other ladies weren't going to let Kristen shine alone though. Nikki and Ashley looked AMAZING in their dresses too. I wish Anna had appeared at least once but I guess she was too busy to make the trek. I would have loved to see her. I can't decide between Nikki's grecian goddess dress or Ashley's siren-esque serpetina number. Just stunning on both of them.

And because Kristen is just on a roll, for the premiere in Rob's hometown, she went all black and shiny and just wow with her sheer long gown, this time in black. She is really working these dresses so hard, I love how confident and beautiful she looks in all of these. Of course, Rob just looks happy to be home even for a bit and I love that we always get assured a premiere on both coasts and countries. So beautiful.

As if that wasn't enough, Rob and Taylor headed back to Europe to drop by some other cities after the world premiere. The lucky folks of Berlin and Barcelona got a visit from the leading men of the film and Rob was of course, his usual jovial and smiley self. I will never get tired listening to him talk about anything. For real.

And finally, back in the US, the rest of the cast look amazing for the New York and Toronto premieres. I'm kind of in love with how Ashley and Nikki really stepped it up this year even going to sort of match at the NYC screening with their cut-out dresses. These girls really put up a good fight with Kristen and in the end, they all shone equally.

As much as I didn't pay attention to this press tour, I sure did enjoy the interviews and videos and photos and fashion that came out of it. Until the next year when we finally get our last look at the cast. Until then.

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