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Sneak Peek: Joseph & Anne Show Us 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Hello Inspector[Joseph Gordon-Levitt Online]
Even if The Dark Knight Rises comes out next year, seeing all these photos of Joseph and Anne all suited up makes me really excited for the last installment in Christopher Nolan's take on the trilogy of Batman. Sure, we've got the Superman and Spider man but the Batman trilogy will hold a really special place in my heart just because he's my favorite (and the JGL & Anne factor, of course).

I'm really excited to see Leo & Carey do The Great Gatsby and of course Ryan & Rooney team up for Lawless. You've got to love when your favorite people get together, yes?

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway
I'm really excited to see Anne bring Catwoman to life and same goes for Joseph -- looking really really good in that uniform too. I really hope that Nolan goes out with a bang on this one. I'm feeling optimistic about it. The red lips on Anne and the hair slicked back? I'm loving it.

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
The trailer that got released was pleasantly surprising so I'm actually having pretty high hopes for this one, though I'm trying to keep it really really low just so that if things don't go as nicely as that trailer, at least I won't be to let down. It's pretty nuts how fast they got it out too.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan, Emma Stone Central
I will never get sick of photos of Ryan and Emma looking retro and looking cute together. I won't complain either if Andrew drops by the set again, but just the suits and dresses on Ryan/Emma are enough for me. I didn't realize it was such a legit movie complete with Sean Penn to boot!

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source
And Ryan will be everywhere with all his movies shooting at the same time now. Imagine when he starts promoting it all? I can't believe he got cheated of that Sexiest Man Alive award. How can you not say he's sexy here with Rooney shooting at a concert, I think. I'm loving how adorable he's looking.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Source
I don't know how much longer they'll be shooting this but I don't mind seeing more of the adorkable Andrew Garfield all Spidey-ed up. And it makes me so happy whenever he and Emma are out and about. I guess she's done shooting for now since her red hair is back. Be the supportive girlfriend and show up on set like he did? No? Okay, maybe next time.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Reynolds Fan
The Ryans are very busy boys and Mr. Reynolds is no exception. He's flitting between movies and though I'm not sure what either is about, at least we're assured a presence in 2012. He spent his birthday on the set of RIPD and it was cute that they brought him balloons and there were kids around the set and he just looked so cute.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Cavill
I know I've just recently professed my enjoying Mr. Cavill's handsomeness but wow, he sure knows how to pack the punch. On set, he's seen shirtless HALF THE TIME and I am suddenly very very excited for this Superman redux. It's crazy how someone can get that big that fast, but I'm not going to stop him. Looking very good.

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network, Carey Mulligan Network
I love that we finally get to see Carey and Leo on set. I'm going to start this book soon (travesty, I know that i haven't read it) so at least i'll get what's going on here. All I can say is, pretty costumes. Knowing Baz Luhrman is behind this is going to assure awesome sets and production design. Let's do this.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota, Jim Sturgess Online, Shia LaBeouf Daily
This Effie movies looks intense complete with costumes so I wonder what Dakota's playing in it. Meanwhile Shia's cleaned up a bit to shoot a film and I guess he's a college student again, or at least graduating. Jim is going to be in Upside Down with Kirsten Dusnt, I think so that should be interesting. I hope it's good.

Photos courtesy of
I was totally laughing during the last episode I watched but seeing her in a wedding dress running down a steps makes me at least a little curious with where they're going to bring this. I can't believe it might last another season but I'm this close to letting go. I hope Blair can get out of this stat so I can too.

Even More Sneak Peek:
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