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# 001 : The Prince Syndrome

Ironic, because I want to marry a prince, but I absolutely loathe the princely-effect. This prince expects everyone to treat him like he's royalty. Be it at a restaurant or when he's in traffic, the prince expects everyone to do his pleasing. He needs everyone to be at his beck and call.

100% attention from everyone. Waiters at a restaurant must only do what he asks. They cannot serve anyone else in a crowded room, because he needs his spoon to be changed. He cannot be given less than perfection. The sisig must have it's sitcharon. The prince needs his food. Right. Now.

Drivers on the road must also be utterly cautious. A little fuss on the road is unacceptable because the prince is here. He needs to get to the mall as soon as possible. He needs to get home right now. It doesn't matter if there had been a major accident on the road, it has to be cleared because the prince has to pass.

And when he is at his palace -- or his home, he needs to get everything his way right away. Stop what you're doing because he needs your services right away. A glitch on the computer, or warmer water for his bath, the world must come to a halt because the prince has beckoned.

And although, I know that efficiency is all the prince asks for, there is a difference between wanting things done well and up to par and wanting things done just because it was the he (prince) who asked for it.

Funny, I'm so infatuated with a prince, because if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a prince.

And this really sucks.
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