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TV Time: Still So Depressed Over Downton Abbey

As late as this entry is, it doesn't remove any of the heaviness I feel from watching the finale of the oh-so-teasing but beautiful Downton Abbey. Weeks later, I still watch it with a heavy heart. I know we still have the Christmas special to look forward to but things are just so very bleak in the immediate future that I just can't imagine how the Christmas special can be cheery. Julian Fellowes, why must you always torture us?

I'll edit this as I get to watch everything. i'm totally far behind on the shows (like two weeks back) but i'll never get anything else up if I don't get to this. I really need to rethink all of this for next year.


Downton Abbey 02x08

So let's start with something happy (and sad) at the same time. Why can't Julian Fellowes just let Anna and Bates be? Sure they got their wedding and their little honeymoon spot courtesy of Mary (and Jane) no less only to have Bates arrested. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US?! Can you not throw us just one bone please? I'm glad that Anna was able to have her way with Bates after much self-control these 15 episodes past.

I'm glad that Thomas stepped up too. Sure he had ulterior motives but he did seem at least sincere in wanting to help out. For the first time I didn't see a Thomas sneer anywhere in sight. i doubt this will last long, but it's nice to see it while it's there.

And I honestly thought that Carson was the one they'd kill off so I'm glad it wasn't him. Next season, we really need to explore the Carson-Mrs. Hughes love story because you know there's something there. Why won't they just admit to it? And will Daisy ever find another man? I feel like she'll carry her torch for William for a long time.

In between, the entire Sybil/Branson (or Tom as she calls him now) is actually pretty sweet. It's so nice to see someone get her happily ever after (FOR NOW) complete with Granny and Lord Grantham reluctantly succumbing to her plans because they're not that bad. of course, she'll have to adjust to the poor house but I know she'll be okay. Unless of course Julian Fellowes has evil plans of killing Branson or making her a prostitute out of poorness. YOU NEVER KNOW. I'm just glad they fought for their love and got it in the end. You know Mary's jealous.

And in between all the drama Robert is experiencing with Sybil, he had to go and cheat on Cora too? While she was sick with the Spanish flu!!! I felt so bad for Cora trying to reassure Robert that they were okay when clearly they weren't. HE KISSED JANE. And is paying for her son's tuition. How can you be in love with this woman? And how can Jane talk to him that way, so casually? I'm glad she's leaving. I'm glad they didn't do it. At least they won't be siring any bastards anytime soon. Robert, I'm so disappointed.

I'm glad that O'Brien tried atoning for her sins to Cora too. At least Cora didn't die. I doubt O'Brien will turn a page too. She and Thomas will forever be 'evil' (and I like it) but at least right at the end (or what she thought was the end) she felt bad for what she did. Now be nice to Cora always and things will be okay.

Finally, upstairs, we have everyone sick with the flu but before I get into that, I just loved that little moment with Edith and Violet where Granny reassures Edith that her time will come. I know Edith hasn't been the most likeable character but I do sympathize and relate to her so much just because middle kids need to stick together and it gives me hope that she'll find her guy some day. I hope she gets the best of the lot.

And though initially, I wanted Lavinia to die (and I got my wish), it sucks that Matthew's all bitter and remorseful now. Don't DO THIS. Lavinia wanted you to be happy and Mary can give you that. I hate that he's pushing her away so hard. It's not like she isn't far away enough with Carlisle. I did feel bad for Lavinia in the end though. Having to go with the knowledge that your fiance is still in love with someone else. Her, "Don't ever let me be a nuisance?" Kills me every time. Ouchies.

The biggest OUCH though would be the Titanic of a relationship that is Matthew/Mary. The show that flopped. The boat that never sailed and just generally the biggest ENDGAME THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I don't know how Julian Fellowes will ever redeem himself in my eyes but I'm still hoping for a last minute thing where everyone has a change of heart and we get another dance and kiss from these two. because it kills me to see them in a room together and be apart. It's just wrong. Christmas special, you better bring the holiday cheer.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x02: Chuck Vs The Bearded Bandit

Let's start with the fact that Trinity Carey Ann Moss is guest starring this season. I see they'll be bringing in all the fancy cast now that we're down to our last 13 episodes but I hope they don't sacrifice the awesome of the show with it too. I can't wait to see how Casey and this Verbansky woman rekindle the flame though. It's about time Casey got a 'love interest' other than Morgan.

And though I appreciate how Morgan is so eager to help, I can't help but get annoyed at how overeager he can get and how he can sometimes ruin things. Morgan and the zoom are a good match if he learns to hone it some more. I can't wait to see Chuck as a handler. He'll be a good one, I think if he can be more assertive. Go Chuck, Go!.

Finally it really was awesome how Devon Captain Awesome came in and literally saved the Buy More with his winning good looks and personality. Only Awesome could shoot an ad effortlessly. I'm not into Ken-looking folk much but Awesome is the exception and I'm going to miss him (and Ellie) a lot. Eleven episodes left. Bring out your tissues.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x07: Clawback

Let me give it to Nikita. Sure, I'm always half paying attention (especially when they don't give me much Nikita/Michael) but when they bring in the boys, they really bring in the boys. In fact, I wonder, where the hell do they get these guest stars? First off, I'm glad that Ryan is back. Sure, they kill him off, but it was nice to see him again even if he was in jail. And yes, I'm glad they didn't kill-kill him. Plus he works for Division now, so I suppose we see more of him?

And who knew Sean's mom was so high up there? I wasn't paying much attention to him until they sort of hinted that he could have something romantic with Alex but now that his storyline is getting more complicated, they better throw in more Alex time to keep me interested.

And too bad Yuri's been cancelled because that would have been a nice triangle for Alex and Sean (if that's ever happening). It was nice to see Alex be of use without her being too angsty. This now needs some lightheartedness, really. I get so exhausted after each show.


Merlin 04x06: A Servant of Two Masters

Leave it to Merlin to totally be serious in one episode and go off the rocks hilarious in the next. This time, we get the 'lighter' side of Merlin with Evil!merlin being so slapsticky funny. From asking what poison he could use to telling Gwen off, he was over the top funny with it. I'll give it to Colin Morgan for bringing out the comedic side because he's actually pretty funny when he tries.

I'm glad that Arthur finally got clued in with his uncle's evil ways. Obviously. It wasn't Merlin or Gaius causing the mess. Still, I'm a little scared now that Morgana is on the brink of death or whatever it is. I'm sure she'll have her vengeance somehow. I don't know how she does it, but somehow she has a new scheme up her sleeve every episode. I'll give her that.

I'm still laughing in my head over Arthur's new!merlin though. He dresses exactly like Merlin does and apparently doesn't spend two entire days in the tavern. I really need to see this tavern Merlin supposedly disappears to whenever he goes away because he uses it as an excuse enough. I wonder if Arthur will be keeping new!merlin around too. He looks like such a green boy (to borrow the Game of Thrones term). I hope Merlin harasses new!merlin. That should be fun.


Misfits 03x02: Curtis

I'm not usually into Curtis episodes but now that he's Melissa and Curtis at the same time has made it so much more entertaining. We were about to watch this episode with my mom and grandma in the room but I wasn't sure they'd be too okay with it so we skipped it, but to finally get to watch it, i actually enjoyed a Curtis episode.

I love how Curtis can literally go both ways now (except he still doesn't -- preferring to be a lesbian and all). Emma's pretty cute too so she's a good catch. I wonder if they'll keep her. I did enjoy how Curtis would open up to Simon and how they were very open about how Curtis was feeling as a girl (complete with hormones and menstruation and not getting to shoot his piss into the toilet. Oh Curtis, who knew I'd like you as a girl.

I'm glad that Curtis was able to save Emma and himself from the pervy coach too! The coach looked cute so it's sad he had to be a perv. The rest of the characters were hilarious in interacting with Melissa too. From Kelly being protective of Simon and Alisha (thinking Melissa is flirting with Simon) to Rudy having a hard time reconciling the fact he technically went down on Curtis to Alisha doing an impression of Curtis jacking off. Seriously, best impression ever, complete with the Curtis POV in the camera. Oh Misfits, only you can tackle this with humor.


The Walking Dead 02x04: Cherokee Rose

As always, we need to reiterate how awesome Darryl is. He's literally holding this entire thing together and it's really so sweet of him to keep up the search for Sophia (who I really hope is dead). I wonder why he's keeping the search though, there must be some backstory with some daughter or niece with him. I hope it's not too sad.

But raelly, Glenn... you go boy. I see you sort of got your game still. Too bad it was a one time thing. It was so out of the blue and so unexpected but totally welcome. The look on Glenn's face when she started taking off her shirt was hilarious. Everyone needs someone and it does get lonely what with the zombies. I hope they have a repeat performance or even just a romantic relationship because it'd be nice to have some love around here.

And finally, WHY Lori is preggers? I bet it's Shane's. Or then again, it depends on how far along she is. I wouldn't want to be bringing around kids and a preggy lady around so this isn't going along with my elite supergroup that would survive the zombie apocalypse. I say leave Lori with the kids in this estate and go on your own way Darryl and company. Why is nothing going my way this season? Like it did last time, but still.


Pan Am 01x07: Truth or Dare

Let's start off with how much I'm going to miss Niko and Kate. This was such a short-lived romance, I was totally bummed to see it over so soon. of course this entire working for the CIA was going to end badly and who knew it'd take Niko away from her? Their talks in the room and the goodbye in the airport? I swear I thought I was going to cry.

Laura, what about Ted? I'm glad she seems really happy with Joe (and the people are so mean to him) but I want Ted and Laura! Why can't my ships last?! And though we saw very little of Dean and Colette, their short time together got me all giddy. We really need more of them and stat please -- not necessarily flying planes but a more legit date.

I really wish we saw more of Maggie and NY Voice guy. He's cute, she's cute. let's make this last please? It seems none of my other ships will last this season -- if it's even picked up for the rest of the season. So really, ABC, I really don't get you. Why why why do you always cancel the shows I love? It's not fair. I hate this.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x06: I Am Number Nine

So this show has just gone all over the place and I'm not quite sure how to react to it anymore. First off, Blair and her Bridesmaid Olympics. I remember a time when Blair was cool. This is not cool. Nor are her headdresses. I really miss the headbands. I really miss season 1. I also miss how nice Louis was? Sure, he's threatened by Chuck but where is this evilness coming from? Could he really be scheming to bring Chuck down? And I really don't like the Chuck/Therapist storyline so I'm just glad that's done. Let's rewatch season 1 to remind ourselves why we liked this show? Yes?

In more crazy plots, we've got Charlie trying to get everyone's approval, most especially Diana. I honestly don't know when Charlie's 'acting' and when things are real anymore nor do I care but I'm glad she kissed Nate if only to be a little more in on the UES since everyone and their mother (QUITE LITERALLY) has slept or kissed Nate. They need an STD storyline for Nate. It's inevitable.

And finally, the ever ambitious Serena tries once again to make things right with Dan only to have things blow up in her face complete with name drops from Aaron Sorkin to making the new The Social Network. This entire storyline just cracks me up everytime and I can't wait till Serena's ass really is dropped from her job. This is probably the most time Serena's been committed to something though so kudos to her.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x06: The Undead & the Unsaid

I'm trying to not fall into it but I can't help it. Wade helping Zoe out even with how she's always blowing him off was really sweet. Let's keep it slow with these two. I'd hate for them to jump the gun on this one cause then she'd be flitting back and forth between George and Wade and I don't know if I want that all in season 1. Let's develop this, yeah?

I really like how we got to see Magnolia and Lemon. First off, I want to slap Magnolia, she's such an ungrateful little brat and I'm glad that Brick is finally taking a real stand in bringing up his daughter. I can't imagine how much pressure Lemon feels she's under with having t raise her sister. Put that little girl in her place.

Finally, we get some Lavon and George and their stilted friendship, I feel with both of the loving Lemon in their own way. I wonder if George is totally clueless to Lavon's conflicted feelings for Lemon. I love that he got shot down with his favor only to get it in the end. Oh Lavon, Oh George. I want to see a showdown between you guys. Fight for your rights.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x08: Vegas, Maybe?

And yet another show taht was doing okay for a while until they weren't. Wow show, I just don't know what to think about you. First of all, we just got Naomi/Austin together and now they already have serious problems? And familial ones at that. It was a laugh seeing Billy Ray Cyrus play the country star dad but it was a bizarre storyline. Just give Naomi her happily ever after, yes?

And if we can see Ivy and Raj marry straight out of college why cant't we get a Teddy/Shane wedding in Vegas? A real one? Is it because one of them isn't dying? Thus no urgency? And I feel bad once again for Annie who of course, has a lying bastard for a boyfriend. It never fails. She will always be attracted to douches.

Things I didn't quite care about? Liam and his abs or his 'gambling'; Silver and never getting to work. What was that wrong file she sent though? Navid and the non-drugs he was supposed to smuggle to earn the uncle's trust. and yes officer, throwing Navid onto bed and kissing him is the ONLY way out; And no, I don't want to discuss Dixon or Adrianna.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x08: Maybe We Should Get a Dog

First of all, I'm so happy that we get a bit more Andrew and Shivette even if they're still on a rocky patch. At least the non-existent baby is out of the way. Thank goodness Andrew didn't question that too much. I love that Shivette appeared at the dinner for his client too. And really, Shivette, Andrew, go make that baby now, please.

I'm really curious to see how Tyler and Shivette do this showdown now that he thinks she's Siobhan/Cora and now that Shivette knows Siobhan is somewhere in Paris seducing men with mistaken identities. Oh this show, you're so convoluted. I also feel bad for Malcom, how he's dragged into all of this. I hate how Shivette totally brought Malcolm to the evil!sponsor. I can't believe she's trusting him!!!

And for more, Juliet is such a flirt and to her teacher. Sure, he's ultra hot but she's pretty persistent with this, joining the Good Samaritan Club. Somehow I feel like Teacher kind of likes her too. I don't know where they're going to bring this thing since she's underage and he's the TEACHER, but I'm really curious to see how this unfolds because honestly, I want to see it happen.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x05: The First Time

Oh deer. Why am I no longer excited about this show as well? If it weren't for Kurt and Blaine being adorable, I really wouldn't be watching anymore. And to think I only truly enjoyed the Warbler's rendition of Uptown Girl this week, I don't know how much longer I can hang on. And since I'm talking about Kurt and Blaine, I am not appreciating this Grant person. Stop coming onto Blaine, dude. Let Blaine and Kurt be cute without you.

And though I wasn't digging Mr. Schu kssing Coach Bieste, I'm glad she's into someone and that someone is into her, even if they're both very very awkward at it. I kind of miss Sue, though if wouldn't be mean, it's a good thing she wasn't there. Glee feels very very different already.

And even Finn/Rachel who used to make me at least a bit giddy weren't really doing it for me this time. I was sort of half paying attention to what was happening to them and also wanting to get it over with? I'll probably rewatch to see which other performances stood out, but honestly, I don't think any did.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x05: Cece Crashes

I knew it! I really knew they were going to bring up this Jess and Nick thing because honestly, she's the only one I can see her with from the guys (unless they bring in guest stars, which they probably will down the road). I hope they don't jump the shark with this one though. I'd like to see Jess and Nick come together but I don't want them to do it prematurely. She was so cute being all flustered by the information.

The rest of the episode was pretty funny too with Schmidt trying his best to impress Cece. I can't blame him, she's really hot. I love that Coach was all chill at first but was totally under her charms too. Oh boys, you don't stand a chance with this one. She really is a maneater.

[Bones Daily]

Bones 07x02: The Hot Dog In Competition

I have to say that Finn Abernathy is a welcome addition to the Jeffersonian. I like his hick-ness and how smart he is and even with his 'questionable' past, I really liked how Cam and Brennan totally accepted him and how upfront Bones was with her praise for him. he is pretty brilliant. of course, I'm just looking forward to all the 'Opie and Thursten' we'll be getting and probably even some 'king of the lab.'

But more than anything, I really enjoyed all the Bones and Booth in this episode. Even if it wasn't as all out cute as the first episode, I really liked how they were trying to understand each other better. For all the time they've spent together and how much they know each other, it's still different being in each other's shoes.

Brennan was so funny pretending to be Booth and wanting to have sex all the time. I love that Brennan is really coming around. She's apologizing to Booth for not looping him in the ultrasound even if she still doesn't realize how much he's leaving him out. I really can't wait to see how far along they'll take the pregnancy and the things she'll experience with Booth along the way.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x09: Balcoin

SO you know how I keep telling Cassie not to trust Jake? Well she keeps on doing so so anything harm that comes upon her now is totally on her. It's not like Adam or Faye haven't warned her, but I guess the lead girl is always the stubborn one and won't stop until she gets burned (literally perhaps? or wait, didn't they already almost get burned? Yup they did). Adam, I feel for you. You let Diana go and can't even get together with this one. Why not just stick to Faye? That'd be cute.

Speaking of Faye, I feel bad for her and how she's totally missing her grandfather. I wish Dawn would just be upfront about everything. If her kid's interest is at hand anyway, why can't she just loop Faye in and diminish some drama. The adults seem to be giving Jane a hard time as the old woman is disconcerted as hell and totally confused. I hope it's only a matter of time before the kids are onto what their parents are doing. Stop scheming Dawn and Charles, just get together!

And though Diana may be off the hook now, I'm not quite into Holden for her. I was thinking if Jake were nice, why not, right> Just so she can let Cassie feel how she felt. And surprisingly, I actually missed Melissa. I wonder what torture they'll put her through next.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x09: Homecoming

Let's start with how HAPPY I am with all the Damon and Elena we're getting. From them crafting the plan together to keeping us all in the dark and then to have them come together in the end after their failed plan and all that touching and hands on faces and faces close together and Elena telling Damon they have to let Stefan go? It was such bliss for my shipper heart. I didn't know I was craving so much Damon/Elena but I was and I was fulfilled. Now throw us a kiss next time, yes?

The amazing appearance of her doppelganger and how she eventually switched sides to save Damon (unbeknownst to Damon of course) and her teamwork with Stefan was a nice surprise too. This episode was full of so many twists, I didn't know who was one step ahead anymore. I like that Katherine brought some sense to Stefan though. I wonder where she'll drop him off and how things will go now. I also love how I can still never tell if it's Katherine or Elena. They've gotten really good at this.

Of course there's the reason for the season, the originals. I love that in the end, Stefan outwitted them all keeping the bodies with him. I hope Rebecca heals and that Klaus stays alive, because honestly, he's just too much fun to have around. I was expecting a longer stay for Michael too but I guess his storyline's run out already. Now if we can get Klaus back, this show would be perfection. I loved seeing how everyone was outwitting each other. It felt like Survivor, complete with alliances except there's no tribal council, just the stabbing to the heart.

The other supernatural (and humans) also had their fair share of awesome this episode. I don't know if this is the end for Caroline and Tyler but they both were right and they both had legitimate excuses for their choices. I woudl be sad if they couldn't work past this but I guess it's time to reshuffle the pairings? Bonnie and Matt have yet to hook up so that could be something they play with (I don't like it though).

Nevertheless, this was an awesome episode. The band at Klaus's wake was so stereotypically vampire fare but I like how we got a different kind of dance now. I love the twists and how they cut and wrote this episode. Here's to more of these kinds.
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