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12 of 12: November 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

parent's bedroom07:05 am
My dad bought a treadmill and doesn't use it and then he said he wanted a full blown gym and we all knew he wouldn't use it but he couldn't be stopped. Thank goodness we saw this much smaller (and much cheaper) alternative that is now strapped to their bedroom door. Of course, he still doesn't use it. Thought that counts?

my bedroom07:20 am
The day before I went to a wedding and two presentations and were wearing my lucky wedges (to the left). Unfortunately, they weren't so lucky and during the wedding, my shoes broke and so I rushed to the nearest mall (to my next meeting) and bought the first shoes that looked halfway ok. I wish I had more time to ponder but alas, I just needed shoes. Hello new shoes.

hallway07:22 am
I've been trying to make a dent on Christmas shopping and here's my line-up so far. These are the food items at least. I wish I could bake or could get someone to bake for me (at a really cheap price) cause then I wouldn't have any worries. This probably means I should learn to be a bit more domesticated. So much money gone during the holidays.

kitchen07:23 am
We have a new sibling! not like six siblings aren't enough but my dad bought himself a wine chiller just because we have SO MUCH WINE. not enough to fill up a cellar Parent-Trap-style but enough to fill up a mini-fridge. I should definitely acquire this taste.

family room07:24 am
My sister's home and though she's only here for one night, she of course brings all her stuff with her including gifts that she doesn't want to carry this December! It's always fun to have her around and though this weekend will be jampacked with her in it, I'm really glad she's home.

family room07:25 am
She also brought with her my 2012 diary! She bought me the 2011 one and I loved it so I got the one for next year too! It's too adorable and so far, I've actually been writing in it, even if a lot of it is catch-up. So what's new, right? Still, I'm going to try to be better about not just catching up next year. See how late this 12 of 12 is?

dining room07:34 am
What? It's only breakfast and I've gotten a million shots in? Yes, that's because I've been up since dawn (my sister arrived) and now I'm abstaining from the longganisa just because I'm apparently not supposed to be eating high fat foods in my quest to lose weight. So yeah this was just to make me jealous.

St. Luke's02:28 pm
To ruin the non-fat thing I was talking about though, I ate pizza at the hospital. My aunt's been confined for a week or so now and I'm feeling very at home in her hospital room already. This pizza box is under the bed, out of lack of place to put it. I'm sure the rest of the room is much more sterile than this though.

St. Luke's02:31 pm
My aunt's sister and her family and her daughter (my cousin) have been hanging out there round-the-clock and I try to drop by whenever I can (lunch, after work, weekends) just to give everyone a little boost. Apparently, I can be very entertaining when things are heavy or boring.

St. Luke's02:53 pm
My aunt needs to be turned every so often so here's her very 'British' turning schedule (minus the H). It's a typo, I know, but it makes us smile and smiles are hard to come by when hanging around the sick so we're very easy to please at this point.

Loyola Memorial09:52 pm
From one aunt to another. This time, my dad's aunt (my grand aunt) passed away that week and we've also been ferrying between the hospital and her wake. Of course, knowing this side of the family, food is abundant and there's always something yummy to munch on. This is a wake, not a party, but for the Lazatins, there isn't much of a difference.

family room11:52 pm
After a long day out and about, I head home and see this ad on my Kindle. I swear, Kindle ads are the most effective for me. I've bought so many things they've suggested there. And yes, it got me slightly excited about the movie, I won't lie.
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