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Trailer Tuesday Special: The Odds are In 'The Hunger Games' Favor

[The Mocking Jay @ LJ]
Though we're a couple of minutes away from the Breaking Dawn premiere, (I'll be missing the livestream this year) another fandom is slowly building momentum and has released their first trailer. The Hunger Games doesn't come out till March 2012, but you know I'm excited. It doesn't help that jamypye's gotten tickets to come home so we can watch together. Get ready to be catapulted into Panem.

Though the rest of the cast has yet to grow on me, I have to say Jennifer Lawrence looks fantastic in the role. Initially, she wasn't the Katniss in my head. But after seeing her volunteer in Prim's place and running for her backpack and doing heart to hearts with both Peeta and Gale and the makeover with Cinna, I am sold. She is going to rock this character so hard.

Speaking of the boys, though neither of them were what I had in mind, I'm going to try my best to just accept and take it in. Peeta is somehow growing on me, but Gale has yet to convince me. I still see Miley Cyrus attached to him. Also, Haymitch is the character I totally saw differently (Despite my poor imagination) but I'm sure Woody Harrelson can change my mind.

I do love Effie and Seneca and President Snow and Cinna and Plutarch and I'm really excited to see it when all the effects have been put in. The setting definitely wasn't what I had in mind just because I had nothing in mind but looks like I'll be doing a re-read now that I've seen this trailer. Seriously. I am too excited now. March 2012? Where are you???

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