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On Repeat: Bruno Mars Makes Sure 'It Will Rain'

Raining[Breaking Dawn OST]
It's a mere 7 days to Breaking Dawn, it's good we finally get a listen to the soundtrack and if the Bruno Mars song It Will Rain was any indication, then I'll most probably enjoy the rest of the album too. And well, I do, cause well, I'm easy and predictable that way. But really, in hindsight, I've enjoyed a lot of their soundtracks. Alexandra Pastavas, i still wish I had your job.

It's a poptastic month on repeat and if you're looking for more wonderful music, you can check out searctheskies awesome new post of songs -- awesome all the time. But for now, enjoy what's been replaying in my head this time.

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

Even after listening to the rest of the album, this is still my favorite song off the soundtrack. For now, at least. i'm sure the rest of the songs will grow on me, but it's a little nostalgic hearing the "wedding" version of Flightless Bird, American Mouth. The first album feels like lightyears ago.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

I'm late to this girl and her party but I remember hearing her on Ringer and this song is actually pretty LSS-y or at least it got stuck in my head. her voice is pretty whole and deep and I love that. I'm going to try and look out for more from this girl just because.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady & The Tramp

I didn't realize we actually had his first Duets album at home -- of course my dad has it, so it was nice to listen to the second edition too. And though this would be the predictable choice, it's just so nice to hear Lady Gaga without the auto-tune and just plain singing. See, you sound wonderful. I loved this collaboration and how they were revising the lyrics as they went along.

Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You

I've missed Gavin DeGraw and was surprised to know he had a new album out. I'm so jealous of mellowdee who just so happened to be the meat in a David Cook/Gavin DeGraw sandwich. Some girls really have all the luck.

Rachel Yamagata - Even if I Don't

I'll admit, I'm scared of bunnies and though this video featured a giant one running around, it made up for it with giant tigers. I do miss Rachael Yamagata and her hauntingly pretty voice so it came as a surprise to me that she was out with a new album which I'm totally enjoying.

Even More Music On Repeat:
Florence Wants You To Shake It Out
Can't Help Falling In Love With It
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