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Made them all burn[44 Down/8 To Go!]
[+] It all balances out in the end. I started the week with an extra long weekend (we had Monday and Tuesday off) and ended it with working on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday at the bazaar) so it was like a normal week really, except that my weekend got moved up. I'm not complaining. The long weekend at the start of the week was fantastic.

[+] I'm glad I was able to make a really big dent on my reading list (even if the TV watching has been pretty daunting -- there's so much to catch up on!) that I'm way past my goal this year of 25 books. I don't want to set a higher goal next year though just because I might not surpass it, but I'm thoroughly pleased with what I've read this year.

[+] And like I say every week, if I actually manage to update everyday from tomorrow till Sunday, I will FINALLY, finally have caught up on all the LJ-ing I'm behind on. Wish me luck, yo. I think I can make it this time. I hope I didn't just jinx it with me saying that out loud.

Productive day, much? For some ungodly reason, I was able to wake up extra early to have breakfast with celeni and though our trio wasn't complete this time around, it was so nice to catch up with her after years of not seeing her in person despite the fact that we literally live across the street from each other.

After lunch, I totally crashed -- blame this on waking up early but ended up having to drive my little sister to her Halloween plans. My brothers were also off for their Halloween parties and it's funny that I was the only one left at home -- as always. Oh well, catching up on TV was a good way to spend the evening. I don't mind at all.

As per our November 1 tradition, we go visit our dearly departed who all happen to be in ossuarys rather than in actual cemeteries. This can only be a good thing as the cemeteries are packed to the brim during this weekend. After our visits, we end up at my grand-aunt's new house which is so pretty. She's old and had recently sold her house -- the house we spent all our Christmases in so it's weird not going there anymore but her new house is pretty awesome too. And nearer.

Hanging out at my grandmas equals two things: sleepy times and lots of food. When combined together do not make for the best summation but it was nice to hang out with Niko again and just chill with lots of food to choose from. I do wish this house had more beds so we each could have an afternoon nap horizontally.

First day back at work and I don't wake up early enough to hitch a ride with my dad but it's all good because somehow I still manage to make it to work. The boss wasn't around but we were good kids in her absence. We also ventured to the new Jollibee near the office. I really do want to try their version of the strawberry sundae just because McDonalds doesn't have that anymore. Boo.

AND SHOCKINGLY, I'm actually pretty psyched to return to the gym. I've gone for a week or so without it and though I am trying to be active at home, it still feels different killing myself with everyone else who seem to be enjoying working on their fitness. Let's hope I'm good this week. I'd hate to have to gain things back again.

I've been at my current job for one year and so far I have no plans of leaving but it hasn't stopped officemates from resigning and so far, I've seen quite a bit of the folks I've gotten to know and really liked working with go away. Another one had their last day this week and it makes me sad to see them go but also happy they're going some place that works better for them. Still, it doesn't make it any less sad.

I'm not exactly looking forward to the weekend just because I know I'll be working but at least I'll be with my teammates who I will never run out of silly things to do with so that's the only consolation I'm thinking of. And I might get to do some Christmas shopping. That should be good?

There are good days and there are bad days. this wasn't a very good day. I lost my water jug at the MRT station this morning, it slipped through the cracks in between the train tracks and the platform and then we had a presentation that wasn't as good as it could have been which totally made me sad just because we could have been more prepared if things were given earlier.

Then I get to the gym and find out a gained a couple of pounds. I know I haven't been as vigilant with eating nicely but I've been working out but it's just frustrating. I know things totally go up and down but I wish things would just be a downward thing. It's not like I'm not trying.

Day 1of the bazaar that will take over my weekend. I haven't done these things in a bit but it's not like i haven't done this before so it's nothing new plus Pam and Risa are always fun to hang out with -- and it's not like we were working, so not a bad way to spend the day. Plus, I was able to make a considerable dent on my Christmas list. This is so rare for me. I usually procrastinate so at least something's getting done.

It was fun to bump into Ana though. I didn't think I'd see her at the bazaar of all places so it was cool to hang out after and just have dinner and catch up. At least I'm getting to see my college friends one at a time. We really need to set things up though so we can be complete again.

Day 2 of the bazaar and I'm a little tired from everything. But I'm also raring to help Pam out so time flew by really quickly for some reason. I also got more off the Christmas list and some things for me too. I know I don't really go to the beach but there was a swimsuit I just couldn't resist. I guess I need to head to the beach now then. Calling my high school friends, you know you want to.

So much TV to catch up on, it's pretty crazy how I managed to even make a dent in it. After the bazaar, I headed home and just lazed in front of the tv. I know I should have walked or something but after two days at the bazaar, I didn't think I'd be up to it. I really need to cut on some shows.
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