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Red Carpet Round-Up: Jamie Starts the Tintin Adventure

Where's Snowy?[Jamie Bell Online]
Though I don't talk about it often, I'm sort of in love with the Adventures of Tintin series. When I was in gradeschool, I'd borrow the big comics from our library and pore over them in the school bus with my bus mate, Meg. So when I found out Jamie Bell would be starring in the movie version of the movie, I felt like my fandoms were colliding.

I read that they based the movie on four different comics and I guess we'll have to trust in Steven Spielberg who must know what he's doing but I'm really excited to see this one when it comes out here at the end of the month. Hopefully my Breaking Dawn-high will be over by then.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Bell Online
I've been following Jamie on his Twitter and he was tweeting throughout the entire press tour so it was fun to follow him through press photos and his own personal account. What I would give to have been there.

It was nice to see Daniel Craig come out to show support for the movie considering he's in it too. I love that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost got all dressed up too. Look at the suave Brits all in a row. If only this weren't a motion capture movie and really just them in real life.

My favorite would probably have to be his Madrid stop just because he was most playful there and he just looked really relaxed and happy to be around. And he looked very very handsome in his suit too. Oh the Spanish, you do have a way.

Final stop was the Rome Film Festival where Snowy showed up too! I really hope this one comes out on time here just because I really do want to see it. I'll be re-reading the four comics before then though for sure. I need to get my hard copies at the Tintin store.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
Amanda and JT continued their promotions for In Time which I still have to see (damn the long weekends of laziness and work) but i'm really loving the outfits she's been sporting. The slits in her Berlin dress and the print of her Madrid dress really bring out the fun.

Then she wore the cutest H&M aqua short-suit? I love the color, her hair looks fantastic and she just looks rad. And because Mario Schwab seems to be dressing everyone these days, she looked lovely in her dress at the Paris photo call too. Stay beautiful, Amanda.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Central
Emma LOOKED AMAZING in her goddess dress at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards and though I'm not sure if she actually won anything, anytime girl comes out to play, I shall be there for sure. And because beeeeej knows how much I adore Laura Bush (and George Bush together), it was nice to see the ex-First Lady with her daughters though they all look pretty stunned by the flash.

Photos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Fan, Jon Hamm Source
AND BECAUSE ROB HAS A LIFE OUTSIDE TWILIGHT or not, he showed up at an event honoring his New Moon director Chris Weitz. petitecherie, this is begging for our attention. I miss this guy so much. Condon and Slade are awesome but Weitz holds a special place in my heart. Now if only Rob and Jon had a photo together? I would have died.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net, Chris Pine Fan
it's not like I'm crushing on so many people already but Felicity Jones? SHE IS SO PRECIOUS. For real. She along with Chris and Jen showed up at The Hollywood Reporter's Next Gen Awards and they were looking lovely. I love that Jen's still so active with the bump -- I love her red lips too!

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network
Apparently, EVERYONE loves Clint Eastwood at the LACMA Film + Art Tribute to him, the whole world showed up including Leo and Jon. Now I don't mind a couple of good looking men coming together in the least. I hope Jon gets a chance to work with Clint too. That's some serious Oscar-bait right there.

Photos courtesy of Zac Brasil, Adoring Camilla Belle
Also at the event, and totally coming out of the woods is Zac! HELLO ZAC EFRON. I haven't seen you in forever. it was nice of you to grace our presence. Who knew you were an Eastwood fan? Of course, it's an event so there was the mandatory beautiful-Camilla Belle appearance. Her dress looks really similar to Zoe's and Evan's (below) -- and now I realize it's because everyone was in Gucci, who was sponsoring the event. So now Camilla's appearance is justified.

Photos courtesy of Chris Evans Web
Finally, my new source of manjoyment Chris Evans was there too looking all gussied up in his suit. I love how the girls came out in full force too. This is like 1/10th of the attendees, I kid you not. It seems everyone wanted to suck up honor Clint Eastwood. Looking good, everyone.

Chris, more dressed down now, also did some publicity appearances (though I'm not sure which film since Captain America's done) and attended a few events. Boy has some angles, it's a tricky thing. I can't believe he's actually human this way.

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway, I Heart Jake
Old timers (in my book) Jake and Anne did their thing too. I love how Anne did a mini-reunion with Queen Clarisse Julie Andrews on the red carpet of an event for royalty. She's come full circle! How cute is that? And Jake, can literally wear a potato sack to an event and it'll be ok with me. I'm so happy he's got his hair back.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Speaking of royalty, Kate did her first solo appearance at this 'In Kind Direct' event which I'm not sure what it's about but she looked lovely in her dress. I also love her coats when she went to Denmark with William. Or I just love the man on her arm. She needs to do an online tutorial on blowing out her hair. It's fantastic as always.

Photos courtesy of Finding Franco
And finally we see some things neither here nor there but basically good men with bad hair days. I love how Leo sort of looks like Matthew Crawley Dan Stevens there and Chris looks like he's got some bad 90s hair too. Boys, meet the barber, it's time to get cutting.

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