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TV Time: Now You See Rudy; Now You See 2 Rudy's

As much as I miss Nathan, i'm just so happy to finally get Misfits back that I'll take it in any way or form I can. Of course, we'll see how the rest of the season goes without Nathan -- it can't all be that bad right? Chuck and Bones came back too and I'm incredibly giddy about Bones. I'm still not over how much awesome there was in one episode. We've waited seven seasons for this after all.


Misfits 03x01: New Beginnings

For all my missing Nathan, Rudy isn't such a bad guy. What with his literal split personality -- the other one having had a thing for Alisha and his general rudeness, he does have shades of Nathan but is essentially all his own. He seems a little older than the rest of them too but I'm actually excited to see how he fits in with them all eventually.

I do love how they incorporated the evil!blondie and her powers and the sweeter girl that Rudy was sleeping with (backdoor! backdoor!). I wish we see more of the blondie even if they've had to bury the cute girl again. I swear, this shallow grave is getting shallower with all the bodies they've stored in it.

I am interested in how they utilize these new powers they have. From Kelly's rocket scientist ways, to Alisha's seeing other people's POV's and of course Curtis's gender swapping, and I'm guessing Simon is now SuperHoodie? I hope the rest of the seven episodes bring as much laughs as this one did. My siblings and I were just cackling the entire time.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x01: Chuck Versus The Zoom

As much as I miss having Chuck have the Intersect, Morgan's been pretty entertaining with it. It's weird seeing Chuck relegated to the back of the van now, but I suppose they only need one intersect on the ground. The entire masseuse-party scene was pretty nuts but I guess they figured this is the last 13 episodes, might as well do whatever it is they want.

It felt good though that Chuck was able to prove himself capable of being a 'spy' even without the intersect. See Chuck, chin up! You're awesome. And seeing Chuck and Sarah all loved up was cute too. Of course he and Morgan are plotting to get her her dream house and of course Sarah would know. She is Sarah. it was cute of her trying to seduce his secret out of him. Sarah Walker, you've still got it.

Of course, seeing the rest of the crew back was fun too. I see Casey (aka Chombers the Mute Man Servant) is as fantastic as ever. He needs more screen time just because. And of course the Buy More gang and Jeffster blowing his own cover is so very typical them. I'm going to get all emotional now with these last 13 episodes. I can't believe we're nearing the end.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x06: 343 Walnut Lane

So we all know Nikita is chocful of Daddy Issues and now we get to meet her 'dad.' Though of course, leave it to Percy and Division to mess all that up, I'm sad to say I didn't see this fake!dad thing coming. Good thing Birkhoff was quick on his feet with the thinking otherwise they'd all be kaput. And as much as Nikita's dying for family, she should have really known better. I guess everyone has a weak spot and now we know Nikita's is family.

I'm glad that Nikita finally told Michael about his Belarusian son. It's obvious how torn up he's been over his non-family but these two just need to wake up and realize that they're all each others got. I don't know how Michael can be present in that kid's life now but at least he knows. And Nikita, don't get preggers. That just sounded so wrong (for now). Probably in your series finale? Yes?

Meanwhile, we get no romance for Alex this episode instead we see her attempting to defect to Nikita's side only to fail, of course. Leave it to Percy to be on top of everything even from within his glass cage and now even Alex is under this thumb. No one wins against Percy, we should establish this early on. I wonder how Amanda and Alex will act now that Percy does sort of hold all the cards.


Merlin 04x05: His Father's Son

Finally. After five episodes, we get some Gwen and Arthur love. I know it took some time to get together in the first place but at least now we see Arthur standing up for Gwen -- even if it was in the very end. I honestly thought when Arthur put his cloak on that he was going to pay a late night visit (of another sort) to Gwen. I didn't think he'd be breaking up with her. WRONG MOVE, ARTHUR. I'm glad that kiss and flower offering rectified it in the end though. I am starved for romance on this show. Give me more please.

This show doesn't lack in action though and thanks to the Evil Uncle who we all know just needs to die or just get the fuck out because he's causing so much trouble, along with Morgana who apparently has pledged her allegiance to Queen Annis. i'm glad that Queen Annis is a fair woman -- and she's so pretty too. I hope this isn't the last we see of her just because she seems like she'd make a good ally for Arthur.

The champion's battle was pretty funny though -- seeing as neither of the champions were technically playing fair. What with Morgana cursing Arthur's sword (horrible) and then Merlin backing Arthur, it would have been more fun to see Morgana and Merlin just go at it for real. If only Magic were allowed. Perhaps by the end of this season, we'll some real fighting?


Downton Abbey 02x07

It's pretty crazy the lengths Vera will go to mess up Bates's life. Even after her suicide -- thinking all is good, now we find out that Bates bought the rat poison that Vera killed herself with. Is this real life!? Can Bates really get implicated in this entire mess? Knowing Julian Fellowes, he'll find a way. It sucks cause I was hoping for a bit of a break for these two who clearly need some.

And though I know I shouldn't, I'm sort of happy that Thomas's venture into the black market failed. As excited as I was to see Daisy bake a wedding cake (is there some psychological closure there for her non-wedding to William?), finding out that Thomas's ingredients were all just a sham sort of made me realize karma does exist. Still, that ending with him breaking down in the storage house got to me a bit. I wish he'd be nicer now that things haven't gone as rosy for him. Though knowing Thomas, I doubt it.

And even if I don't care much about Ethel, seeing Mrs. Hughes really go out of her way to help her out melts my heart. I wonder what's the reason behind all this because I doubt Mrs. Hughes has some long lost child she had to give up? Or does she? All I can say is Ethel better thank her lucky stars for Mrs. Hughes cause she's been nothing but awesome.

Meanwhile, I'm so glad that Sybil has finally given Branson her yes. And we get a kiss (and nothing more) and some eloping on the side too. It made me laugh a little when I realized they use Lord Grantham's car to escape. Seriously Branson? Was there no other way to get out of the house? It was cute of Edith and Mary to go to rescue her though. As if that would change her mind, but finding them in the inn with Branson on the chair and Sybil on the couch, these kids really do have too much self control.

You know who does't have any self-control? Lord Grantham. I get he and Cora must be in a pretty boring phase in their lives right now but JANE?! REALLY?! This is so predictable and gross, that I refuse to even acknowledge it. It just isn't right to me on so many different levels. WHY RIGHT? WHY??? I'm so happy that Carson was there to overhear. Though I doubt he'd ever betray Lord Grantham like that, just to have them feel guilty makes me happy enough.

Also making me happy? More bumps in the Mary/Carlisle business deal non-love affair thanks to Anna squealing to Carson and Mrs. Hughes about Carlisle's paying her to snoop on Lady Mary. I'm glad it was brought to Mary's attention so now at least Carson stays in Downton Abbey but just for the fact that Mary confronted Carlisle regarding this snooping, at least that's one more hitch in their plans. I seriously need this relationship to end.

But really it makes me so happy to know that Grandma is totally shipping Mary and Matthew. Sure, she corners him after she finds out he can walk again but at least Violet gave it a shot. And sure, Matthew totally threw that down with the excuse of not letting Lavinia's sacrifice go to waste but at least SOMEONE PUT IT OUT THERE. Because these folks literally need to get hit with a bomb before anyone moves. The looks on everyone's faces when Matthew walked though was priceless.

And though I'm still hoping against hope that things go well for these two, the Mary/Matthew boat seems to be a Titanic on its way down. With all this talk about the Lavinia/Matthew wedding being held at Downton and just everyone being so happy for him, I don't know if we'll still get our happily ever after. And knowing Julian Fellowes, it'd kill him to make us happy so I doubt it very much.


The Walking Dead 02x03: Save the Last One

Let's get another thing straight, Darryl deserves so much better than this group he's travelling in. If we multiplied Darryl by 10 and removed everyone else, they'd be safe foraging in the woods for food and totally chilling while killing zombies on the side instead of the crap they have go through with all these folks. So please guys, treat Darryl better. Let him sleep at night without crying. Let him wake up late. Just let him be.

And though I'm happy that somehow Carl is out of the woods with this little gunshot, I still wouldn't mind if he and Sophia just disappeared. Yes, they're the future, but they're also totally going to get everyone killed. It's nice to see everyone get together to try and save Carl but they could be using this energy elsewhere. Carl, you better be a good boy when you wake up.

Sure, Otis accidentally shot Carl but what he did for him in return pretty much evens them out and actually puts Carl in his debt. Of course Shane did most of it, or at least didn't give Otis a choice, what with him leaving him behind for the undead but someone had to be sacrificed and I don't want to blame Shane just because he's got enough guilt on his plate. I do like his new haircut on him and wonder how he's going to take things now. Guys got so much to deal with. Hopefully we can all move forward now?

[Captivating Christina Ricci]

Pan Am 01x06: The Genuine Article

I still don't get the appeal of the Pan Am VP's secretary. Colette >>>> EVERYONE so why is Dean still shacking up with this woman? I just don't get it. I was so happy when Dean finally cut her loose and somehow I feel like she'll still be crawling back in New York. I'd hate for Dean to lose his job over this but really, quit it, boy.

Someone who shouldn't quit it? Ted with Laura. I love how he ends up saving Maggie and Laura from the precint even if they don't get his fake watch with him. I don't know if we'll ever see Ted and Laura come to life -- especially since there's still no full-season pick-up for the show -- but at least we get thrown bones every once in a while. It was also nice seeing Maggie's backstory. She's always had her way about her and it was interesting to see how she got there.

Finally though, my unexpected late!ship of Kate/Niko are really getting cuter with every episode. I don't know how much longer Goran Visjnic is going to stay in this cast, but seeing as he's only a guest star, I'm guessing not long. Still, I shall enjoy the cuteness of these two even if Kate's being asked to try to convert him into an informant. Why does real life have to get in the way of cuteness? Their minds are full of each other! Let's keep it that way please?

[90210 Media]

90210 04x07: It's the Great Masquerade...

Show, there are times when I ask myself why I still bother and this was one of those weeks. The thing with 90210 is, it can be really good when it tries but most of the time, it doesn't. And with Ringer and Revenge and yes even, Hart of Dixie to distract me now, it'll be so easy to just let you go especially with the silliness happening now. Old shows, come on, make me not regret sticking around?

So to lump everything else I dont' care about in one paragraph, I'm really laughing so hard about Annie's relationship with older!guy Patrick. IF YOU WERE CUTER, I'D CARE but he's just not... cute, that is. Adrianna and Dixon's let's-get-you-clean plotline also has no bearing with me. Yes Adrianna, cuffing one hand will not keep them from popping pills with the other. Liam's reluctant model ploy is a joke, you know he wants it. And finally, Navid just needs to turn his uncle in so we can all forget about this because I'm just not interested in that or Brandy Silver's candidates's non-honesty.

However, I am interested in Naomi and Austin getting together and though I'm sure they'll throw Austin out on his ass of probably 3 episodes of being happy with Naomi, at least girl gets a break. What with evil!sorority president getting her kicked off as chair, Naomi does deserve some fun and since we don't get Max anymore, Austin will definitely do. For now, at least. We know nothing lasts forever on this zip. On an ending note, something tells me Ivy will hook up with that professor of photography before or after her husband dies. Just saying.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x07: Oh God, There’s 2 of Them?

It must be noted that Shivette needs to get more style from Siobhan and less from Bridgette because she's been looking not too good lately and still no signs of the baby bump even if she's supposedly preggers. Shivette, Andrew's going to notice eventually so you better suit up or get preggers. And if you intend on getting preggers, let's show this wonderful deed okay? Let's not cop it out Bones style?

I'm actually a little sick of this Gemma missing storyline and though it gives us Henry looking suave in his suits at functions that are honoring his wife's work or something -- even if his wife isn't there, I'd like to see the end of this soon and now that we know Charlie's a faker and is working for Siobhan, at least we get more of a hint. Perhaps Gemma really is dead. Just at Charlie's hands. Shivette, let's not trust to much in Charlie, okay?

Finally, Andrew has his hands full with the entire Bridgette thing and now Juliet getting into an accident again. I'm glad we got some of Logan Juliet's teacher just because he's always very nice on the eyes but I wish Juliet would just stay put so that Shivette and Andrew can have some sexy times. Just when they were showing some affection we get interrupted by a phone call? Really??? How much longer will they make us wait for happy times? I'm guessing a long long time.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x04: Pot O' Gold

Okay. I thought Glee was going to get better but this week not even Blaine's Last Friday Night rendition could get me appreciative. The only highlight this week for me would be the Troublesomes very short take on Candyman. They were adorable and so fun to watch, unlike a lot of what's happening on Glee lately. Even if they've split the Glee Club into two, it seems more fun to be on the other team for now -- except for the lack of Blaine. Blaine should join the new team too.

I'm not happy at all with what Quinn and Puck are planning. Mostly Quinn. She chose to give Beth up and now that she's back she's trying to sabotage Idina Menzel. Not cool at all. Also not cool? Puck kissing her. I get he's into cougars but this just seems so wrong on so many levels. I'm not amused at all. I get they all have their reasons but I'm just scared for how this trainwreck will end.

And though I don't really care about Sue's campaign right now (I used to love her), throwing in Burt Hummel and having him run too? Not exactly the storyline I wanted for him to give him more exposure. WHY SHOW?! All I want is for Blaine to be cute and sing It's Not Unusual while shaking his hips?! Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x04: Naked

It was fun to see Lake Bell guest star this week and have her be awkward about cuddling with Nick when clearly, Nick is so very cuddle-able. The entire naked-storyline was hilarious with Jess being unable to say the word penis and breaking into her laugh when she saw Nick in his birthday suit. I'd love for these two to get together but for now, they're funny.

I also love how Schmidt made it his business to see Nick's wang. From creeping up on him in the bathroom to making silly reasons to see it, leave it to Nick to feel bad for not seeing his best friend's privates. I agree with Winston. Why would you want to see it? Winston on the other hand was pretty funny trying to get a job. I really hope he does find something if only for additional storylines for this show. I'm glad it's getting a positive response though especially with the news of Zooey and her husband, she could use the happy distraction now.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x07: Charade

First of all, this entire Frank thing has gotten way out of hand. He's so close to knowing the truth, tracking down the real Emily Thorne and the probation officer and THEN calling Victoria, I'm so happy that Emily got to him first. He looks dead to me but now that Victoria has a lead in, I wonder how much longer Emily has till everything comes out in the open.

Also, how sad is it that their 25th wedding anniversary dinner turned out to be such a fiasco? I know both Conrad and Victoria contributed to the mess that happened but it just made me sad cause somehow I feel it could have been remedied if both of them were just a little less ruthless. Now that Conrad's moved out though, it's telling that he's at Lydia's side right away. Could she really be the love of his life?

I am really getting tired of Tyler and his meddling ways. With what he did at the dinner, I'm surprised Daniel hasn't beaten the crap out of him. And though I was initially shocked with the entire Nolan confession about his confusion on where he stood on the Kinsey scale, it's pretty clear that Nolan swings both ways, if not the other way and so the disturbing image of Tyler and Nolan in bed will forever be in my head. THAT WAS A SHOCKER. Oh Tyler, you little ho.

Speaking of Nolan and his adorableness, despite his outing himself, i'm still so happy he's stalking Jack at the Stowaway (now the IT place to be at thanks to Daniel's mentioning it in the article) and totally shipping Jack and EmAnda. I love that he's their number one supporter too. Oh Nolan, never change just because you and your bodyguard are always so fun to watch on this show.

And though there's no movement for me in the Team Daniel or Team Jack movement this week, it's so very obvious that Emily's torn hard now. Making out with Daniel on the swing that Jack fixed while grasping tightly on the handles? Not obvious at all -- nor is her little gift to Jack a sign of her swaying affections. I don't blame Daniel for doubting but I'm just really curious to see how they get to the engagement party. So much fun!

[Bones Daily]

Bones 07x01: Memories in a Shallow Grave

Let me start off by saying how sad I am we only get 17 episodes -- 13 with Bones. I know this show will be picked up for an 8th season so I'm not scared but the extra 7 episodes we could have had this season of cuteness for Booth and Bones seems wasted. Still, I'm happy for what we have especially if EVERY EPISODE were as cute as this first one, then it'll be a well spent 13 episodes with the two of them. Because really, it was too cute for words.

From the opening of Booth cooking breakfast for Bones at home, and all the talk about moving in together and Booth getting offended about not splitting things halfway and all the belly rubbing and sports watching in bed, Booth and Bones gave me so much to be happy and giddy about. I love seeing them all domesticated and sleeping in the same bed and referring to sex like they do it often. I LOVE THIS SEASON ALREADY.

And they're even cuter at work. Brennan getting all emotional and still rational about her being emotional to Booth being sensitive at the diner and Brennan ACTUALLY apologizing to Bones calling on Booth (instead of the security guard) cause she thought of him first? Hart Hanson has redeemed himself for all the stupid things he's done with this one episode. NOW MULTIPLY THIS BY THIRTEEN okay? I don't want the cuteness to end.

Also cute? Angela and Hodgins and their cute cute baby. Come on, Cam. Grow a heart (and your hair! I really liked it before). The parents are just excited and though yeah, it could harm the baby or the lab, you know Hodgins and Angela are more responsible than that. Let's wait till you get knocked up and bring YOUR baby to work. But really, I'm excited for next week. Things can only be better.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x08: Beneath

I still don't get why everyone's still trusting Jake. Sure, he 'helped' you guys out last time but you don't know that for sure. Inviting him up to Faye's grandpa's house? Not the best decision but definitely fun if only to up the ratio of boys to girls. With Melissa out of the episode this week, we get to focus on the Faye/Jake/Cassie non-triangle happening. I love how Faye aptly described Cassie as the 'one-woman-relationship-wrecking-crew' which Cassie just can't help but do since all the boys seem to love her.

The little truth-or-dare game they had made me think of all the slasher movies out there with the cute kids stuck in a house while it's raining and the predator all the while among them. Guys, stop trusting Jake. Please. It also made me sad that Faye finally discovered her grandpa's dead body. Of course, it was technically Cassie and her solo powers that did this, but Faye seemed to really love her grandpa and to find him this way was pretty horrible for her.

Also kind of gruesome? The way Diana/Adam are treating each other. Right now they've got so much aggression, I couldn't blame them for that making out in the shack moment. Though as Diana pointed out, it was obviously a mistake. I'm curious to see how things end up now that Adam's free as a bird. Since we all know he's been pining for Cassie anyway, I bet it'll take an episode or two till he acts on his feelings. Now to see how Cassie will deal with it since she's 'friends' with Diana and all.

Finally we have the parents trying to suppress Cassie's grandma and succeeding at it. I feel bad that the one adult the kids had on their side has now fallen to the wayside. Oh well, they would have been safe with grandma around and no good show would stand for that so instead we have them falsely trusting this old lady who's under the parents clutches. As if they didn't have enough problems as it is.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x08: Ordinary People

It makes me happy to see so much Stefan/Damon bromancing even if Stefan's totally denying it and Damon's trying to steal his girl on the side. I'm also so very happy that Stefan's love for Damon >>> Klaus's compulsion over him. What with Michael's threat to kill Damon, Stefan pulled through there. See boys, when your humanity's are showing, it just means you've still got that spark of love for each other. You boys make me so proud. Now figure out where Katherine is and get Michael to end the curse!

And though we could have had so many more Damon/Elena scenes, I'll take what they gave us. I loved the playful 'training' in the start with Elena losing every time and Damon 'taking a bite' out of her. These two are too cute for words and with Stefan still out of the picture, we get so much cuteness. I also love how Elena was so resigned to having Damon around she didn't even bother kicking him off the bed instead just sleeping under the covers with him over it. Girl, you're treading dangerous waters here. I can see you totally falling for him now.

It was also great to see Elena find out more about Rebekah. All the flashbacks to the long-haired days made me sad for Klaus and suddenly I don't want him to die. I love how Elena was able to coax so much out of Rebekah. She really is just a high school girl trying to make it through with her brother. Of course the impromptu fashion show was pretty funny and I missed Rebekah trying to one-up Caroline on the cheer squad but it was pretty good still.

I do want to see how they bring Michael into play now that he's alive and kicking and when they'll finally unstake Elijah cause it would seem the three kids would be totally against their father who seems pretty damn harsh. I now understand why Klaus is the way he is. Troubled kids -- even the vampires -- do grow up rebellious. He just needs a little love is all. Now someone give him some love. Klaus needs to fall in love stat. Katherine, perhaps?

And though we didn't get any Caroline or the now-cute Jeremy, we did get some Alaric who was oh so very wasteful of his Post-Its but still so very cute researching on the writings on the wall. Leave it to the history professor to figure things out. I love having you around, Alaric. I'm glad you and Damon have sort of made up already. Let's keep this bromance alive.
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