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TV Time: Kate and Lauren Sort Of Get Their Wish

[Captivating Christina Ricci]
Despite the fact that there's still no word regarding ABC's decision to pick up Pan Am for a full season, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping against hope ABC doesn't commit another Pushing Daisies-esque mistake of not renewing awesome shows. Because really, every week that I fly the friendly skies with my favorite Pan Am stewardesses, I fall in love with the show more. Come on, ABC, don't let me down this time.

[Captivating Christina Ricci]

Pan Am 01x05: One Coin in a Fountain

So let's start off with how cute Kate and this Niko Lonza character. Sure, I've seen Goran Visjnic in ER and wherever else, but I don't think I've found him this hot! I'm glad Maggie was game about everything, because what Kate did wasn't exactly cool. Still, when all the dust settles, I'm really happy for her and her pool-master ways. Thank goodness for billiards or she wouldn't have nailed that (so to speak). I hope she doesn't get into trouble though for sleeping with her target. Oh well.

As for Ted and Laura, I really think it's sweet how Ted is constantly looking after her even if Laura finds it a tad annoying. Come on, Laura. He gave you back your ring. In Monte Carlo. It sounds like a pretty good moment, yes? I'm hoping now that you've found closure with your ex-fiance, we can start opening up to Ted? Yes? I agree.

Finally, I'm a little sad Colette's been totally cast aside. Sure, Dean, this woman is sooooo awesome with the F1-knowledge and hotness but she's also the mistress of the Pan Am VP and you can't afford to fool around like that. I was kind of hoping he'd find Dean's keys. Unfortunately, he didn't. The lesson here is, DO NOT IGNORE COLETTE PLEASE.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x05: Looking Glass

So let's start off with how the Belarusian asset is actually a pretty hot lady and you could tell Michael and her had a real thing going on no matter how much he denied it. I can totally bet that kid is his even if he totally denies it. And true enough, the kid is his. Oh CW, never stop being predictable. I love this about you.

And even if Percy does get on my nerves at times, he is pretty interesting whether inside his cell or out of it and though i'm glad he's gotten his suit back, I'm liking Amanda in power. Even if she has a lot to learn, their little power struggle between them always brings me joy so continue along this path.

Also a path I want continued? Alex and the guy from Oversight. He's pretty cute and you can tell they're trying to make us like something between them and honestly, it's working. I do wish things would be less difficult for both of them though. It seems they'll have to jump through a whole lot of hoops to get them together. I won't hold my breath for now.


Merlin 04x04: Aithusa

As happy as I am that Merlin was able to save the last dragon, a white one at that, I have to say, I wish he'd just stay out of it. Sure, if he didn't interfere and just followed Gauis's orders then they wouldn't be getting anywhere now with this new dragon but imagine if he didn't succeed and the dragon did perish? Thank goodness, Merlin prevails in the end cause that would have been a close call.

I do love how all the knights kept ribbing Merlin. From the food, to just joking around with him, I like how they tease and treat Merlin like a kid brother. Sure, it looks frustrating for Merlin, but for the rest of us? Pure fun to watch, really.

Speaking of pure fun, did anyone notice how often they'd show the bromance this episode? What with Merlin constantly falling over Arthur, with the pants down and in bed, I swear these writers are asking for it and totally baiting slash fic writers out there. We know you're doing it, writers. 'Fess up!


Downton Abbey 02x06

So it's probably never going to end up well for Anna and Bates because just when you think things are turning for them, we get the news that Vera's dead. And though it sounds like fantastic news, knowing Julian Fellowes, he'll spin this to make it horrible for our favorite downstairs couple. As if killing of William wasn't enough, Anna/Bates will probably have to jump through a ring of fire to make things happen for them. Come on Julian, throw them a bone, please?

And as giddy as I get every time I see Sybil/Branson, I'm scared with this ultimatum that's being set. Other than the fact that Sybil seems pretty ambivalent about everything -- even if her words say she's ready but needs time, I'm just scared with how the family will react. They've been awesome to the downstairs folk but not with this kind of news. I hope they take it somewhat well. Though I doubt it.

I know that Lord Grantham needs a little drama in his life but I don't like the fact that it has to involve Jane, the new housemaid. They kept sneaking glances at each other and smiles and things I just don't want to think about because Robert/Cora are too adorable. I hate that they're fighting now and suddenly not okay. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MESS UP ALL THE SHIPS?!

And though it was cute to see Mary help Matthew recuperate, we all knew Carlisle wasn't going to sit down and take this closeness lightly. I'm not happy he brought Lavinia back into the picture because things were going so well for M/M already. Of course, we can't expect Carlisle to be okay with everything what with him wanting to poach Carson already for their new home. I don't know how M/M could ever be endgame now. I hate how this is all not going according to my fangirl plan for them.

I am however, glad that Cora and Violet were able to get Isobel out of the picture. Who knew she'd be that easy to manipulate. I was a little shocked at how Isobel was still so bossy but I guess it's really in her and you can't change it. I'm still very happy though that their plan worked.

And though I still don't get whether it was the real Patrick or not (somehow I feel it was him), it makes me sad that Edith had to lose him all over again. Even if he was a poser, she's been through so much already losing him the first time around, I wish she had a longer happy time with him before it all turned to shit. I wonder if Edith will ever find someone for her.


The Walking Dead 02x02: Bloodletting

I said it last week, I'll say it again. Kill them kids. Carl and Sophia have caused all these able adults so much time stranded in one place. And though I'm happy Rick and Lori found Earl and their little band of brothers to help them out, I don't think they'd be willing to take them in and help them out. If the kids are gone, it would be so much easier. Let them go, guys.

Speaking of people I don't mind killing off? Andrea can go die too. And T-Dawg. Sure, they're not mean characters and they've done nothing wrong (unlike those kids) but if they're having such a hard time, just break away and let the group move on. Besides, it's not like both of them haven't brought up just leaving. Do it together and do us all a favor, okay?

And as much as I'm wary of the new settlement they've found, I love that we have Rose from TVD and Vivian Volkoff from Chuck and now she's Maggie from TWD. Either I watch too many shows or she's just the most regular guest star ever. She was pretty bad ass with her horse and bat and calling out for Lori. I hope this girl goes far. She seems so determined to make it.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x05: The Fasting and the Furious

It's funny how one week I'm kind of invested in it and the next I'm not. This week was pretty entertaining just because we get Diana and her entire TMZ-esque team. I never thought I'd pay attention to the Charlie/Nate/Diana storyline but for a lack of anything better to pay attention to, I did. Especially since Nate's still moral about everything which just makes me laugh. Still, could Diana be Chuck's mom? No? So what's up with her photo in Bart's dossier, right? Let's bet it's something quite lame.

And Serena being a bitch to Dan then cowering back just because she needed the option. It's funny how this job is so important to her now and how everyone seems to be not in college anymore. That was a really fast university experience for everyone. I wonder if they'll make Dan/Serena the endgame pairing when this all turns to dust. I'm seriously wondering when they'll cancel this.

And really, Louis is too good for Blair. I love her but for all her faults, she and Chuck kind of deserve each other. i'm glad Louis got the paternity test thing -- very unlike him though -- so gets to learn the truth because clearly, he deserves to know. And as much as I hate his sister and his mom, they did have a point. Not everything can go Blair's way.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x05: Faith & Infidelity

If there's one place that a 1% exception to the rule would work out, it'd be at Bluebell. I have to say, I'm probably as jaded as Zoe just because I did believe for a bit there that the pastor did have an affair but only on TV can they disprove this using the most WTF way possible. Still, I'm glad the town didn't collapse from the gravity of the supposed infidelity.

You know how I keep harping for a love triangle? Looks like I was rooting for the wrong threesome. It seems like it's a George/Lemon/Lavon geometric match and I'm not complaining. I do like Lemon and George together and seeing George apologize for his unknowing mistake, it was nice to see the two of them reunited. Still, it was cuter that Lavon would save Lemon's ass to the committee she so wanted to impress. Come on, Lavon, just let it out. I think you and George could do a throwdown.

And Wade keeps growing on me. And it's not just because we find out his dad is the town drunk but because he really is getting more charming as the weeks wear on. I really want things to work out between him and Zoe but I guess they still both need to mature into their roles and themselves and each other. Besides, we have an entire season, we don't need to rush things right away. Slow burn works for me too.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x06: Intrigue

I don't know when this happened but Frank got hot in between episodes 5 and 6. For some reason, now that they're framing him and he's doing a little side-investigation as to who it is that's framing him, he's looking pretty good. Then again, maybe it's because of all his scenes with Conrad and by comparison, he will look hotter. Come on, Victoria, you know you trust Frank more than Conrad. Leave him and shack up with this one. He can protect you, for real.

Moving on to the younger kids, I did love the little showdown we had at the 'double date' with Mr. Ripley Tyler & Ashley and Daniel & Emily. I wish they'd clawed each others eyes out at the table because Tyler is getting on my nerves. I liked him better in Nikita, but then he died. Perhaps if I like him more in this show, he'll die too? I doubt I'm as lucky.

As for the Jack/Daniel showdown, we've got to deduct points from Daniel for being a total wuss and drinking on the job on his first night (even if he was inadvertently poisoned) and then passing out on his boss's bed. Whereas Team Jack and the confession on the docks to 'leaving EmAnda alone' and just can't help but fixing that swing worked well for him. See, keep the ladies at bay and they'll cry after you. Don't worry, Jack. We all know your stock is rising. I can't believe they're turning us against Daniel so soon.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x07: Masked

First things first. Cassie's Grandma should never leave her side. Because clearly, shit happens whenever grandma is away. It would be safer for the entire circle if the adults were in the room -- otherwise they end up with their lives in glass bottles and them tied to chairs in a circle. Thank goodness Cassie's apparently dark (how very Beautiful Chaos) and can do powers on her own. I guess the bound circle isn't much use to her now.

It's pretty amazing how Luke (RIP) and Jake have just turned pure evil, complete with pretending to be good. I'd love to see where Jake takes it next week. Don't trust him, Cassie, he's no good. But of course, she falls for the charm and trusts him all over again -- at least for a bit. It's good to put him on a leash, girl. Keep him at bay.

Speaking of keeping folks at arm's length, Adam and Diana are still on the outs and though it's probably majorly awkward for Cassie to be in the middle of all this, signs point to NO for the once golden couple. Which actually sucks because it's only a few episodes in and it would have been a bigger heartbreak (therefore more effective) if they dragged their romance on more and then hit Diana with the 'fate' thing just when she thinks she's safe and secure. Oh well, I'd like to see where they take this now. Hopefully to a place with Diana's dad. I miss his pretty face.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x07: Ghost World

Finally, it's good to see some good old bromancing back with the quasi-reunion of Alaric and Damon. Who knew all it would take was a bunch of ghosts showing up and wreaking havoc on everyone in Mystic Falls. I for one, was very happy that Mason Lockwood decided to grace us with his presence. For all his werewolfness, I did appreciate the prettiness he brought and now he's managed to patch up the Damon/Alaric bromance too. He's practically perfect now. See Ric, Damon, a little kissing and making up never hurt anyone.

Something that did hurt? Bonnie getting a reality check with Jeremy. Though I've never been the biggest Bonnie fan, she didn't deserve that dick move from Jeremy, kissing Anna. I love Anna and I love her with Jeremy but he's with Bonnie now. The Bonnie who resurrected him from the dead and is paying the consequences of her actions. That was low, even for Jeremy and even if I got all giddy with him and Anna holding hands, I wish he didn't go there with Anna at least.

And though we got zero Tyler this episode, it was nice to see Caroline save Carol Lockwood's butt from those men Anna seems to be running away from. I wish Carol would remember this next time she goes on one of her vampire hunts because if it weren't for Caroline, she'd be chopped liver now or worse, be one of them and you know she wouldn't be able to live with herself with that.

Lastly though, it was nice to see Lexi back even if her methods of breaking Stefan the Ripper weren't exactly recommended. Of course, she has a method to the madness but it did seem sort of weird having her torture him to stop ripping. This is just like Caroline's dad conditioning her to stop her urges. I don't know how or when Stefan will break but it's definitely not this way -- even if Lexi had more time.

Watching Elena watch Stefan though, you could see how far she's come. A weaker!Elena would have succumbed and let Lexi stop right away at the first sign of Stefan coming around, but I guess she's toughened up between Alaric's training and 'fatherly' love and Damon's whatever you call his affection.

I'm really hoping we see more of the Damon/Elena relationship -- more than references to it (Damon saying he trusts only Elena and Ric) and it would be great if they were in one room again. Because when these two are in a scene together, I'm bound to get giddy no matter what's happening. Until then, then.
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