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Movie Raving: What's Your Number

Zero? [Chris Evans Web]
I know, I've been on a 'rom-com' spree lately and though I fully intended on making In Time, the movie I'd watch this month, things got pushed back and I never got around to it. Not that Chris Evans isn't a good enough excuse to see this movie. Clearly, he is reason enough.

Honestly, lately, I've been feeling a craving for rom-coms thanks to the lack of romance or inspiration in the real life. It's funny how lately, I've been in a totally pining mood which isn't always the best thing so it's always nice to have some back-up when you need it. Notting Hill-level? Far from it. But for now, this movie? Does the trick.

I won't bother to hate on it just because every other movie critic from here to eternity already shat on it, and with reason, so instead, I'll go counter-culture and say why I enjoyed this movie. Because really, despite all the wrong things about it, somehow it still managed to entertain me, which we all know, isn't a very hard thing to do anyway.

Photos courtesy of Chris Evans Web
Once again Anna Faris manages to be the best thing in another not very good Anna Faris movie. [The Globe and Mail (Toronto)]
First of all, Anna Faris is always a joy to watch. She was pretty much the cornerstone of this entire movie, as she tried finding her way back the 20 guys she slept with (most of whom obviously turned out to be douchebags). Though the guys ranged from crazy to deranged (and of course the adorable in between -- Sherlock's Watson was there! Andy Samberg! Her real-life husband!), Anna always managed to make something fun out of the journey back in her sex-life.

Of course, there's also the reason for the season, Chris Evans. I won't lie when I say that I watched this movie for him. And we get lots of him. Lots of Chris being that 'reliable' awesome guy who should obviously be with the lead while he plays guitar and looks hot while hooking up with all these other girls WHO AREN'T the lead and have them culminate their love at a wedding. Yes, i'm shallow but he was very very nice to look at in this movie and if all else fails, Chris Evans saved it for me. He really is a superhero.

More than the two of them, the supporting cast was pretty good too. From all the ex's to Blythe Danner (whom I wouldn't mind being my movie-mom either) to David Anable (who I did watch Brothers and Sisters for), it had it's share of awesome one-liners from the supporting cast. Of course, not enough to make it a cinematic screenplay gem, but enough to have me sort of pay attention while hanging out with Lee.

Photos courtesy of Chris Evans Web
It's full of lively and crude sexual banter, discussions of hookups and sex and Joel McHale's bare butt. Oddly, all this makes the film funnier and more accessible than you might imagine. [Miami Herald]
And for the romance starved, like me, it definitely had its moments. Moments where you just wanted to yell at them for not getting together sooner. Or just moments when you realize THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE because Chris Evans will never be my neighbor and he will never help me track down my ex's or play guitar for me on the roof or just be downright adorable for me. And yet, despite the non-realism, you take it all in stride, just because you're that desperate for some rom-com in your life.

So yes, I'll take the unrealism and cheesy lines and vulgarity and the inconsistencies just because it served it's purpose of making me wish (and know it'll never happen) that someday, it'll be me in Anna Faris's place (minus the 20 ex's), giggling in bed with a very very handsome Chris Evans and knowing everything will be okay. It was a good 106 minutes of turning off my brain too.

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