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Red Carpet Round-Up: Carey, Joseph, Anne & Emma Win Big at the Hollywood Film Festival

Win Big[Carey Mulligan Network]
I haven't seen Carey Mulligan in a bit especially with her shooting The Great Gatsby in Australia, so it was nice to see her out and about and winning at the Hollywood Film Awards. She was wonderful last year for Never Let Me Go and this year, she wins for both Shame and Drive. Obviously, 2011 is an even more awesome year for Carey. And then Anne and Joseph and Emma came out too (and all looked wonderful).

And because In Time is finally out, Amanda was out and about promoting it, while Emma took The Help overseas. I wonder when I'll get to see both movies. in the meantime, let's appreciate the pretty.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Connection
Carey and Emma looked wonderful at the event. Emma in her beige Jonathan Saunders dress and Carey in her black Bottega Veneta ensemble. It still amazes me how Carey still looks so adorable with her hair growing out. And we get a bonus Christoph too! I've missed you so, Mr. Waltz.

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Online
Anne and JGL were at the awards too and Anne looked amazing in her blue Erdem dress. I'm really excited to see her in The Dark Knight Rises with JGL what with all this press they seem to be doing together. It's funny how he won a breakthrough award when he's been around forever but I won't complain.

Photos courtesy of I Fancy the Fassy
Meanwhile in New York, Michael was premiering both Shame and A Dangerous Method for the New York Film Festival. It really is awards season when all these film fests are doing their thing. I'm really crossing my fingers for Oscar Buzz for these films just so we see all of them at the awards circuit early next year. I can't believe it's that time of year again.

Photos courtesy of Eddie Redmayne Online, I Heart Jake
Eddie was out with Michelle too for MY Week with Marilyn and he's looking extra handsome these days. I love that Jake came out to support Michelle too. I'm getting a huge Brokeback flashback and missing Heath Ledger all over again.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
Amanda's been out and about for In Time and I am loving her Prabal Gurung dress. She just looks so breathtaking in her outfit and the hair and the make-up and Mr. Timberlake on her arm. Amanda's so in her element and I love how blooming she looks on the red carpet.

She's out promoting it heavily too and so she dropped by Leno and had her press conference (where I'm loving her Heidi hair). If only to be able to braid my hair, I'm holding out on cutting it really short again. Patience was never my thing.

Even if The Help's been out for quite a bit but only recently promoted overseas and so Emma and her co-stars did their European promotions for it and she looked so beautiful every step of the way from her simple black outfit in Mardid to her frillier black dress in Zurich.

And then she went all out with the pretty in Hamburg wearing a gorgeous Lanvin gown. The color does wonders for her and her hair. My favorite would have to be her London premiere outfit though. The polka-dot Luca Luca dress isn't something everyone could pull off, but with Emma? Effortless, really.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
Emma hosted the Giorgio Armani party that Camilla also happened to be at and they both looked wonderful. Emma was all smiles and really looking every bit the hostess in Armani of course. Oh to be able to say, 'yeah, I'm hosting a dinner for Armani.' Things you know you won't get to say in your lifetime.

I'm not even going to bother to list all the events Camilla's been to because apparently she's a very busy girl, but I'm loving every single outfit she's put on and if she never made another movie again, it'd be okay just because you know she'd still be very visible on the red carpet looking WONDERFUL. Kudos to her and her stylist if any.

Photos courtesy of
I'm a little in love with this appearance from Eun Hye right now. Other than the fact that her hair is flawless and her make-up wonderful, she looks fantastic in her outfit and she just looks like she's glowing. I miss her face so much and hope we get to see more of her soon.

Photos courtesy of
Leighton is a busy bee as always and seems to be another fashion darling. She showed up at two fashion-related events looking adorable with her fringe. I'm really considering getting bangs like this but am really not sure if I could pull it off. Leave it to Leighton though to rock the bangs.

Photos courtesy of
NIna went back to her Canadian roots, and appeared on Much Music, I'm guessing in promotion of the new season of TVD. No matter what she was there for, she was looking very very pretty and so far, this season has been a pretty awesome one for the show so I'm really excited to see where else they take it.

Photos courtesy of Zooey Fan, Miss Bilson
Since both Zooey and Rachel have TV shows to promote, they've been out and about to the late night shows bringing good tidings about their shows which I both love, of course. I'm glad they're both getting full season pick-ups, though I'm not sure how long they'll last in the long-run. For now, I'm just happy to get more of them.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
And just because we all know how much we all miss Mr. Hamm, here he is looking wonderful at the Elle, Women in Hollywood Awards. Who cares that he's not a woman, I say good job Elle for making sure he showed up at your event. Obviously, someone wanted mr. Hamm there and I'd say right on, as always.

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