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Trailer Thursday: Edward and Bella Finally Get It On

[Everglow Media]
It's actually November and that means we'll finally get to see the first half of the (should-have-been-just-one) Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It's pretty crazy to think about how long (and yet how short) this thing has taken to make and I'll be watching, you know I will. Still, November means the start of the holiday movies too and the Oscar bids as well. Leo's J. Edgar and the awesome cast of A Dangerous Method are making me very excited for the coming awards season.

Breaking Dawn 1.0

Do I really need to do any more talking for this? For all the devotion I poured into this fandom for a few years, a semi-retired fangirl for it is still looking forward to it, no matter what I say. So I'll bring out the fangirl when the time comes around (apparently very soon). I'm sure Edward and Bella can stir up some giddy in me when it arrives.

And here's the other 'sneak peek' for good measure. So really, what else happens in the first part? I totally need to brush up on this as I've forgotten so much of the book already. Shame, shame.

J. Edgar

My dad would be interested in this for very different reasons than me but it's all good because I'm in it for Leo and Armie (and them being together in the movie). My dad would want to see it though, because it's about J. Edgar and he loves a good police story. Still, if we both want to watch it, that means free tickets for me and that is always a good thing in my book.

A Dangerous Method

This just has awesome written all over it and I'm a little concerned about how much star wattage (and serious business credentials) one film can handle. From the subject matter to the actors to how pretty everything looks in a period piece, I'm really hoping I get to see this one (one way or another). Who knew Freud and Jung would have me THIS excited about something.

My Week with Marilyn

Eddie is just adorable. Everytime I see him, I light up just because he's so wonderful to watch and his accent kills me every time. And here he is, all 'innocent' around Miss Monroe and yet totally helpless to her charms. I'm also pretty psyched to see how Emma fares in this outside her Hogwarts robes. I hope they all do well.


So Scorcese is doing kids movies now too? It looks pretty magical and has Chloe Moretz in it, whose pretty much a wunderkid so it should be pretty entertaining and uplifting. And then I saw Sacha Baron-Cohen and knew this had to be good if he's playing his not usual crazy characters. Plus it just looks heartwarming in that magical kind of way which makes me really excited.


I love how Alexander and his dad are in the same movie which apparently also has Charlotte Gainsbourg (♥) and so many other people (Charlotte Rampling! John Hurt! Jack Bauer!). Though it looks like a very serious business movie, I'm excited to see Kirsten Dunst in this after her win at Cannes. jamypye, let's watch this, yes?


When I used to write fanfiction (back in gradeschool), there were two guys I 'cast' in the other guy roles. One was Ian Sommerhalder and the other was Henry Cavill. And though I haven't followed this guy for quite some time, I'd say after seeing this trailer, it's time to dust him off from the top shelf and bring him back to center pile. Hello, Man of Steel. You're making me very excited now.

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