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Intoxicated with Herself[42 Down/10 To Go!]
[+] TEN WEEKS LEFT TO 2011 GUISE. Yes, I had to do that in all capital letters just because it's too fast, and too soon. TEN WEEKS IS NOTHING. that's like really really fast. I want it to hurry up but I also need it to slow down. Yes, I can't make up my mind.

[+] It wasn't such a bad week at work, with our big presentation getting moved to next week (only really prolonging the agony) and so we were able to breathe a little better. Needless to say, let's all cross our fingers I survive this coming week, cause it's all really converging this week and I just need to keep my head afloat till the weekend and it'll be okay.

[+] You know what's pretty rad though? ME flooding your inboxes with replies to comments from JUNE 2011!!! Better late than never, right? Wrong. I know, I'm sorry for the lateness, but I promised I'd catch up and there I am. I hope never to get that delayed ever. You all forgive me right? I really hope so. *best puppy dog impersonation*

Is there such a thing as starting the week right? i've come to realize I'll never wake up as early as when I need to ride with my dad to work -- if he isn't taking me to work. Lines have been getting longer in the MRT station and I guess it's because nearly the holiday season and for some reason, it gets longer and slower. oh well, that's what books are for.

I found out that one of my ex-bosses (from my old office) lost his grandmother -- she was 91. I used to hear a lot about this abuelita of his just because they were very close so I found a way to get to the wake even after all the things I had to do. it was good to see old officemates and just show the ex-boss that we were keeping his family in our thoughts. I don't even want to think about how it'll be one day...

Though two of our big presentations got moved to next week, I'm somehow disconcerted by how un-hectic the start of the week is. Sure, things usually pile up during the latter half of the week, I feel like I should be a in a perpetual state of craziness until the presentations are over and done with.

In other news, I'm so psyched for the holidays, it's not even funny. I'm looking forward to the long weekend at the start of November but after that, my brain will be on the holidays. I'm going to try to be good this yaer and try to shop ahead. It's just a plan so let's see how well that goes.

I'm scared at how chill I am these days. Witht he big presentation coming up, I feel like I should be up in arms busy but I'm not. I 'm regular busy but not CRAZY BUSY which I usually am. I feel like all the work will pile up sooner or later and I really want to be just steady.

And in sad news, I gained a pound. I knew I wasn't eating very well this week, but to see it for real, on the scale made me sad. I know I shouldn't have but I didn't watch out and got complacent. Still, it's good that I'm sort of self-aware and I guess I should just be more conscientious? I don't know.

We were boss-less today so I was able to really just hammer out last minute details to our presentations and was even able to chill and catch up on some LJ. I really want to try to get back on track but I don't want to jinx it, so until I do, I'll keep working at it anyway.

I got the most amazing invite to have a spur of the moment dinner with awesome college friend, Sophie whom I have't seen since last year? She's on sembreak after in between law school semesters and it was just good to see her and hang out and talk. This girl always makes me laugh and we had a really good time. Perfect way to end the boss-less day.

Shockingly, it wasn't such a crazy day. One of my meetings got cancelled and though it was the usual Friday rush (they're worse than Mondays cause everything piles up), I was just glad to get out of the office by the time I got the go-signal that I could go home.

And I'm such a lightweight. I tag along with my parents (I'm too cool, yo) and went to dinner with them and because they were having drinks, I had one measly margarit and seriously felt the kick RIGHT AWAY. I'm such a grandmother. I'm sure my grandma has better staying power than me. It's embarrassing.

I both hate and love it when I get my monthly visitor just because it's always such a hassle but also because hello, it's always a good sign to get it (not that I'm active in that sense to NOT get it but I've always been paranoid) so I spend most of my day asleep. And sleep some more in the afternoon.

The only time I ever get out of the house is to pick my little sister up from her friend's house and that's the extent of my weekend activity. Riveting stuff, I tell you. My life is one big ball of excitement, really.

I've committed myself to finishing Beautiful Chaos just because I've waited long enough for the book and spend most of my day in bed reading it. Which is obviously not a bad way to spend the weekend, except I do get up every so often to eat -- very unhealthy stuff.

This is bad just because I KNOW I shouldn't be doing this and I'm only going to be the one to suffer when I hit the gym again especially since this is supposed to be a 'lifestyle' change, which obviously i'm not doing. Oh well, little by little, perhaps? Yes, I"ll keep saying that.
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