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TV Time: Leave The Kids to the Walkers, Rick! Form Your Alliance (Survivor-Style) Now!

I don't know how I survived this show last season when on my first episode of the show, I had my eyes covered 90% of the time. For real. I don't know if I've suddenly chickened out or it was the dinner I was eating, but it seemed more intense this time around. Still, it doesn't mean I'm ultra excited to have Rick and the gang back for another season of zombie-killing and gutting. Let's hope my stomach is strong enough for it in the coming weeks.

ETA: I'll be updating this as I finally get around to watching all my shows from last week. I've actually seen Downton Abbey but my thoughts are still a mess so I'll add that later as well. Sorry to do this, but if I don't, I'll never get 'back on track.' Which obviously, I'm not yet at right now.


The Walking Dead 02x01: What Lies Ahead

First off, let's get one thing straight, as my title says, I'm not a fan of the children. Not Sophia, not even Carl. Heartless, I know, coming from a girl with siblings, but my siblings, I'd like to think are smarter than your average bear and don't go reaching for purses when they know there are walkers around. Life >>> Purse and Lori's right on when she tells everyone off about how they're all blaming Rick for Sophia getting lost when really, WHO RAN INTO THE WOODS?! I swear, I don't want to be a kid in a time like this, but I sure as hell don't want to be Rick either. So I say, leave the kids.

YES EVEN CARL. Sure, I got shocked he got shot to begin with. But I wish Shane and Rick just shot the damn deer rather than let Carl have some sort of awe-moment with it because look where it got them? CARL SHOT. Now they'll never get a move on with Carl to take care of. But really, CARL, YOU ARE A CHILD. I don't care if you're friends with Sophia, you don't tag along with the elders. Sure, you're bored, but suck it. It's the zombie apocalypse, you better behave.

Which leads me to my point. I don't care for anyone else on the team other than Rick, Shane, Glenn and yes, Daryl Dixon. Daryl who was such a douche in the first season proved to be indispensable to the team. Everyone else can go get eaten by zombies. I'll be sad but I won't cry over it. Now don't break the team up and Shane, Rick, Glenn and Darryl, stick together. You're the strong ones. This is an alliance. This is Survivor. Watch some reality tv and see how alliances work; get rid of the weaklings, keep strong and lean and you might survive to get saved by that radio announcer you somehow picked up signal from. Let's cross our fingers.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x04: Partners

So there's a lot going on in this episode but let me get one thing out of the way: OMG IT'S HANNAH FROM BONES. I hated her there just because she got in the middle of Booth/Bones so I was slightly scared she'd get in the middle of Michael/Nikita but it's good to know she isn't a home-wrecker in this one. Just an ex-partner who's apparently in cahoots with Gogol. That, I can handle.

I like how they're finally bringing Alex into the mix though. And sure, she didn't run away with Nikita and Michael but at least we know she's sort of on their side in a way, what with not killing them and letting them go. I see this double-agent thing really is Alex's kind of thing. I hope it doesn't bite her in the ass one day soon. Because this is risky business and i wouldn't want to mess with Amanda.

But really, let's focus on the most important part of this show: The wigs. On Alias, somehow Jennifer Garner in blue, red and blonde wigs looked just right, but here, Nikita and partner in their wonderful train-wigs looked hilarious. I'll chalk it up to less budget or perhaps a more 'discerning' eye on my end, but I wish they'd fix it.

Also, I get they're on the run and have no time to fix up, but Michael, i wouldn't mind seeing season-1-esque cleanliness from you. You were much cuter then. I do, however, approve of the term boy toy. Yes, Nikita, let's keep calling Michael that. I think it fits. I love the affection. Pour it on.


Merlin 04x03: The Wicked Day

FIRST LANCELOT AND NOW UTHER. I mean sure, Uther was practically dead throughout the latter part of season 3 and now well he is dead. Sure, he needs to die for Arthur to become King but I was hoping he'd be alive and just abdicate? Or give the throne? Did he really have to die-die? I don't think they'll be resurrection him but I'm going to miss Giles Uther for all his uselessness. At least he went out with a bang, defending Arthur and totally snapping out of his stupor even for a bit.

Evil!Uncle and Morgana continue their plotting and I love how Morgana's done a complete makeover turning into Bellatrix Lestrange. The look becomes her. Feeling sorry for Uther doesn't though. You don't have to fake it anymore Morgana. Sure you have feelings for him, fatherly or whatnot but let's be a proper baddie, okay? I expect war between you and Arthur, bring it on.

Speaking of Arthur and Merlin, I am so excited for them. Sure, the magic backfired thanks to Morgana but at least we see Arthur relying on Merlin more and strengthening the bromance even if Merlin's crushed that magic is totally banned now. I'm really excited to see Arthur as king though and how Merlin comes to his rescue as always. Looks like there's a whole new spin to season 3 now. RIP Uther though.


Downton Abbey 02x05

I'm so glad we have that one extra episode with us just because i don't think I could take if we only got seven. Eight episodes though? I like a lot. In fact, add that Christmas episode and I'm a happy camper. Even if things aren't quite as happy at the Abbey. I'm glad that William and Matthew are home but it pains me to know that William isn't going to make it so far. With death looming on him, I feel bad that Daisy had to live a lie and marry him, though she did care for him (just not the how he loves her). The wedding was so pretty and Daisy looked wonderful but it still broke my heart everytime I'd see her sitting by his deathbed. She needs happiness in his life.

And though i'm not a fan of Ethel, it's nice to see Mrs. Hughes help Ethel out. Do I approve what with Mrs. Hughes being so judgmental of everyone else (only to find HER breaking the rules)? No I don't, especially since it's Ethel but I guess everyone has a weak spot and we found Mrs. Hughes's. Could she have been helped by someone in the past? We know she doesn't have kids but we can never tell.

Mixing it up, I'm glad that Mary was able to help Bates and Anna with the Vera situation. Sure, this just means she's now officially engaged to Carlisle, which I'm sure took Robert by surprise but at least she was able to 'save' Anna and Bates, who also deserve some sort of break with all the drama surrounding them. Speaking of Robert though, I'm not sure where they're bringing this entire new maid/Robert bit but I don't like it one bit. I DONUT LIKE IT. Cora and Robert are probably my favorite ship and seeing them broken up over a new maid is not the way to go. DONUT BE A CLICHE ROBERT. RESIST THIS.

It also touched me that Violet was so very active in getting William to Downton. I hate how Major Clarkson was being such a douche. THEY GIVE YOU YOUR JOB-ISH, let them get some perks. Even Thomas piping in about William's transfer made my heart melt. I love seeing how all of them are getting together and bonding over this. Even if William had to die. Go Violet, go!

And of course my favorite upstairs/downstairs story, Sybil/Branson seem to be getting along just fine. I know they always meet in the garage, not exactly the setting for romance but seeing them together, and Branson putting a hand to her waist and telling her he'll wait forever makes me burst with happiness. I don't know how they'll manage a happily ever after for these two, but I want it so badly. It seems this will be the only endgame I get.

Because really, upstairs with Matthew and Mary, it seems like a bum deal. Sure, we see Matthew impotent and paralyzed and shunning Lavinia away, but we all know he'll be pushing Mary away too. And seeing Lavinia so hurt and sad and crying on Mary's shoulder (what's up with this? Mary/Lavinia and Cassie/Diana?!), it breaks my heart. How much torture can Mary get? I get she's being nice to Lavinia and genuinely trying to be a good person but it just sucks.

And though I would love to see Matthew and Mary married with kids, it seems this is the nearest we'll get to it. Seeing Mary go full-on nurse mode with the barfing (and having Matthew see her when he woke up from his rest and imagining her out in the sunlight) and just having Mary at his bedside, as opposed to Lavinia, makes me wish so hard they are endgame. But with the engagement and things happening this way, I don't think it'll happen. DAMN YOU JULIAN FELLOWES. Why so realistic?! can we all collectively hope for a Matthew/Mary endgame? prayer circle anyone?

[Captivating Christina Ricci]

Pan Am 01x04: Eastern Exposure

I'm happy they went to the 'east' even if their depiction of it is quite the oriental way, but it's all good, it was the 60s and that was probably how it was -- I wasn't alive yet but east!represent! But really, let's start off with the sisters. I get how Kate feels the need to protect Laura but Maggie does have a point, Laura needs to grow up. And though Laura may have displayed actions that would lead Kate to believe she needs to be protected, it's time to grow up indeed. I'm happy Maggie let Laura in. This should be fun.

I do, however, feel for Kate. With the stress from the CIA and the missing camera, I feel like she needs to get out of it. Sure, it's her biggest story arc right now, but I feel like she'll feel better once she's out of it. Plus we can get her a love interest, yes? I know, I'm shallow but at least it'll bring her to a better place with her sister and things will be hunky dory for everyone, or so I hope. I'm just an optimist.

And though there wasn't enough Colette in this one, I'm glad we got to see some Dean/Ted 'bonding' or rather fighting. So Ted's dad is pretty well connected, huh? It's too bad his dad chose the business over him. That hurts. Meanwhile, Dean was just at the right place at the right time. I'm glad the boys sorted it all out in the end though. I don't want no drama between the boys, too. The girls have enough drama as it is.

[You Know You Love Me]

GG 05x04: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Okay, so it's sad how I care about none of the storylines. Sure, the Blair one still has me sort of paying attention, but could this truly be the end of Gossip Girl for me? I still pine for the days when I'd devote entire entries to it and now I can barely muster up a paragraph or two. With all this talk about 'life after GG' for the actors, I wonder how long it will take before this series wraps up. Could this be the last?

So let's start off with how funny it is that Nate is hurt he isn't in the story. I find it hilarious that he wants to be in it, but leave it to Nate to want in on something everyone wants out of. Poor little Nate. And as much as I don't pay attention to Nate normally, his little thing with Diana is making me sit up and listen. Even if it has to do with Charlie. I wish that Diana would just expose Ivy/Charlie so we can get rid of her. I really don't want her in this.

The 're-enactments' of Dan's book complete with a different tone make me laugh so freaking hard. And Serena's entire I'm-so-angry-with-my-portrayal really makes my sides hurt from laughter just because everything Dan is saying about her is true. I can't wait till she caves in and gets the rights of this for her boss. I need to see who'll play Sabrina. Come on Serena, you know you want to star as yourself.

And finally, with this entire baby/wedding thing looming, it's nice of Chuck (and Monkey) to help Blair get back on Louis's good graces even if it's just a nudge to Louis in the right direction. It scares me how little Blair and Louis trust each other and yet how fast this relationship is moving. For all Chuck and Blair's drama, at least I knew they had history to fall back on -- though it may not be the best thing all the time. Still, it seems like right now, things are a go so I hope Blair and Louis get their happily ever after -- though I'm thinking there'll be a last minute move from Chuck in the end. I can feel it.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x04: Havoc In Heat

It's always fun to start a show with a heat wave just because we see everyone with their tops off. Well at least Lavon and Wade and really that's enough for me. I didn't realize Lavon had so many tattoos. And it looks pretty good on him too. But other than everyone's shirts off, I guess the heatwave is getting to everyone what with the carbon monoxide poisoning and Brick still somewhat underestimating Zoe and her practice, i'm glad to see them at least getting along on some level. It's nice to see them NOT bicker every line to each other. Every other line is much better.

Also much better? Wade and Zoe getting along very well. I wish Zoe had used her free pass with Wade though that might have jumped the shark right away. i'm fine with the slowburn too but I won't lie when I say I wished they'd also done the dirty. Wade looks skeevy half the time but for some reason, this episode, I couldn't blame Zoe for wanting to jump into the lake with him or wearing that teeny tiny dress to lure him. Oh Zoe, I'm glad you're setting your sights on him cause George isn't breaking it off anytime soon. Or at least I don't think so.

Speaking of George, his parents are a laugh. I feel bad for Lemon and her desperate attempts to get them to like her. But also, I really do want to see where this George/Lemon thing goes because if they hook back up (which I feel they will even while she's engaged), that'll free George up for a proper love triangle. Intense moment between the Mayor and Lemon too. Guys, use the free pass! I'm sad no one did. But really, poor Dede. Sorry your blowout didn't work as you wanted it too.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x06: Benefit of the Doubt

I've said it before and I'll say it again, 90210 PLEASE STOP doing music episodes. These are the ones I just can't stand. period. When Adrianna had her music phase, I couldn't dig it. Do you really think throwing Dixon into the mix will make me like it any more? No. Of course not, and still they plod on. I swear, this has probably been my least favorite episode this season if only because Adrianna's all sage-y now about her past of drugs, sex and rock and roll and is guiding Dixon along or at least trying to.

So instead, I'll move to the more amusing parts, though not as amusing as they could have been. LIKE: WHY ARE THEY MAKING MAX TO BE SUCH A GEEK?! yes, we know he was one ever since but he was a hot!geek. Now he's just a geek!geek and they're making it look so very undesirable. We get Austin's supposed to come into the picture but don't let Max leave this way. Give him a dignified exit at the least. Not some tap-dancing finale. So bad.

No, I don't care about Liam modeling. But for some reason, I find this Annie/older man story hilarious. Annie, will you never learn? I'm going to list all the possible endings this can have for you and none are good. 1) He's married; 2) He's an undercover cop investigating escort services; 3) He's your next professor; 4) He's also a relative of Marla; 5) He used to date your mother. YES, he's that old, Annie! Why are you doing this? Oh right, the money. Someone give this girl cash so she can stop doing this, please?

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x06: The Poor Kids Do It Everyday

So you know how I wasn't into the Juliette storyline? WELL THEY THREW IN LOGAN FROM VERONICA MARS AND SUDDENLY I'M IN. I haven't even watched Veronica Mars, I know a sacrilege, but with Jason Dohring playing the teacher to Juliette, i'm suddenly very very interested. I don't know if they'll do a teacher/student relationship, what with the teacher being very hot -- but also very proper, but I wouldn't mind a teacher/step-mother story. though that would break Andrew's heart. On a silly note, Miss Janet from True Blood? Is the principal. Awesome.

And though I wasn't quite interested in Juliette, I was interested in Andrew and Shivette and how they lack affection. SO MUCH. I wish they'd cuddle more or be sweet more just because it wouldn't kill them to be cute especially with the baby on the way. Can we stop all this drama and just focus on the two of them. I need them to be sweet. Just one kiss? Would it kill the writers? Throw a shipper a bone, girl.

Finally, I'm glad that we know Henry wasn't the mastermind behind Gemma's disappearance. Obviously, Siobhan is, but at least now it's confirmed. I'm glad to know that we don't actually need to blame Henry cause he looked pretty damn helpless there. Though cleaning up the blood was pretty silly of Henry, he was pretty distraught. Now bring back Gemma so that things can be a little better please?

[Pretty Little Liars Online]

Pretty Little Liars 02x13: The First Secret

So I wasn't as excited to see this episode but then once the 'Halloween-ified' version of the credits started rolling, I knew it would be fantastic. There is a reason why PLL is my guilty pleasure and from the 'horror' version of the OBB, I know why. It's because it's not afraid to bring on the cheese. It does it so well. I'm not even talking about their costumes yet, but I'll get to that later.

Let's start off with the two Lady Gagas. Let me say how brilliant it is to see a prequel of this series. Especially since this show has so much we don't know. And this episode, EVERYONE who's ever been on the show shows up even for just a bit. Take for example, Jenna and Ali. We only ever see Jenna blind and brooding and Ali as a ghost, so it was nice to see them in action. Jenna was pretty hot and it was interesting to see her put off queen Bee Ali. No wonder Ali hates her guts.

I also loved how EVERYONE was somehow worked into the script. From Ian and Melissa being all happy together (with Ian being close to Ali surreptitiously on the side); to the cop and Hannah's mom; to Lucas and Mona and even Jason for a bit there. We even see Toby pre-Jenna moving in and Aria's dad cheating on her mom. We see Emily pre-lesbianism and the split second Mr. Fitz appearance. We need more prequel episodes if only for the laugh factor.

And then there were the costumes. They were all so apt. My favorite would be Spencer as Mary Queen of Scotts. Yes, you're a big geek and I love you. But really, we get to see Ali in her element. Sure, she was the queen of all bullies but she also had A haunting her. I won't even try to speculate who it is, since I do that enough, but it was funny to see them all situate themselves around Ali. Kudos to the writers for this one, it was a funny fun one and pretty insightful too.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x05: Guilt

While I'm glad things are great with Daniel and Emily, I'm a little scared with how close to finding out the truth or at least a version of the truth Victoria is. Obviously, she'll get tot he bottom of this, and though Emily is the lead, something tells me she's not going to be invincible for long, though I am enjoying this little joyride she's on. Especially now that she's back on track with Daniel and totally enjoying the perks of having a very very hot boyfriend. That scene in the end? I had to fan myself. YOU LUCKY GIRL YOU.

Before that though, she had to endure seeing Jack (I see your internal struggle, Emily) and having to deal with Lydia finding out about her hidden past, but at least she's got Nolan helping her. And I totally see why maybe would ship them just because they're a pretty kick-ass team. I wish Emily would show appreciation for him just because he has gotten her out of ruts she's been in and without asking for anything in return. I hope she acknowledges his hard work for her.

Meanwhile, Lydia getting killed off, and at the hands of Frank (though Frank lied to Victoria -- to protect her? I sense another love story here) is totally working for me. This way, Emily gets saved and Lydia goes away -- though she did look beautiful dying. Now that's a way to die -- in a gorgeous designer dress. But really, you all know I'm just thinking about Daniel and Emily. Still swooning.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x06: Wake

So as much as I'm 'mourning' the death of Nick, evil!Jake's entrance isn't such an unwelcome thought. Sure, we knew he wasn't to be trusted, and he's not as cute as he could possibly be, but at least there's some other thing happening now. And now that we know he's apparently a witch doing witch hunting, at least we'll have more to look forward to. More dramaaaaaa.

Speaking of Drama, I feel horrible for Diana. I love her and though Adam is so obviously enamored with Cassie, it does hurt to hear your boyfriend's dad say that he's fated for someone else. I feel bad for Diana, having to go to Cassie because she doesn't have any friends of her own. Oh Diana, let me be your friend. You deserve good people. Same goes for Diana's dad. I feel bad for him. I know he feels the guilt. Somehow, the fact that he killed Cassie's mom is beyond me now. I'm sure he had his reasons. I prefer him to Faye's mom for sure.

And though I feel for Melissa, how can I not? She just lost her boyfriend, it was nice to see that she still cared about others (read: Faye) to not wallow in self-pity. When she was crying in Nick's room though, I felt horrible for her. Give Melissa a break, guys. Faye, you need to be a better friend. And seeing as Faye seems to have unfinished issues with Jake, it'll be interesting to see the tension with Jake being all over Cassie. Oh I love a good love quadrangle.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

TVD 03x06: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Sacrilege, I know, to not have seen this episode, which apparently is pretty crazy. But I'm always sleepy and can't watch TVD while I'm half asleep. this needs my full attention. So sometime tonight or tomorrow, I promise to update this one. Along with the rest. Thanks for hanging in there.

But really, HAS IT ONLY BEEN A YEAR since Stefan and Elena got together? It feels like a lifetime ago with all that's happened, when Elena announced it was her anniversary with Stefan, I couldn't believe it myself. How far she's come, from discovering there were vampires to being with one and now doing combat training with Alaric to fight one. Oh the lives of TV characters.

To start it off, I'm very happy with the amount of Damon/Elena in this episode. From the 'sternum' touching in the gym (you know he wanted her to feel his heart -- if he has one) to the "I'll do whatever it is you need me to do" line; to teasing her and callign her Buffy and then doing First Aid on her and both of them admitting to faking it, you know the shippers are happy campers. I'm cherishing these moments just because I don't know how many we'll be getting after this but I'm glad Elena's sort of 'giving in' to Damon. I like it a lot.

And it seems like Stefan isn't totally against it either. Sure, he's still 'protective' old Stefan, telling her to go easy on the alcohol at the bonfire, or literally catching her when she fell off the bleachers, it's hard to tell whether he's doing this to protect her as mandated by Klaus or because he cares for her. The romantic in me says the latter but you just never know. I love how he keeps calling her out on being jealous of Damon and Rebecca hamming it up. This is such a weird position for him to be in but I'm really liking it. I am glad Elena got to stick it to him though. He did deserve that partially.

And in the two side stories I'm not as interested in but am talking about it anyway, I'm glad Matt chose alive!Elena over dead!Vicky cause really, Matt's on a roll with the wrong decisions here. First killing himself then bringing vicky back to life. Of course, you can't blame him. He misses her, but obviously some weird stuff must come with it. Nothing comes for free. Which brings me to Jeremy and Anna being able to touch. It's so very high school (therefore realistic), how Bonnie is jealous of Jeremy's ghost!girlfriend (ex-girlfriend for that matter). Watch out girl, he can touch Anna now.

As for Tyler being a douchebag and unknowingly prostrating himself at the altar of Klaus, I'm hoping he really does snap out of this because it's not cool. I'm glad Caroline was able to talk some sense into him -- even for a bit, because like her, I don't like the old!Tyler at all. I don't know how much good Rebecca can do, tempting him, but I need him to go back to the way he was -- though I'm not sure if that's possible anymore with him being a hybrid and all.

Just a few more things, though Alaric and Damon haven't made up yet, I like how everyone's trying to get them 'back together' so to speak. Boys, we all know you miss each other. So just kiss and make-up. And no, I don't think Katherine's dead after Michael fed on her. Just really weak now, I suppose? I like that he feeds from vampires. No wonder Klaus is scared shitless. What I'm really curious to see is how the hell Mason came back to life. Next episode, come quick please.
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