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# 000 : The Intro

I'm going to be 18 next year and in some countries, I should have been married or about to be shipped off to a life of supposed wedded bliss. A life of sharing one's life with her partner and having to go through all the ups and downs together. Although of course, the ups are always played up and the downs are never really shown.

In the movies, the only things they ever show about the rifts couples have to go through are very few and far between. And if they do show one, it's always a major, earth shattering, on the brink of divorce problem. And really, it may happen, but what really happens are a series of shallow, annoying, piss off things that can get me really irritated.

I, get pissed off at the smallest things. I don't think I could survive a marriage. It's the small things that get me really annoyed and angry. People get hurt, egos get deflated, and hearts get trampled on. Before you know it, you're questioning why you even got into the marriage to begin with.

Is it really love? I don't know, but hopefully, I won't ever have to reach that stage. So to avoid ever getting there, I have decided to create a list. A list that I will only add to when I experience something that I absolutely despise about men. Hopefully, when I do find love, I will read this over and think.

What will I think off? I will ruminate (like cows) and think if I am still willing to marry this man even if he commits anything on this list, will I still love him with the same intensity and depth? It sounds crazy, but at least I'm still thinking rationally. When love finally hits me, I probably won't even be thinking. Then again, according to me wise morality teacher, it isn't love if you aren't thinking anymore, and just feeling. Still, it never hurt to be prepared for the horrible.
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