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You've Already Burned It[41 Down/11 To Go!]
[-] Because of my lateness to posting LJ and whatnot, I didn't realize I didn't actually recap this week!!! THE HORROR! Thank goodness for documentation (work stuff, emails, texts etc.) that i was somehow able to piece together the week that was. Pardon this if it seems repetitive or totally vague. i'm so forgetful.

[+] But yes, the big news is that I switched phones already. After a year or so of pondering the purchase, I just did it. Sure, I'm much poorer now but I'm also really happy and excited to have made the switch. I'll regret this, I know, but for now, I'm just really enjoying playing with it.

[-] So hopefully once I've posted this, I'll be on this week's entries at least, but we all knwo I'll be late for those too, so thanks for hanging around folks, I'll be better at this. Hang in there with the deluge of replies to your comments. I literally haven't answered anyone since July. I apologize profusely. and really, thanks so much for still sticking around. I heart you all ♥

I did it. I finally succumbed and just bought one. i've been swinging between getting and Android and an iPhone and believe me, it was a heated debate, but I ended up getting the iPhone anyway -- yes, there's some misplaced Steve Jobs nostalgia there but I'm just glad I did. It's been a year in the making and with lots of deliberatinos, I just bit the bullet.

And though I was honestly too tired to actually play with it after the gym when I got home, it feels nice to just get that out of the way and just 'enjoy' it. Of course, my dad was super excited and probably more so than me -- he gets like that about these things.

In more Patty-is-a-happy-iPhone-owner news, I didn't realize my SIM card (I've had it since I was in grade six) was so very outdated. The new SIMs now apparently have smaller frames (not the microSIM but normal ones) so I can't actually use my old number. This makes me sad just because I've had this number since forever, but oh well, time for the new, I suppose.

My boss was out of town and will be till Thursday and though you'd think we'd be able to chill a bit, this is not the case. Things keep piling up and our big presentation is next week so it's not like it was a cake walk without her. Still, a little less hectic, but still busy.

My second weigh in at the gym and because my first one was quite successful, I wasn't too happy with how this one went. Still, weight loss is a struggle and I'm trying my best without having to deprive myself. I just don't want to NOT eat just because I love to eat and it's always so very hard to say no to that last piece of cake. Oh well, let's work at it.

I was finally able to put the iPhone to use too, being the 12th of the month, i snapped away with it and I know I'm late to this bandwagon but wow smartphones have really nice cameras, yes? I really hope I don't jinx it by talking about it and having it conk out on me so fast.

It's crazy how work just keeps coming. Despite us being in the middle of a HUGE presentation in the coming week, life goes on and projects still keep coming in. This is obviously a fantastic problem to have, but sometimes it just gets really tiring. The girls and I have been just catatonic for today and we're just literally staring at each other over lunch.

In anticipation of the boss coming back tomorrow, I stayed late at the office to finish all the last minute things I'm thinking she might ask for and though I end up going home late, a sandwich kept me company and really, I'm easy to please so that was enough.

It's crazy how some things work out. My boss is back and though I expected a crazy deluge of work, I guess we were pretty good while she was gone because things didn't go too bad when she got back. Of course, I'm probably just setting myself up by talking too soon but I was literally expecting to go home super late so I'm glad I didn't.

On the way home though, I was supposed to drop by Trinoma to get a case for the phone but then the MRT broke down at Shangri-La and I figured, why not? I end up going to the Spa! Totally not on the agenda but I was feeling like I needed a pampering and boy was it amazing.

My mom and dad were off to a wedding out of town and though relatively speaking, none of us know how to put on make-up, I helped my mom out with hers and surprisingly she didn't look too bad. I actually wish I could get invited to a wedding. None of my cousins are getting marreid soon, and of course my friends are far from it, but still. I love weddings.

My little sister and I were itching to get out of the house but at the same time were mega lazy so we ended up just walking to the nearest milk tea place (pretty good) and then coming back home and watching movies. Obviously, we're just big talkers.

I realized I had a shitload of TV to catch up on and to make a dent on it, I started the 11 show marathon after lunch. And because I have a weigh again next week, I thought I'd do some active resting, by chill-walking for half a show and totally lazing for the later half. THIS STUFF IS TIRING. I don't know how I paid attention to the shows but I managed to.

My little sister made cheese cake though (so there goes that active resting) and it was really good. And because the week isn't nearly enough, I slept pretty early considering I told myself I'd update the LJ instead. Of course not, that never happens anyway.
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