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TV Time: Totally Blindsided by 'The Secret Circle'

[Chance Harbor]
Wow. Who knew it would be tiring to watch all 10+ shows for one week in one day? This is what happened to me thanks to all the delays in posting and real life getting in the way, I ended up watching all my shows on Sunday and it was pretty crazy. It was just a whole lot of tiring and more. Then of course, there are the shows and their crazy plot twists this week. Crazy times, I tell you.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x05: Slither

So I'm pretty damn shocked with where they took this. YOU KILLED OFF NICK?! Not that he was exceptionally cute or anything but because I was spoiler free, I didn't see this coming at all and actually wish they'd kill of Melissa instead so that there'd be at least less girls to compete for the guys (wow, I'm so unfeminist here) but really. WHY NICK?! Oh well, I know I'll get over this death but the entire snake thing taking over and the ears and the killing them was pretty much too much for me to take. I wish he'd come back.

Then there's the parents non-love story which I'm actually kind of appreciating. They're like the darker Rufus/Lily and I actually appreciate it. Sure, Diana's dad had to 'kill Nick' but at least he felt like what he was doing was wrong. And I'd really like to see where they take this love team just because it's actually much more interesting than the kids love stories. At least for now. Who knew Gale Harold and Natahsa Henstridge would get me interested in their little side plot?

But it was nice of Cassie's grandma to come to the rescue. I wish I could compare her to Cece Van Der Woodsen but that she is not. She's pretty tough and getting the demon out with that crystal and just not looking afraid got me really impressed. I'm glad at least an adult is legitimately in the know about the circle because obviously they need help especially now that they're down one member. I wonder how they'll deal with Nick's death now.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x03: Knightfall

I know they'll never kill Michael off but I still get scared everytime they're out on a mission just because you can never tell with these shows. I love the looks on both their faces when Michael survived the practically nuclear attack. Only on TV, I tell you. Still, it was sweet to see how devoted Nikita and Michael are to each other and how 'desperately in love' they are. Something tells me this happy bubble will burst soon.

And leave it to Nikita to still have compassion for a guy who's clearly in the wrong. I get that Ramon was also just used in all this but then she could have been a total bitch about it and just killed him. I guess this is what sets Nikita apart and will also most probably be her downfall. Which is a little scary cause with their ratings, or lack thereof, they could totally use this as an easy way out for her. Getting killed and all. If they're that evil to audiences that they'd kill off the lead that is.

Finally, Alex gets closer to those who killed her father and of course, she had to stop the kill. This girl's going to get so frustrated she's going to just go crazy and go rogue against everyone, which would actually be fun to watch -- or at least to see her go up against Nikita more. I want a very Me-Against-The-Music Madonna vs. Britney kind of showdown between them.


Merlin 04x02: The Darkest Hour Part 2

I'm glad Merlin didn't die but did it really have to be Lancelot?! I totally did NOT see this coming what with me being so happy that Lancelot and Merlin were bonding and Merlin having someone to tell his secrets too. And then they kill him off? SPOILER WARNING and so I researched just cause I couldn't accept his death and apparently he returns but as someone 'different' so does this mean he returns evil? I don't like this one bit. END

I have to give props to Arthur and the rest of the knights though for really just pressing on even when things seemed really bleak. I love how we get to see some light moments between the guys but see them really struggle with the quest too. As much as Gwaine and Lancelot get most screentime, it's still pretty awesome to see the others pitch in. I can't wait to see them get a more prominent role in the series too. ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THEY KILLED LANCELOT. obviously I'm not over it.

And since we all know Uncle is evil, I hope Gwen doesn't get tricked by his evilness. I'm glad she has Gauis to confide in and she better start talking to him because if she thinks she's pretty special, you better think again Gwen. I really don't want to see her hurt just because it would make Arthur very very sad. Plus, I don't need that plotline right now. Uncle, stay away or be nice please.


Downton Abbey 02x04

This will have to follow just because so MUCH happened and I'm literally still reeling over all the things I need to discuss. Nevertheless, I can't believe we're already halfway through. Seven episodes a season is obviously not enough and yet Julian Fellowes finds it in him to really torture us for every single episode. Seven episodes well spent. You'll hear about my thoughts on the fourth in a bit.

ETA: And I'm here! So upstairs, it seems like Mary's pretty worried about Matthew's disappearance. I'm actually glad that Edith told Mary about it and for the first time, just like Mary, I believe Edith when she says she did it not to spite Mary but because she really feels she needs to know. I'm so happy these sisters are really bonding in times of war. If only they'd been this nice to each other in season 1, they'd both be married by now. Someone write an AU fan fic for this!!!

Of course, what i really wanted to talk about was Matthew and Mary and that crazy ass reunion. So dramatic, I love it. Can't these kids see all these cinematic scenes equal a happy ending for them? I swear when Mary broke down after finding out about Matthew's MIA status and then still performing with a smile and then stopping when he arrived AND THEN THEIR DUET? I died. I died inside so many times.

But really, what I enjoyed most was the Cora/Isobel showdown. Sure, they both had their points but Isobel was getting on my nerves and really feeling like she was owed so much and was just taking over Downton that I'm glad Cora finally asserted herself. Cora was never one to speak up and out and be very vocal but I guess when push comes to shove, she'll fight for her rights and I'm glad she did. I didn't feel bad when Isobel left at all.

Meanwhile, in between floors, there is of course the will-they-or-won't-they love or non-love of Sybil and Branson. I love how Violet was asking Mary about Sybil's love life just because whenever something comes out of Violet's mouth, you can't help but second guess her intentions. Still, I'm glad that at least Mary knows cause even if Sybil isn't doing anything about her 'relationship' with Branson, it is there and it should be acknowledged. Having another person know about it feels like it's cemented a bit more.

And though I was initially scared about O'Brien snitching on Mrs. Prattmore and Daisy and Mrs. Bird, I'm glad Cora was actually very accepting of them and their modus operandi. In fact, I love how this show is so 'anti-establishment' in the way the 'masters' treat their 'servants.' I'm so used to them getting scolded and tortured that when I see niceness, the way Cora and Robert treat everyone (Robert was so apologetic to Bates after not hearing him out) that it still manages to catch me off guard and I like it. Stay 'unpredictable,' Downton.

Probably the story line I care least about but has made a pretty big impact in terms of gravity of life change is Ethel's shacking up with Major Bryant only to find out she's preggers after getting sent away from Downton. Though I don't blame Mrs. Hughes at all for dismissing her, I wish Major Bryant had also been apprehended. Then again, it wasn't like Ethel wasn't for it but I just feel bad that only she got the bad end of the stick. Oh well, I guess there are realities in their time.

Finally, I don't know if Thomas will ever be redeemed in my eyes, I'm glad he was put in his place with how he's been treating Daisy. I don't know why he has to pick on her (is it because she chose William over him? Technically, she didn't choose William either but perhaps he's still not over it. And the way Daisy just takes everything in, it's so nice tos ee hwo much she's grown already. Keep at it, Daisy. We're all behind you.

Finally downstairs, Anna and Bates are slowly gaining hope of brighter things to come for them. Though knowing Julian Fellowes, he'll move you forward one step only to take you back ten, so don't be too happy Anna and Bates. For sure, Julian's got something evil up his sleeve that'll make you cry your hearts out. It's not fair though cause these two have suffered through so much and still can't get their happy ending. Oh well, sucks for them then.

And though I don't usually care for Mosley and Mrs. Bird, I do feel bad for them with Isobel leaving them. Especially Mosley since he seems to thrive on really being of service. With Bates back, it was like he lost his chance at getting in on the action as the Lord Grantham's valet again. Can someone please give these two a break? They really deserve to just have something be theirs and theirs alone.

[Captivating Christina Ricci]

Pan Am 01x03: Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Obviously Colette and Dean felt something for each other thus all the friction now. And though I don't blame Colette for her anti-Germany feelings, it was nice of Dean to 'understand' everything she was going through. These two obviously need to be in a room together more just because I want a repeat of the Paris loving they both had. Can this be redone, please? We need more cuteness on this show!

As for the sisters, I actually like Ted/Laura though of course, I'm happy she's giving him a hard time about it. The hand-holding, she can take, but he tried for a kiss and though you can't blame him, Ted can be a player, so I'm glad she's playing it safe. Kate really needs to stop this let's be nice to everyone business cause though helping someone defect is awesome, she could totally get into trouble and I'm just really scared for her.

Then of course there is the adorable Maggie. Though I love all four girls, Maggie and Colette are vying for the favorite position and this episode, Maggie's inching upwards. how cute could she get with her fangirling for Kennedy. Sure, it wasn't so realistic but at least she got her wish. Even just a wave. I do wish she'd get a love interest. That journalist guy was pretty cute and they would look so adorable together. Maggie is just awesome, obviously.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x03: The Jewel of Denial

Let's start off with things I care about moderately. Charlie? Why are you a regular cast member. Sure, I wasn't a fan of V or J but somehow C isn't to my liking either and having her dupe everyone and get bedazzled by the glitter of the UES is not making me a happy camper. And Nate being used by Diana? Well, I'm not the biggest fan either. She's really hot though, so all gets forgiven. See Charlie, it takes looking like Liz Hurley for me to tolerate you.

Then there's the Dan is protecting Blair so let's not publish the book conundrum. I really wish Dan would just make a decision and sure, it took some trickery on his mentor's part to get him to want to publish the thing but something tells me this won't be the last we see of this book. he'll anguish over it first and then Blair will be angry at him for doing this and then their friendship will be strained and I really can't handle it. Dan, continue being Blair's confidante but please don't make a mess of things.

Finally, there's the pregnancy of course. I'm still not over how they actually made her preggers. Of course, there are still so many ways this could turn out bad but for now, I can't believe Gossip Girl went there. And is it really Louis or is it Chuck's cause something tells me it's a bass-tard and not royalty. But still, Louis and Blair looked happy and Chuck looked miserable with his dog. I wonder where they'll bring this now. Let it be a happy place.

[Miss Bilson]

Hart of Dixie 01x03: Gumbo and Glory

So Brick isn't such a dick after all. Sure, he's a major prick but he can be nice if he wants to. And when I mean nice, I mean not-devil-incarnate evil. Still, I really hope he and Zoe get along soon cause I don't know if I could take any more let's sabotage Zoe while she tries to acclimate herself into the community. I get he's trying to protect his practice but let's be nice to newbies, right? It's the proper thing to do, Doc.

And though I get the entire Lemon being jealous of Lavon and Zoe, to bring Dede into the equation and really take it far is a little too much. There must be something really deep between these two if she's still pining for him, years later. I really want to see Lavon and Lemon in a flashback just so that I get the context in which all this is happening. I'm glad Dede decided to stick around though. Good luck George, you'll be in even more trouble with Lemon.

Finally there's Zoe and her boys. What's up with George and Wade? Who will it be, Zoe? Cause we've got George who's engaged but taking you out to make gumbo and just hanging around you a lot even when his fiancee told him to stay away and then there's Wade who's being all low-key about this but ends up making the gumbo for you -- and getting Zoe second prize. Let's start betting? As much as I want George, something tells me it's going to be Wade -- all very Sweet Home Alabama. Any takers?

[90210 Media]

90210 04x05: Party Politics

So let's start with Naomi and her two men. Max, I loved. He was a really cute geek and Naomi was on her best behavior but still getting him to be bad with her. On the other hand, there's Austin, who's a bad boy through and through and let's Naomi be 'herself.' and though I feel like they're slowly easing Max out for Austin to come in (I mean come on, the almost-kiss in the back of the van? That could have been avoided). Oh well, goodbye Max.

Then there's the Shane/Teddy, we can't be together plotline cause they're supporting opposing candidates. Teddy's homophobic but putting up a supportive front uncle and BRANDY!!! the awesome other liberal candidate that Shane supports -- and so does Silver by extension. I really just hope things turn out nicely for Teddy cause he deserves a loverboy already. He's out anyway, might as well let him have a little fun? Eric on GG had much more fun than him -- after the attempted suicide that is.

Finally, there's the Annie's turning Navid's sister into an escort -- honestly, I care about her so little, I really don't care. Then there's the Jane's fiance is alive shebang that makes me really just laugh. I hope Jane leaves and ends up with Jim and then Liam can hook up with Adrianna -- cause honestly, she's probably the only girl he hasn't slept with. You little manwhore, Liam, you. Liam = Nate on the West coast.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x05: A Whole New Kind of Bitch

Let's start off with how I don't blame Gemma one bit for this one-woman-revenge show she's got on now. If she transfers over to ABC to join Emily/Amanda on her quest, I wouldn't blame her. Siobhan DID sleep with HER husband. that's just despicable. Even if Henry and Siobhan seemed to be totally happy together (thanks flashbacks) it just isn't right. In fact, Gemma could have done worse but I'm glad she's seeing that she can use Bridget instead. Oh Shivette, I don't know how you're going to dig yourself out of this mess.

And though I doubt Henry killed Gemma, that's still a lot of blood for something innocent to have happened. I don't know how Henry and Gemma really are (other than the vase throwing) but I don't think they'd kill Gemma off. My officemates were saying they'd probably give her amnesia or something so I'll hope for that instead. Cause I don't want Gemma blabbing anything to Andrew. I wish Shivette could divulge things in her own time, you know?

Finally there's Juliet and her whole Daddy left my mommy deal. I don't blame the kid for hating on Siobhan, she was a major bitch so it's funny to see her turn around so quickly. Sure, Shivette's totally different but it would have been more fun to see her torture Shivette more. Though of course, that would mean less Andrew/Shivette time cause they'll be consumed by trying to help Juliet out, so it all works out in a way. And I wonder what the photo of Siobhan is made of. It was pretty easy to clean, yes?

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x04: Duplicity

So Dr. Banks. We all knew Emily was bullshitting her way through that meeting, right? It's amazing how far ahead she's planned this thing because to be attending therapy for a year and making stuff up is no easy thing. Emily should totally join her friend's party planning just because she's pretty damn organized about everything -- revenge most especially. That little video she put together? Priceless, really. Bye bye, Dr. Banks. I wish she'd been locked up longer.

Then of course, there's the consequence of that video, the disintegration of Victoria and Charlotte's relationship. As much as I don't like Charlotte, i still do feel for her. it's not like she knew it all along but she did feel some preferential treatment for the brother, as any second child knows. So to have it said out there in the public in front of everyone else? That's harsh. I did love her 'matching' dress with her mom though. It's funny cause Charlotte looked way more conservative. Then again, Victoria Grayson's got it, so she's flaunting it.

Finally, it's sneaky how they're trying to steer us into Jack Harbor and away from the Cape of Daniel. It's so easy for them to make Daniel into a douche, yes? First they show him totally adorable and perfect and now he's a drunkard and reckless and evil. Meanwhile, Jack's the understanding, awesome guy. Heads up though, Jack. She was talking about Daniel in the video, don't get your hopes up. I do get why maybe loves Nolan/Emily though. They were pretty cute in this episode with the banter and all. Will they ever take it anywhere? I don't know.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x05: The Reckoning

Let's start off with how I didn't see any of this happening. Matt 'killing' himself to see Vicky and Vicky really helping them out? I love it. I love how we get to see Matt and Vicky together again even if it is in his pseudo death. But really Matt, you don't drown yourself just cause there's a witch around. What if she wasn't able to resurrect you? You'd be dead now. Not that I really care but it's just so sad how he was totally hell bent on seeing Vicky 'to help' Elena that he had to drown himself. Not cool.

It was pretty nuts how Klaus and Rebecca just showed up at the school and started wreaking havoc. It's so nifty for them to compel people because with what they did, they'd be the talk of the school and the council would not be a happy camper with all the shit they did. It was so fun to see Rebecca be bad ass again and for Klaus to really assert himself. No more of this pussy-act, Klaus. I'm glad you're back in full swing. Show everyone who's the boss, please.

What they did to Tyler and Caroline was pretty nasty. I don't know how we're going to deal with hybrid!Tyler now that he seems to successfully transitioned into real hybrid-hood. To see Caroline feel so helpless and really desperate to help him out but couldn't was so painful. I doubt Tyler will go follow Klaus now but it's pretty interesting to see another hybrid. Who knew Tyler would get another plot arc so soon, right? just when we thought he'd gotten the werewolf thing down pat, he gets thrown another wrench. Then again, at least now he can control it.

Then of course, there was truly heartwrenching scenes between Elena and Stefan. To see him really come out and do his thing (even if he was repressing himself half the time) must have really hurt for her. you could tell Stefan was trying to play the role so bad and yet was also trying to suppress it for her. I love how we now get him 'looking after' Elena in the same house as Damon and her. I sense lots of tension up ahead and I approve completely. Their dynamic has changed 180 degrees and it'll be exciting to see how they all treat each other.

Finally before Damon headed back to save Elena, he was on a little roadtrip with Jeremy and Katherine (and well Anna too). It was nice to see Elena's doppelganger hang out with Elena's brother. I don't know if he finds this weird in the least but it must be a little odd to hang out with the 'evil' version of your sister. I'm excited that they found Michael. At least now Klaus has someone else to answer to. I cannot wait for next week.
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