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Now I'm scared[40 Down/12 To Go!]
[+] As of the fourth of October, I had already reached my one year at my second workplace. I know one year isn't a big deal relative to the rest of your career but to me, it's a huge deal. At my first job, I hadn't even reached the first year mark and I was already looking for another job, so seeing me nowhere near contemplating that thought yet and somehow surviving the first year makes me very very happy.

[-] As you can tell, this is mega belated. I don't know how I'll catch up but I will. All those comments you guys have sweetly left for me? I'll get to them, I promise. Thanks for bothering to stick around, really.

[-] I'm not even an Apple owner (I have the Gen 5 iPod but have always been tempted by the Apple product line but am too broke) but I'm pretty sad about Steve Jobs's death. I was in the office when i found out and it was dark and I felt just incredibly sad. RIP Steve Jobs. Obviously, you've revolutionized technology.

Back to work Mondays are horrible any day but even more so when i don't get to hitch a ride with my dad. But it all works out somehow with me managing to accomplish some things even if my brain is still totally on the weekend. It's Monday, don't blame me.

And because we still didn't have internet when I got home, I ended up trying to catch up on TV, though falling asleep during Merlin (which I missed terribly but I was just so sleepy). Technically, I should have been walking -- I promised myself I would especially with the 'weigh in' tomorrow but I couldn't bring myself to do this. So instead, I laid down and slept. Sleep >>> Everything obviously.

This day could not have been better. The fact that I'm still employed in the same company after one year makes me happy. I resigned from my last job a day after my first day so this is a good sign, that I'm not yet looking elsewhere. Then at my gym weigh in, my trainer tells me my progress has been very good. i've been going for a month, though only two weeks with the trainer.

And when I get home, I don't watch TV, instead I curl up with American Wife which I'm just obsessed over. it's a lovely lovely book and have THE BEST dinner ever. Mediterranean chicken with veggies and couscous. My mom made a really fantastic meal and I didn't overeat so really, how perfect can this day be?

We've been doing presentations for another big presentation we have coming up and as nervous as I am about it, this time around, I know I've done this before. I came in a year ago and have already done something like this except now we're three teammates and we need to outdo ourselves last year. Looks like I'll be disappearing again for a bit.

I love that I was able to leave work early-ish and visit my cousins and aunt for a bit. They fed me a cupcake (I WANTED TO EAT MORE) and then my parents picked me up. I'm going to try to NOT eat dinner in front of the TV just because I eat so much more when I do? Let's see how this pans out. It's just a plan after all.

It is very very rare to have good looking to moderately cute boys on the MRT with me on my way home. And true enough, today, there was one except I only realized it when I stepped on his foot when I lost balance (so the working out isn't helping the balance, I see). I apologized and he was in a suit jacket (rare on the MRT) was hooked up to his iPhone (or mobile device) and he had a backpack on. He smiled and brushed off my mistake and walked out at the next station.

If my life were a movie, we'd have struck up a conversation, but you know it isn't and instead I sheepishly apologized before he got out because my foot did land pretty hard on his leather shoes, but I got no response anymore. Oh well, this is why it's called real life.

I told myself today I would go home early and I sort of did. Even if the boss came back today, surprisingly, there wasn't too much craziness for me to handle and I guess cause I sort of finished almost everything the night before, in anticipation of her coming back, that I was able to breathe a little easier on a Friday. I really don't want to stress anymore.

Speaking of de-stressing, I ended up at the spa on a Friday night. I was supposed to head to Trinoma, but the MRT I was on broke down at the Shaw station so I ended up at Shang instead. I was lucky there was a cancellation at the spa too. I don't usually treat myself to these things (they're quite expensive) but after this week, I really felt like I needed to just numb myself out. Perfect way to end the work week.

I woke up around lunch and didn't give a care. My parents were off to a wedding out of town and for some reason, I was feeling antsy. This is not usual behavior for me. I usually just want to stay home and chill but no, my little sister can attest to how much I wanted to get out of the house.

We ended up walking to get milk tea and then coming back home to just watch tv and veg out. So much for going out but at least we got the outdoor experience bit out the window and then it was indoors for me. I need this weekend to last more please.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I realized I'd need to get back to work already and then I was suddenly taken by a need to catch up on ALL the TV that I missed, which I have to tell you is like 12 shows. So I spent the entire day just watching and watching and watching and though it's enjoyable, I really think I need to cut down on some just cause there's too much.

Still, weekends are weekends and I'll take what I can get. I swear, if someone really did that three day weekend thing, I'd vote for them for president. Alas, we aren't as lucky.
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