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Adios to the Ateneo

That was the most horrible test ever! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I'm just so tired from it. I can't believe it's over. I can do nothing but wait till January 2005! That's a ton of months from now.

I'm exaggerating, I know. It's actually nearer than everyone else thinks, but I guess the anticipation is going to kill us all eventually. Now, I'm watching my brother shave his own head. It sucks because now every second counts. Who knows if he'll be in Singapore in less than a month and I'm still stuck here with no one to watch while they shave their own heads. Sigh.

Bea, the newest one of the Livejournal bandwagon agreed to join it. The catch-22 was that I had to make it for her and that I had to add her friends. So for anyone how knows Bea Nakpil, why don't you add her so you can all save me some work. I love her so much, I'm doing it for her.

Yeah, I've said it before that I don't really like beaches that much, but right now, after having my brain fried by the ACET, I just want to escape this all.
Tags: college admissions, high school friends, livejournal, siblings
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