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Red Carpet Round-Up: Anna & JGL Give Us 50/50

Winning Duo[Joseph Gordon-Levitt Online]
She's Alive! Yes I am, just mega swamped with real life duties that things pile up on the more fun side of life. I wish I could just take a week off and just hang out online all day but we all know real life is never that nice and so I'll have to find pockets of time to do silly things like you know, update the journal (and someday, reply to comments, I haven't forgotten).

So here's the left-overs from the last belated round-up post. So many movies I haven't seen coming out and so many more to come, especially with the upcoming holiday season. For now though, 50/50, Drive and Ides of March top the list. It's a long one though.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan
I'm loving how we get to see Anna in all her red carpet glory again. She's always looked fantastic and she's on her streak again. I love her dress to the London premiere but even the TIFF dress is beautiful. I love the colors and the different hairstyles. I'm happy you're not stuck in a rut, Anna.

Plus, JGL came out and looked so handsome beside her. Why do I ship Anna with practically everyone? She looked really cute with Jake (while shooting for End of Watch) and now she looks adorable with JGL. I need to see this movie already if only to see how cute they are together.

Photos courtesy of Chris Evans Web
Chris is new to the list of folks to watch but Captain America sort of sealed the deal for me. He just looked downright suave. And though What's Your Number looks like your generic romcom fare, I love generic romcom fare especially if Anna Faris is in it just because we all know how entertaining this girl gets.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
ROCKING A GREEN SUIT. Only Ryan, for real. I think he's one of the few guys that Fashion Critic over at Red Carpet Fashion Awards features just because he's always doing something unexpected with the men's suit. Yes guys, there's more the suits than just black and cream and navy. Rock the green, Ryan. See you at the Oscars, yes???

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway
I didn't get to see the Scream Awards (nor do I have plans) but The Dark Knight Rises cast dropped by to pick up their award for Most Anticipated Film (understatement of the year) and Anne and JGL and GARY OLDMAN looked so cute. I can't believe this will be the last of the trilogy and I'm really trying to be hopeful it turns out well.

Some leftover Anne things I didn't even know existed till I scoured for them. I love Anne's dress during the One Day press con. She looks so good with her hair pulled back. And nifty hat at a private auction. I cropped the girl out but in the picture with Adam and Anne, I think to Anne's right was the girl from Revenge (no not Emily, but Emily's friend). I'll look for the photo again if you're wondering.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net
Jen isn't letting the bump stop her from continuing with her 'ambassador duties' and she's still doing her Frigidaire thing and showing up at charity events. I love how she's totally brought maternity wear to a whole new level. I can't wait to see the baby. A boy, this time, perhaps?

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
I'm not sure what Harry's skillz are for the BGC Charity but it looks like he's getting a lot of phone bids (?) for it. What I love about him is how he absolutely looks like he's enjoying anything he's doing no matter how dull it looks. Oh and apparently, he's in the US now doing training. You lucky girls over there. Don't I wish I lived there right now.

Kate and William also do-gooding everywhere and though people aren't totally in love with Kate's style, I love it. She's so simple and (yes predictable) and wearable and yet it really works for her. She looks really skinny lately though. Someone please feed this girl. It looks like she needs it.

Photos courtesy of
Leighton's been out and about in between shooting for Gossip Girl and I'm kind of in love with her outfit to the HTC party. Not just the clothes but her hair and make-up are flawless and she's really mixing it up. You go, Leighton. Here's to life after GG. Let's hope it comes soon.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson, Nina, Ian Somerhalder Online
Speaking of the rest of the CW, they did hold a party where none of the GG kids showed up (or at least I didn't see any) instead, the TVD kids and of course, R-Bils to promote Hart of Dixie, which I still adore. I love how both Nina and R-Bils got photos with Henry Siobhan's lover from Ringer. You guys are next on his cheat list!

Photos courtesy of Ashley Greene Central
Well Ashley, looks like you're still out and about. She went to some music festival with the girls on full display. Sometimes Ashley cleans up really well, this time she looks a little more goth and dark. I prefer the happier version. I do love Anna's yellow dress though (to offset the darkness) while she was promoting 50/50. last minute addition, I know. I couldn't' resist the yellow outfit.

Photos courtesy of Max Irons Online, Adoring Camilla Belle
Max (and Emily) and Camilla who all seem to love to appear at Gucci events showed up for the Gucci Museo Launch all looking well, very Gucci. Kids, let's come out with movies soon so we have legit reasons to be on red-carpets, okay? I know, I'm being mean, but they're pretty and it's a shame. I need to see Sleeping Beauty soon though. I saw a copy already, now if only I find time.

Photos courtesy of
LOOKING LOVELY girl. I love what she wore the H&M store opening just because it's so bright and fun and yet so very chic. Girl really knows how to mix it up. Speaking of mixing it up, perhaps you'd like to mix it up on my TV screen again? I know it's only been a few months since Lie To Me but I miss her already.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
Amanda's also been pretty busy making appearances at charities and launches of clothing lines and she just looks like her usual adorable self. I'm loving the lip shades on each outing and her shorts in the second event. Let's hope I can rock hair that long (or rather, wait to actually grow it out to that length)

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
Here's part 1 of manly-men. Jon (and later Michael) showed up at a few Pre-Emmy events and he's of course, bringing his swagger. I don't understand how I'm going to make it to 2012 without any Mad Men but it can't come soon enough. Come on, AMC, hurry up with the show!

Photos courtesy of I Fancy the Fassy
Let's end this with some Fassbender. He's been everywhere promoting Shame and A Dangerous Method -- he was at the NYFF too (more on that some other time) but really, whenever this man shows up, it's just a bright ball of light and energy and hotness. Where have you been my whole life? I don't know.

Even More Red Carpet Round-Up:
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