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TV Time: Morgana Finally Loses the Evil Smirk

I have to admit, though I'm totally enjoying Merlin in all its awesome GP-glory (comlpete with bromancing and whatnot), I was pretty psyched to have Camelot (if only for the Eva Green/Joseph Fiennes potential). But then that didn't get renewed and suddenly the Arthurian void needed Merlin back fast. So really, I was pretty excited to have BBC's take on it come back and stronger than ever. Let's cross our fingers this keeps getting renewed.


Merlin 04x01: The Darkest Hour (Part 1)

What makes me so happy with the return of this season is that Morgana no longer has to hide her being evil (and thus the secret evil smirks). She's full bad ass now, complete with sacrificing Morgause to multiply her powers. And though I"m sure Merlin will find a way to get back at her, it makes me sad to see so many sacrifices being made . Speaking of which, with Uther catatonic, it's obvious we weren't supposed to trust this uncle with his slicked back black hair. And true enough, he's Morgana's minion. I'm proud to say I spotted that a mile away.

Something I didn't expect? Enjoying all the knights so much. Thank goodness Arthur's got his knights already because there's so much to be done in terms of saving Camelot and only so much magic Merlin can sneak in to help him out. Lancelot and Gwaine obviously top my list but all of them are equally hot (Sir Percival and all those kids? I want a hug please). its_elaine pointed me to some very very nice photos of the group and it's so fun to see them altogether already.

Obviously as worried as I am that Merlin got frozen over (making him the sacrifice), you know they won't kill off the title character so I'm pretty excited to see how they bring him back to life in this next episode. I know, I'm so behind on television, it's not funny. Here's to more knights in the next one! Yup, even more than this one.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x02: Falling Ash

I know I'm on the Nikita/Michael ship but you have to admit I get pretty excited whenever Owen comes back just because you can tell there's some tension between him and Nikita. Sure, we probably won't see as much of him as we will Michael, but a girl can be happy whenever he shows up. I'm hoping his deal with Gogol doesn't get in the way of his dealings with Nikita. I don't want this Gogol thing to get in the middle of their relationship, or whatever it is.

Though I don't pay much attention to Birkhoff, it was cute that they gave him quite the central role in this episode. I wish he and the P9-ed girl worked out. Alas, I guess she isn't the love interest for him yet. It's just that he's such an integral part of the team, their very own Marshall and I want to see him play a bigger role and hopefully take on a relationship. Let's hope his joining Nikita and Michael won't put him in any jeopardy with Division and now Oversight.

Speaking of those two organizations, it's good to see Alex on the path to recovery. I'm still not feeling this Sean character. Though he's pretty easy on the eyes, this whole Alex plot (additional drama) isn't growing on me yet. If they brought back the guy she was dating in season 1 though I might sit up and watch. I still like you though, Julie Cooper Amanda.


Doctor Who 06x13: Wedding of River Song

Obviously they weren't going to kill off the Doctor and though I felt like it was a cop out, having the Doctor hide inside himself -- miniature style, they did set this up in previous episodes. I just feel like they made such a big deal out of this point in time being unmovable, but I should have known especially since the show's name is Doctor Who. It was cute to see the Doctor with longer hair and his cowboy hat and even in a toga with all that scruff. I still prefer him in his bow tie more than anything else though.

It was cute how in that future, Rory and Amy were around each other but didn't know it. Captain Williams and Amy looking very very in command was a nice change of pace. She wasn't just following the Doctor around (though she was looking for him). And the Silence kept inside the pyramid in those glass cases? Obviously they were going to get out. I'm glad that Rory and Amy 'still' get together though somehow. I wonder how it'll be next season -- even if we have to wait almost an entire year and we get only seven.

And I know this might be the most unpopular opinion ever but as much as River Song has grown on me, I'm still not in love-in love with her and the Doctor together. I'll probably need to rewatch just because I'm not quite sure how to take this romance but when River and Amy were so excited over the news of his non-death, it all worked out in the end anyway. Here's to Matt Smith's second run as the Doctor. I can't wait to see Eleven, Amy and Rory together again next year.


Downton Abbey 02x03

Poor Daisy. I mean, really it should be poor William -- not knowing what's about to hit him but I also feel bad for Daisy just because she has to go along with this even if her heart isn't in it. Of course, Mrs. Prattmore makes so much sense (not breaking William's heart before the war) but I still feel her struggle and I hope William doesn't die or anything cause that would just eat Daisy up.

Meanwhile, hurray for Bates. I know it's only 3 episodes in but considering we only get 7, I'm glad that he got back and has quasi-good news for Anna. I don't mind seeing Anna as a mistress but Bates having very very high moral grounds, I'm glad he didn't put Anna through that. And Anna, leave the curls to Mary, I like you with straight hair much better.

Finally, I feel bad for Lang. Sure, he's been pretty shaken up and it's getting in the way of his duties (complete with spilling the beans on Mrs. Prattmore's nephew) but you can't blame the guy. Plus, I thought something nice could happen with him and Ethel or even O'Brien, but obviously that isn't going to happen now. I'm terribly behind and need to catch up on all my shows. Hopefully tomorrow?

Meanwhile midway between the two floors, things are heating up between Carson and Thomas. I like seeing this power struggle between them though of course I don't like it at Carson's expense. Cora seems easily swayed by O'Brien and though O'Brien does have a point, I wish Cora would open her eyes and see what's really in front of her.

Edith on the other hand, is slowly finding her place in the war and I'm happy for her. This gives her and Mary less time to sabotage each other's lives. Who knows? Perhaps this war could find the sisters in a better place than last season. Maybe they'll both find love again (for Mary, preferably with Matthew again!). But really, I'm just glad that Edith got commended for her silent but hard work.

And finally, the ever tumultuous relationship of Sybil and Branson reached a fever pitch (not in the way I wanted) but let's just say ITV knows how to cut their trailers to make me very very anxious for nothing. I really don't know how they're going to end up together now since it'll definitely be an 'us against the world' kind of deal and I don't know if Julian Fellowes is willing to deal with that.

Finally, upstairs Cora and Isobel are sharpening their nails for a girl fight. Though I understand that Isobel is just her commandeering self in the name of the welfare of the war, but it is Cora's home still and it's not like they're not being accommodating. You can see how frustrated Cora is so I'm glad that Isobel sort of gets put in her place. I'm really excited for the next one though just because those previews looked promising. Or I could just be mistaken.

I think it's pretty awesome of Mary's aunt and grandma to be on Team Matthew/Mary. Of course, this means they'll do any means necessary to bring Lavinia down but you know Mary will have none of it either. Still, it was so fun to have the mother-daughter team up (for once) to help their favorite niece/granddaughter out. You can tell they can put their differences aside (even for a bit if only for a worthy cause).

Finally, I'm glad to see Mary isn't pining as much anymore. It hurt so much to see her want and want and want something she couldn't have but it also makes me sad now that she's sort of better at handling Lavinia and Matthew together just because it might mean she's already resigned to the fact that she won't have him in the end. Julian Fellowes, if you know what's good for you, you will a) have Mary and Matthew end up together and b) not kill either one after they get together so they can grow old together, okay?

[Captivating Christina Ricci]

Pan Am 01x02: We'll Always Have Paris

Let's just say I didn't see this coming. Colette and Dean and all the flirting in Paris (complete with Colette/Dean dancing and just looking really pretty together). I love their chemistry and though I feel like Bridgette will make a mess of things in case she does return, I'm really enjoying these two and their bubble. Let's not pop it first, writers!!!

Maggie on the other hand, is bursting bubbles everywhere and I love it. Of course Ted thinks he's helping her though he's totally sabotaging things for her. I see a future for these two if only for banter and all that. I hope things smooth over for them. And yeah, the stewardesses back then sure got a lot of flack and harassment from passengers so I'm glad that Maggie's at least trying to stand up for herself. You go, girl. you're ahead of your time.

And though I have to admit, I sort of fell for Laura's mom's ruse, I do feel bad for Laura's fiancee. Sure, he got a good deal her leaving him instead of making him hope and ending up in a loveless marriage or at least a dissatisfied one, so I'm glad they at least sorted things out. How nice is the guy too? Letting her go after hearing her out. Can you all get back together in the end, please? Also, I realized why Kate looked so familiar -- she was Margo from Lars and the Real Girl! Love her!

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x02: Beauty and the Feast

First off, I can't believe we're getting the 'evil sister' plotline now with Louis and Beatrice. As if Blair doesn't have enough on her plate with this supposed pregnancy (I still don't buy it) and now she has to put up with Dan and the book and Beatrice and the priest (who were making out in the car?!?). I can't wait till they wrap up this little pregnancy storyline cause if they do make her pregnant, I don't know if I could continue to watch. Dan comforting her in the end though? That was kind of sweet.

Meanwhile, Nate is still manwhoring himself out to Elizabeth Hurley Diana Payne and though I don't blame him (she is the hottest of all his women thus far), I'm kind of sick of all this Nate with an older woman business. Still, seeing Elizabeth Hurley's perfect face is fine by me so I'll play along and see how they take this. And no, sorry I don't care about Chuck and his non-feelings and bruising. Join a fight club, Chuck.

I can't believe Charlie's still around either. Cece needs to figure things out fast and get Ivy out of the picture just because I just have no interest in this. Serena needs to get back to her 'I-need-a-boy' but can't choose ways so she can forget Charile already. And no, I don't think I'll grow to love this Ivy, the way I did with 90210's version.

[Miss Bilson]

Hart of Dixie 01x02: Parades & Pariahs

It's pretty awesome to see how determined Zoe is to be liked by the folks of Bluebell. Crashing the Mayor's float for Betty (who really didn't give two hoots about her) so it's good to see she's at least changing some people's minds. Don't worry, Zoe, you're getting there. In two episodes or so, the Bluebell natives will be all warmed up to you.

At first, I really couldn't see how Wade and Zoe could have anything besides banter but there is some sort of thing going on there. Especially when Zoe was looking so cute in her 'let's-build-a-float' attire (how tiny is R-Bils?!) attire. How could he not make out with her on the spot? Apparently, kissing someone is a great way to stop a freak out. I shall take note of this. Also, Lavon, I want pancakes for breakfast too. Can I come along?

And though Lemon can be very annoying and George seems like a great guy for Zoe, I actually like Lemon and George together. They somehow balance each other out and so it's pretty interesting to see how they're going to tear this couple apart cause obviously they're building some sort of triangle Dean/Rory/Jess style for Zoe and Wade. Let us see.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x04: Let the Games Begin

Let's start things off by saying how happy I am that Max is back. Just when I was sort of warming up to Austin, they bring in the adorable Max and it seems like Naomi's ready to take him back. Of course, this means that Austin will be all jealous but whatever I can take it. Cause a triangle is always more interesting when you like both guys. And thank goodness Naomi's sorority won just because I really don't like the president of the other.

Now that Annie's out of the sorority, I guess it means she has to be a paid escort. I'm sure there will be almost-rape dramas up ahead for her and some pretty-woman issues but it's not like Annie hasn't had creepy guys want to date her before. What I want to see is Marla's cute relative get a change of heart about her. He seems decent-ish. Also, Dixon, I don't care for your music/ADD storyline. Let's end it, please.

Finally, creepy!stalker of Silver turns out to be Jane's 'dead' husband. I swear, no one on these TV shows ever dies. As scary as the stalker was, I'm glad he's just after Liam and Jane cause I really don't give a crap about them right now. Silver's 'funny' commercial is so typical but it's part of the 90210-charm. How many of them attend class in college again? I keep forgetting.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x04: It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It

I know I've never been to the Hamptons but Shivette's outfits for her birthday weekend were pretty over the top considering they're supposed to be chilling, but that's alright with me just because seeing her and Andrew together makes me so happy. I love how they're sort of reconnecting and trying to make things work out. Her birthday party was pretty crazy too but at least you can tell he's really making an effort. So when he does find out about Shivette, I'll be horribly sad. He'll be angry for sure.

Speaking of finding out, it looks like the cat is out of the bag for Gemma regarding Siobhan and Henry's affair. Seeing the flashbacks to their relationship actually made me like Henry more. I don't blame her for going ballistic but I was surprised to hear Bridgette reveal the truth. Henry, stop being cute, I'm supposed to like Andrew. Can't Andrew and Bridget end up together and well, let Siobhan come home?

Speaking of Siobhan, I'm still not quite sure what she's up to but it seems like she's getting what she wants with Tyler. Girl's pretty brave checking out his papers while he's in the bathroom. Guys don't use the john that long, Shiv! I really wonder who she's talking to on the other end of the line. Always so mysterious, Siobhan.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x03: Asian F

The storylines I sort of liked this season were Mike Chang's Asian F one just because it's Mike Chang and because he's starting to sing and because his mom is Waverly from the Joy Luck Club -- she was my favorite ultra supportive of him. See Mike, you can do it, if you tried. I wish we'd have more Mike episodes. And though I loved Mercedes's performances, all of them, I'm not liking this leaving the Glee club bit. Then again, at least the other Glee club will finally have someone in it other than Sugar.

Though I don't usually pay attention to Will storylines, it was nice that he stood up for Emma to her parents. I wasn't too hot about his take on Fix You. I heard a couple of not so good things about it beforehand so I was prepared and though it wasn't repulsive or anything, Coldplay >>>> This version, which is a first time for me and Glee covers -- they're usually so likeable. I don't know, maybe it's a hard song to cover.

I'm not too hot about Brittany running for president but i like that she did , Run the World (Girls). Brittany performances are always so high energy and so if her campaign for presidency includes lots of production numbers, then I'll go along with it. Also, I'm glad that Blaine got the lead. He obviously would have but now we get to see him more, perhaps? Yes please.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x03: Wedding

I really really really like Nick and Jess together. Sure, he's obviously not over Carol and Carol's a meanie, but wherever Jess and Nick are going, I'm going to follow. She was so funny at the wedding trying to be all sweet and clingy to Nick only to fail at her mission -- not her fault though. Please fall in love guys, you'd be adorable. Carol needs to get the hell out of there for good.

Schmidt though, has to stay and keep hooking up with Gretchen just because it's pretty hilarious to see Schmidt out of his element. I love how we got Katie Cassidy to guest star. Somehow, I like her better here than when she was in Gossip Girl. I have to say, I miss Melrose Place a bit (I Know, I went there) if only to see some fierce!Katie. Let's hope we get more appearances fro her.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x03: Betrayal

I watched this episode with maybe giving me a heads up about Nolan and though I'm not firmly on the Nolan/Emily boat, it's interesting to see them really team up to bring the good old senator down. I don't know if there could be a romantic future for them, but it's nice to see she has a sidekick in this dastardly road to revenge of hers. Plus Nolan hooking Declan up with that weirdo program of Charlotte's boyfriend's webcam? Far out but cool on his part. Thanks, Nolan.

Speaking of the Porters, as hard as I've been trying to resist Jack Porter, he's slowly endearing himself to me. I don't know if they're planning for him to be the Pacey Whitter of this series, but it seems like they're really playing him up as the childhood sweetheart, the guy with history. I can't tell if I'll be switching teams in the future, but for now, I'm on Team Daniel -- complete with my love for his evil mother. Vicotria Grayson is love.

I also love how smoothly Emily deals with everything, from Daniel finding out she had a gun to seeing Daniel's car get bashed in to them opening up to each other. Daniel was extremely cute in this episode and I'm really liking their dynamic though the other men in her life sure are putting up tough competition. I like it. So many choices, so little time. And look Thom's alive and a quasi douche, Tyler who's after Ashley. Oh well, another boy never hurt.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x04: Heather

Okay, Heather Barnes is creepy. I'm glad she got run over eventually because her possession really was scary. Still, it was nice to see Faye and Cassie make good with each other if only for Faye to be able to practice magic. But Cassie needs to be a little less gung-ho about 'doing good' with their powers because obviously they have so much to learn.

And it was nice that Diana didn't rub it all in Cassie's face with her little booboo. I can't blame the girl for feeling insecure. Not only is Cassie the new girl in town who her boyfriend has a strange connection to, but Cassie ALSO has a spell book, that previously only Diana had. There's a power struggle here and for a high school girl, I'd like to think Diana's handling it the best she can, let's cut her some slack, yes? Especially since we all know Cassie and Adam are an eventuality.

And it's surprising how much i'm actually following the are-they-or-are-they-not plotline that is Nick and Vanessa. I don't usually pay attention to the 'tertiary' characters at all but they're hooking up and fighting is actually sort of refreshing just because no one else seems to be falling in love in this thing -- or at least they're letting Adam/Cassie do the slow burn thing. Nevertheless, Melissa getting infected by that worm? I hope it's not too much drama. Just when I was starting to enjoy her, I don't want to have her ruin everything.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x04: Disturbing Behavior

So Rebecca's finally figuring out that Stefan's hiding something. I'm glad they brought the fun back to Mystic Falls just because being away in Chicago kept having everyone travel back and forth and so at least they'll be in one place causing as much drama and havoc as they can. I hope this doesn't mean Klaus finding out about Elena though.

Speaking of Elena, she's doing a pretty good job of avoiding her feelings for Damon, even if they're looking adorable in that one scene they have together. I'm sure her candle still burns for Stefan but at least Caroline's helping her figure out that it's okay to have feelings for Damon. Thank goodness right? We all need her to see this stat. Speaking of Caroline, at least she gets to make peace with dad (sort of) and still have sexy times with Tyler. I miss Matt but she and Tyler really do have something.

The other doppelganger though seems to be in a generous mood helping not just Stefan out after Gloria's little torture session but also Damon while pretending to be Elena and handing over Rebecca's necklace. I wonder how long they'll keep Stefan in Klaus's little coven but if Damon and Katherine start things rolling, it'll probably be only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, Jeremy sees and hears (and can touch) Anna now and it makes me so happy to see her again. Sure, Bonnie' s back and I'm somehow not as annoyed at her as in seasons past, but I wish we'd gotten to see more of Anna. I don't know what else she had up her sleeve but she seemed to be really good and just in need of company. Of course I could be wrong and Jeremy could have dodged a bullet but still.

Finally, as much as I love the Damon/Alaric bromance, it was only a matter of time before Damon's 'real nature' came out. He did check for Alaric's immortality ring so it's not like he was doing this on purpose and all. I'm also glad that Alaric wants in on the council too. He did have a point with Carol and Liz having supernatural kids so it needed a 'normal' person voice. Oh Alaric, I will find you a nice girl you can settle down with.
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