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Glossy Groupie: Amanda and JT are America's First Couple

[Amanda Seyfried Fan]
At first, I was thinking, wow not a lot of magazines this October, and then when I actually went over it, my goodness, there were so many. of course, a lot of these folks, I don't actually cover as often but because i'm behind anyway, what's a little more effort, yes?

Speaking of being behind, so much for catching up on everything. I'm once again a week or so behind and you'll have to pardon the spam. This might actually be the status quo for now, me spamming then going away for a long time. Oh real life. Let's just appreciate the pretty of my fake life then. We all know that's much more fun anyway.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
>B?Amanda, on sex scenes</b>: “Sex scenes are great. A lot of my costars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I’m not going to pretend it’s not fun. Justin was great - he had come from doing Friends With Benefits, where he basically had sex every day at work - and so it was easy for both of us.” [W Magazine]
As weird as the trailer looks, I'm actually sort of looking forward to the movie. I don't know if my mind will be able to wrap itself around the plot and all, but JT has been giving me hit after hit anyway in the movie-department (I miss your music though) and I miss Amanda. Speaking of, I should really see that Red Riding Hood DVD that's lying around the house.

Photos courtesy of Kirsten
I'm pretty psyched to see Melancholia if it ever shows here and the matching Wonderland covers for Mr. Skarsgaard and Ms. Dunst are helping for sure. Plus, how rad do they look? I don't know if the movie is getting the best reviews but I want to see it anyway.

Photos courtesy of Yoon Eun
WOW EUN HYE. These photos are obviously not her usual wholesome fare but I'm not going to say no. I miss seeing her and I'll take her any way I can. it's amazing how she can play the tomboy on Coffee Prince and break out and look this AMAZING and HOT for Dazed & Confused Korea. Yup, that's exactly how I feel after seeing the photos.

Photos courtesy of Gong Yoo Thailand
Mr. Yoo is also on magazines this month but not on the cover. I'm not the biggest fan of the pornstache or the long hair, but it's just been so long since he did a TV show, I can't be picky. I know he's doing movies now, but I miss the small-screen Yoo. Reunite with Eun Hye? Yes? Okay, I'll wait.

Photos courtesy of Daily Alexa Chung
Miss Chung seems to be everywhere these days and though I don't really follow her, I thought covering BOTH Bazaars (Australia and UK) in one month was pretty fantastic. Plus they were cute shoots. I wonder how many more covers she'll have before the year ends.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Williams Online
Bombshell much? I love how she's really channeling her inner Marilyn for this one. I have yet to see the trailer for My Week with Marilyn but from the photos at least, she's looking pretty fantastic. Jen Lindley, who? You've come a long way, obviously.

Photos courtesy of Maggie Q Online
I don't know or care to know what's going on in the text here but the visuals are stunning and so is Maggie Q. I don't know how much more life Nikita will be getting but at least she's getting her coverage somewhere. Even if it is in China.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Bell Online
And finally the last of the Vogue covers features the always debonair, Jamie Bell. And though I can't seem to read the fine print text from the low-res scans, i'm just happy to see him on the cover looking pretty damn suave.

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network
>B>On a movie he originally passed on, then changed his mind</b>: “My father has always been a huge force with me. I had passed on a script about the French poet Arthur Rimbaud [Total Eclipse]. He explained to me that Rimbaud was the James Dean of his time … I did the movie, and I loved playing him. If I just waited for moments of ‘I have to do this,’ I would do a movie only every four or five years.” [GQ]
Yes, Mr. DiCaprio is on the cover and we have J. Edgar to thank. Same goes for Mr. Hammer below but for now let's just revel in the fact that Leo is going to be out doing a lot of press for this which means we'll be seeing him a lot. Obviously, this will make me a very happy camper.

Photos courtesy of World of Justin, Armie Hammer Online
I'm a little disappointed with how JT's photo shoot came out for Esquire, especially knowing how good shoots for the magazine can be. Armie on the other hand has a Brando/Dean vibe all over him and you know I'm not complaining.

Photos courtesy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fan
On the other hand, there were so many cute photos from this shoot I didn't know what to choose. Mr. Gordon-Levitt knows how to throw on the charm for a shoot. I wish 50/50 would come out here already so that I can finally see him and Anna in all their cute glory.

Photos courtesy of Reese Witherspoon Fan, Keira Knightley Fan
Two girls I don't usually follow but lately I've been feeling generous. I love Reese's shoot just because of how simple it is and how stunning she looks. Same goes for Keira. I loved her during TIFF and Venice promoting A Dangerous Method and I'm getting a strong inclination towards her. let's see how this goes.

Photos courtesy of Freida Pinto Fan
Beautiful, really. After Slumdog Millionaire she was everywhere and then suddenly out of the spotlight again (Shooting films perhaps?) but now she's back and I'm kind of in love with Flare Magazine and their covers. It's been hit after hit for me. And she just looks stunning. I love the red and the Hollywood hair and just everything.

Photos courtesy of Olivia Wilde Central
I'm still thinking whether I'm going to go all out on my Olivia Wilde girl crush just because she is worthy. For now though, I was drooling over how pretty she was. There's a reason she's on the cover of Allure, because really, how alluring.

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Olsen Online
IT Girl of the moment/Third Olsen Twin Elizabeth is also making waves and when you make it to the cover of Nylon, you know you've cracked it big time. I'm really curious to see what else is up for this girl just because.

Photos courtesy of Lily Collins Fan
There's that other Snow White movie too and it's got Lily Collins who I find quite beautiful. I've always loved Teen Vogue and seeing her on the cover makes it so wonderful. I can't believe Phil Collins spawned this girl. I wonder if she's musically-inclined too.

Photos courtesy of Zooey Fan, Adele Fan
And to start off the 'music' section we've got Adele looking gorgeous on Vogue UK (She's on VOGUE UK GUYS!!!) and Zooey in New York Magazine. Though Zooey's there for her TV show, but she's always on the edge of music and TV anyway. But really, zooey and adele both on covers? You know I'm exploding from excitement.

Photos courtesy of Katy Perry Fan
The pink hair still neds some getting used to but Katy just looks so cute in InStyle (matching the masthead with her do) that I'll be happy. I can't wait till she comes out with another album even if her songs are always on the 'let's get off your lazy ass' playlist. I don't think I'd ever pull off pink hair, but she does it pretty well.

Photos courtesy of Cosmic Love
On her favorite moments performing: What I really like seeing from the stage is people having their own moments, when people are doing some performance of their own. I like seeing people acting out the moves—like, if I’m singing “Cosmic Love,” I’ll sometimes see people in the crowd doing [mimes out with hands] “The stars! The moon!” I mean, I was always that girl growing up who you could find dancing down supermarket aisles. It’s that sense of not feeling inhibited. Dancing in supermarkets is my favorite thing [Interview Magazine]
And finally, I'm pretty freaking excited for her second album. her first one is always on repeat even after many many listens and so this second one should be pretty epic. I'm hoping it comes faster. October can't end quick enough.

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