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If I Lose You[39 Down/13 To Go!]
[-] It's October, yo. We're literally in the last few weeks of the year and it's hard to believe so much time has passed and so quickly at that. Can time slow down a bit (for the fun stuff) and totally speed up (for the horrible work stuff?)? No, okay, I guess not.

[+] Work has been pretty CRAZY as I've mentioned multiple times thus the catching up on LJ and the flist and the spamming of your flists. But I can't help it. I have to so much to squee about and so little time to do it. I'm glad that I survived this week though. I did two major presentations this week and though I killed myself anticipating it, the final thing wasn't too bad. So I'm happy.

[-] I'm not happy that we didn't have internet over the weekend though, I can choose to live without it but at least I know it's there. I know two days should be pretty easy to survive but considering I don't get to do much surfing at work (of the casual non-work variety), I do need to be wired on my weekends. I know, I'm an addict.

It's official. I am a weakling. And it's not just the working out bit, cause when I get home and tell myself to stay up and do something-LJ related, what do I do instead? I sleep. No really, there seems to be nothing else I do but sleep. I get my body is tired and I do love sleeping but I wish I could be more LJ-productive. I feel so guilty for neglecting to reply to comments and the flist. i'm a horrible LJ-friend, so feel free to just defriend, okay?

In other news, that thing called physical fitness escapes me. I tried my best to make it to the gym on time (at a decent hour) and wheN i get there I'm totally out of breath and just not doing very good with all those lifts and reps and whatnots. i wish I could be one of those folks who enjoy the gym. Alas, I am not.

There's a storm. There are no classes in schools. My dad went home early. But guess what? I was at work. Unfortunately, we have this GINORMOUS report due tomorrow and we're presenting to the president so I needed to lug myself to work to finish all the last minute tweaks. And there were apparently a TON of them. So much so that I went home the usual time (late) even if I went to work early and had virtually no distractions the whole day. Oh well.

I rode a cab going home (it was still raining crazy) and the driver was the speed devil. I'm glad I was able to get home in one piece though and despite wanting to scarf down on dinner, I tried behaving myself and even walked on the treadmill late into the night to fulfill my promise of cardio day.

You know how I said I'd smile through work from now on? Well it's hard when I'm really feeling tired and a little sick and there's still so much to do. I know I get to rest during weekends but for some reason, it's just not enough. somehow. My big presentation was supposed to start after lunch but things got pushed back and I ended up only half of it late in the afternoon, I was sick to my stomach getting all nervous waiting for it so I was glad to have gotten at least 2 out of the 4 done, somewhat alive.

And though things weren't as scary as I thought they'd be, it still took a toll on me and it was nice to work out all the pent energy out of me, even if I was breathless at the gym. Despite my complaints about how hard all the physical exertion is, I'm glad to have this sort of release for all the tension I feel from work.

I woke up today not feeling good at all. I was getting dizzy and just didn't have it in me to go to work. And though I didn't have a fever or anything, my head was throbbing and I made the tough decision of not going to work. i know it should seem like a pretty easy thing to decide but for some reason, it always makes me debate so much whether I should go to work or not. It's not like the entire machine will break down cause I'm not there but I always feel like I have to be there all the time and I need to stop feeling that way.

I'm glad I was able to get my day off though and rest. It's been a pretty intense past couple of weeks and just chiling at home, sleeping in and not worrying too much about things really did me so much good. Of course, in the afternoon I found out that the reports I thought were pushed to next week were back on tomorrow, the whole day but it's all good, I'll survive.

Fridays usually have me totally spaced out but I had two more presentations today and I had to be on my A-Game somehow. I'm lucky that I managed to make it through them alive complete with all the distractions for the day. Don't we wish it was just a lazy Friday? Yes of course, but that wasn't the case at all.

By the time evening rolled around, I met up with the family to pick up my sister from the airport. So much for a lazy weekend though, because Pamy in town means lots of going out and never staying in. Oh well, I guess I'd rather have her over and me tired than me missing her. Not that I have a chance to miss her since she's here practically every month. I'm not complaining.

We got in quite early in the morning and I was half asleep around Pamy but it was okay. I ended up driving her to her dental appointment in Greenhills. I love the shops in Greenhills but wasn't able to do a lot of shopping (or any for that matter -- which is really a good thing since I shouldn't be spending anyway) cause I had to drive her to meet her boyfriend for lunch.

By the time I got home, we had no internet and this would continue for the entire weekend. I knew I would survive the afternoon -- especially since I had my TV shows that I hadn't watched but I wasn't about to last the entire weekend without it. I ended up sleeping really early and waking up on Sunday. Lovely.

Thanks to my long slumber, I was able to wake up early enough for the 8am mass. i should really go to the 10am mass though cause the very very cute Australian brother goes to mass at that time, or maybe I shouldn't to avoid temptation, yes?

The afternoon was spent lazing in front of the TV and totally not getting up. i'm surprised we even managed to drag ourselves out of the house to have dinner with my sister and her boyfriend before she left for the aiport. I swear the weekend was too fast but the sleeping made it all go by quicker.
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