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TV Time: Just Say Yes to the Upper East Side

[You Know you Love Me]
Save for Chuck and Bones, all my tv shows are back for the fall and there's a lot of it to go around. I don't know how I'll be able to keep up at this rate but it's been a pretty good way to unwind after work, if I'm able to stay awake through it all. And for the fifth season, I'm hanging on to the rich kids of Gossip Girl no matter how silly season 4 got. You know you love it. I know, I do.

Gossip Girl 05x01: Yes, Then Zero

We all know this Blair-Louis wedding isn't going to push through so I'm going to ignore all this pre-wedding preparation and the power struggle between Blair and Louis's mom. For some reason though Louis's accent is getting to me this season even if I already heard the season before. I am however interested in where they're bringing the Blair/Dan friendship -- what with Blair going to Dan all the way in Brooklyn to take her away and Chuck all the way in the West totally 'okay' with the fact that Blair is tying the knot -- and how they're going to undo this supposed 'pregnancy' Blair's hiding because really, you can't make Blair preggers.

Speaking of the West Coast, Serena, Nate and Chuck seem to be living up the West Coast lifestyle and though I wish there'd be a crossover with the 90210 kids, it was fun to see a change of scenery for them -- and not the Hamptons (though it would be fun to see them meet up with Emily Thorne and co. of Revenge but that's just me. I'm not sure where they're taking this Chuck and his saying yes to everything (when did Chuck ever say no?), but his accent this season is killing me.

Also killing me? Serena's internship at the production studio. I don't know how long she can pull off this working girl vibe but I just want her back on the East Coast. And Nate needs to stop dating older women. No matter how hot Elizabeth Hurley is, Nate's been down this road before and we all know where it'll end up so I wish they'd give him something new. And no, I don't care for cousin!Charlie. I thought we'd gotten rid of her.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x01: Game Change

So despite it's almost cancellation last season, Nikita still manages to do a comeback and though I don't know if it'll survive the 23 episodes this season, it is on the CW so it's got a pretty fair chance. Still, I'm hoping the ratings go up just so we can see more of Nikita. It's no Alias, but I need some spy-ish action in my life and if it's in the form of the very hot Maggie Q and the still handsome (for me) Shane West, then I'll take it.

I was scared that Nikita and Michael were separated already in the beginning but I guess I'm not that smart yet to figure out everything TV Land has up its sleeve. I'm glad they're tracking down the black boxes and also avenging the contents of the black box but something tells me this season doesn't just show that. Why do I feel like Michael and Nikita will be challenged in their relationship? I like them all sweet, so let's keep it this way, yes?

I'm glad we get Berkoff back too. I know Amanda's there and Alex seems to be in the picture, even Percy (in his little glass cage) so I guess everyone's pretty much back for this one including new guy who's supposed to look after Alex but he's not cute enough and I sort of miss Alex's love interest/neighbor from season 1. I'm just glad we got the show back, so this season is pretty much a gift no matter how horrible it gets. I know, I'm so easy.


Doctor Who 06x12: Closing Time

Was I sad we didn't get Amy and Rory in this episode? Of course, but they did throw us some Amy/Rory (complete with Amy being a fragrance model and Rory carrying all her shopping bags so I'll take what I can get. Plus Craig (and his baby!Stormaggedon) is such a neat human quasi companion to the doctor on his farewell tour that it was nice to see him again for a bit. Even if there were Cybermen, not my favorite nemesis for the Doctor but at least we were in contemporary London and I do miss it sometimes.

Let's start off by how adorable Alfie is and how cute the Doctor is with kids. I don't think the Doctor will be having any offspring in the near future but at least we know he'll make an adorable uncle to his past companions kids if ever. The way they tried appeasing Alfie and taking him around the mall and people mistaking them for gay dads to Alfie was funny and somehow the Doctor looked like he was ready to play the part -- even if Alfie wasn't.

It did make me sad when I saw the Doctor giving Alfie the blue envelopes signalling his impending death. It was sad seeing him fix Craig's house and receive the hat just because it all seems to point towards the end. Still, the episode was bittersweet as we saw Craig fight for Alfie and beating the Cybermen and just being a good friend to the Doctor. I have a feeling the waterworks will be coming next episode. I'm sad already.


Downton Abbey 02x02

As always, it's such a treat to watch Downton Abbey just because there's always so much going on with EVERYONE. What with Anna and Mosley and him trying to move in on Bates's girl -- only to fail. Sorry Mosley but Anna's heart is firmly with Mr. Bates and Daisy and William supposedly getting together -- even if it's not exactly what Daisy wants. I feel bad for Daisy and William just because Daisy isn't sure and William's off to war and I'd hate for him to have a broken heart.

Love seems to be in the air for the downstairs folk. Do I sense something between Mrs. Hughes and Carson? That's just wishful thinking on my part, I know. Also wishful thinking and totally inappropriate but somehow, I'm rooting for, Lang and O'Brien could have something. Maybe I'm just not used to O'Brien having a heart, but I'm pleasantly surprised to know that she's got some heart in her and is taking on Lang even with his shell-shocked-ness. I feel bad for Lang and any support he can get, from O'Brien at that, is a good thing.

Straddling the stairway is of course my love for Sybil and Branson and their 'are-they-or-aren't-they' act. It's very telling how Sybil can never go back to her old life and if this possibly means she's looking out for a new life now, with possibly Branson? Though she seems so very hell-bent on just helping the war effort, I doubt romance is on her mind. Meanwhile, Edith has no problems with romancing the tractor guy. Though he wouldn't be my ideal guy for her, at least she's getting some.

I love how Cora and Robert seem to be very much active int he lives of their staff. With Robert helping Mrs. Prattmore find out more about her nephew (it still makes me sad thinking about it) and Cora helping Thomas get a place with Dr. Clarkson (I'm not the biggest fan, but I'll take it), it's always nice to know the couple is so supportive of their staff. And it's rubbing off on their daughters.

Sybil really helping out the blind guy (RIP, I feel bad he had to kill himself) and Thomas really being into it, the realities of war really make me sad. When I saw the blood dripping, I felt horrible. And Mary checking up on Carson, if only to boost her confidence, you can tell the kids really have some of their parents in them and are pretty compassionate about those who aren't as well-off even if they can be pretty self-centered and shallow at times, the war has changed them all.

Upstairs though, things are also getting heated with Richard Carlisle visiting and Lavinia being towed everywhere Matthew is, it's always such a joy to see Lady Rosamund and Lady Violet be all 'claws out' when it comes to Mary. I get they're both looking out for Mary and they both have points, but it's always sooooo very fun to see them go at it. I'm particularly curious to see how Violet and Rosamund manage to take Lavinia down just because it'll be fun.

Too bad Mary's got a soft spot for Lavinia, because it would have been more fun if she were mean. now she's just a martyred girl and she's deflecting proposals from Sir Richard (hoping perhaps that Matthew will ask?) and consoling Lavinia in her sorrows. Who knew Mary could be such a martyr? I miss when she was more selfish. Then she'd probably have Matthew (or not) but at least we'd see a catfight between her and Lavinia. I was totally expecting that this season.

And of course, you know I was totally looking out for ANY and ALL interactions between Matthew and Mary. These two know how to torture us and with gazes across tables and 'Don't you want me?' 'Of course I want you,' exchanges, these kids know how to tease. I wish they weren't so proper all the time just because they're killing me slowly, but I guess these Brits are the masters of slow burn and they sure know how to make a girl pine. That girl, being me. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST ELOPE AND MAKE BABIES?! No? Okay, I guess not.

[Confession of Christina Ricci]

Pan Am 01x01: Pilot

So you know how I said I wouldn't get suckered into another show? Well I guess missing Mad Men so much has driven me to insanity of taking up ANOTHER show because I clearly don't have enough yet on my plate and from all the 'nostalgia shows' that have cropped up this TV season, I've taken a chance on this one because it has Christina Ricci, who let's face it, had me wishing I was her in Casper when I was in grade 2.

But really, I feel this is the lesser evil to The Playboy Club (which I'm sure is a fine work of television but just looks sleazy) because come one, Eddie Cibrian (I crushed on him when he was on soap, Sunset Beach) and the entire LeAnn Rimes whatever just turns me off. But I digress. Back to the show. Of course, it isn't on the same plane (har har) as Mad Men nor did I expect it to be so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I somewhat enjoyed it.

The four stewardesses are easy on the eyes. I like Maggie's beatnik/rebel ways; Kate's espionage secret (I know, right? I was like, is this for real?!), her sister Laura's runaway bride turned apathetic Life-magazine cover model dilemma and Colette's Parisian, 'I'm-a-liberated-woman-and-can-sleep-around-and-not-care' (NOT!) nonchalance. Plus there's that mysterious Bridget and pilot Dean's not-so love story to worry about. I wonder who Maggie will end up with (Dean?) and whether Kate and the MI6 agent will hook up. Either way, it looks like fun television and not-quite replacement for Mad Men while I wait for its return.

[Miss Bilson]

Hart of Dixie 01x01: Pilot

So what happens when Summer Roberts of The O.C. gets a medical degree? We get Dr. Zoe Hart! And though this show apparently has cancellation written all over it, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed because first off, I miss Rachel Bilson so much, it's not even funny and I already have so many 'rich kid' tv shows, it wouldn't hurt to even out the social strata with some 'normal folks' stories. So yeah, I'm hoping this one gets a full season pick-up and if I'm lucky, half a season 2? I'm being overly optimistic, I know.

So let's talk men. There are a couple boys in Zoe's life, George, the golden boy; the rowdy hick-ish neighbor, Wade and even the town's mayor, Levon, and though it gives me a very Sweet Home Alabama vibe, I do like George. I know he's engaged to Lemon, who's annoying at times but still pretty fun to watch, I'm guessing this wedding isn't pushing through too soon -- or at least I don't think so. Plus, Lemon and Levon seem to have a history and I'm interested in seeing more of that.

And then there's the other guy who could look better if he cleaned up, but I'm thinking it'll be a love triangle of sorts so we'll see how that works out eventually. I was a little worried about the entire Zoe's dad was the Doctor at the graduation who left her his practice but I'll take it all in stride. I don't know how much of her mom we'll see but I hope not so much since she sort of gets on my nerves too.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x03: Greek Tragedy

Oh show, please stay hilarious because you always are. Let's start off with the most hilarious bit, that Annie is now taking money for her escorting services even if she did so unknowingly. I was just about to comment on her date's wonderful coat and tie get-up to dinner and I should have been suspicious, but it's an Annie plot so I don't pay attention much and thus my not quite catching her 'date's' real intentions. Sorry you kissed him, Annie. I swear, girl gets herself into the weirdest situations ever.

Meanwhile Naomi is being very very silly but somehow right with her buying her way into the loser sorority and dressing them up in togas to be cool. I don't know what universe this in (CW LAND!) but I just don't see this happening ever. Then again, i'm not a trust fund kid and don't know the lifestyle at all but Naomi Clark takes the cake for anything absurd. She did look pretty good in her Grecian goddess attire but girl, you wouldn't get me out of the car even if it was the party theme. i'm glad she got some girls on her side though cause evil!sorority head is getting on my nerves already.

Also getting on my nerves? Navid and this entire business deal. SEE, this is what happens when kids who are still supposed to be in school run BIG businesses. We've seen it with Chuck Bass, so it's not like Navid Shirazi is going to be any different. And we need to just kill off Navid's entire family (except the mom, I like her) just because the sister and the uncle are not adding to Navid's likability, really.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x03: If You Ever Want a French Lesson

I can't help it, Ioan Gruffad sucks me back in every week. And at times, even Henry isn't looking bad himself though still on the sleazy side. And this week, we get to see more of Andrew's proper British self complete with martyr-ed husband act to boot. Though I'm not a big fan of the dress she picked out (from him), I have to say their mini-reunion in the end realy got to me. Come on Shivette (Siobhan/Bridgette), stop tracking down Siobhan, she's in Paris! and just enjoy your time with Andrew? You don't want to? Okay, suit yourself.

Instead of happiness, we get Shivette visiting a divorce attorney (did you see how heartbroken Andrew as over that) and being all Nancy Drew when she could be living it up and keeping Olivia's paws away from Andrew's crisp suits and ties. Seriously, Shivette, Olivia is a serious threat and you should be paying attention to this instead of tracking down your sister because clearly, you're just going to get into more trouble if you do so. So let's hope this little truce you have with Andrew stays and start making that baby you supposedly have, dude. Let's not waste time.

Someone taking her precious time over in Paris as well, the real!Siobhan finds out she's preggers and gives Henry a call. I somehow want these two to end up together but it just seems too messy to even consider. And though I'm still not sure what she's doing in Paris or why she fled to begin with, it's still fun to see SMG play two different girls (though one is technically trying to be the other). I'm hoping this show doesn't get cancelled just because I would want more Ioan Gruffad. i'm not over it, okay?

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x02: Kryptonite

So they replaced Coach and though I'm still getting used to it, the new guy, Winston isn't so bad, especially when he's trying to get back his old room from Schmidt, who despite his douchiness really does grow on me every single episode. As caricature-ly funny as Schmidt can get, I appreciate his 'thumb ring, bitch' comment and watching Curly Sue with Jess. He's just himself unapologetically and I'm cool with that.

I like how the boys rallied behind Jess to get her clothes and stuff back -- even the broken TV and were just there for her. I don't know how many more scenarios they can have with the ex-boyfriend but I'm trying to be optimistic about the whole thing. i'm also hoping there's some Nick/Jess in the future just because he's the only guy I can really see her with right now. But hey, a guest star hot and weird enough for Jess would be totally welcome too.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x02: I Am Unicorn

Okay, I liked episode 1 better but that's just because it felt a little less preachy and I liked the songs better but this one was pretty sound (my sister loved the songs, of course) even if there were only three songs on the show (but that was because they needed more time to be sentimental, I suppose). I'm being mean, I know. I just miss the less cheesy times, but maybe i'm just mistakenly being nostalgic about a time that never was.

Plot aside, I'm not really into the entire 'let's-make-a-musical' bit and I was fairly into watching Mike Chang give dance lessons -- they should just make him dance all the time, I thought Blaine's audition piece was best of course. There's always something about Darren Criss when he gets up on that stage and this week was no different. His take on Something's Coming from the West Side Story was pretty awesome and if there is a musical, I'd like him to be lead, sorry Kurt.

Speaking of sorry, I feel bad for Puck/Quinn and the entire baby business. As glad as I am to get Idina Menzel back, I'm not too sure about this, getting back into Beth's life bit. Somehow this spells heartbreak for everyone. Also, I love Brittany and I'm sure she's a fab unicorn, but this presidential bid just spells drama with her and Kurt and I don't want no drama. oh well, it is Glee and we'll have to deal.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x02: Trust

OH GOD THIS SHOW JUST OWNS ME on so many different levels. It doesn't hurt either that my sister is obsessed with it too. I hate that it comes out so late in the week though just because I get so antsy and impatient waiting for it. Still, I'll wait for sweaty!brute Daniel in a wifebeater for as long as I need to just because seeing my little Harvard!Hampton's rich kid running around all hunky and charming is worth the wait. No really, they can't kill him, right? I'm still not over the pilot, obviously.

So this week's target was Daddy's financial friend, Bill Harmon who is apparently a shady guy. I love how Bill totally fell for that 'buy big' strategy Emily told him. For such a 'smart' guy, he got duped pretty easily, which is totally fine by me cause I just want to see how Emily crosses a red X over every single guy who screwed her dad over. And in fairness to Bill, he looked pretty clean in the flashbacks with young!Amanda -- this girl is too cute for words.

Of course, I got all giddy during Daniel and Emily's date even if Emily was being so very obvious during the polo match, anything Daniel says or does is fine by me, so I will eat that up. And though I'm on the Daniel/Emily boat, Jack isn't too bad, especially when around Sammie. Doesn't mean I want Emily to drop everything though to be with childhood sweetheart. Come on, how can one say no to Daniel right? That's right, you can't.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x03: Loner

According to wikipedia, Cassie is asked to the dance by 'cute' guy Luke. Let's get this straight, so far, none of the guys on the show have been particularly cute to me. i'm sorry but I'm actually being picky for some reason. I think this show needs to either a) groom the existing guys to be cuter or b) get cuter guys because though I like the show a lot, a few cute guys NEVER hurt a show and would encourage me to obsess about it more. So listen up CW, this show isn't going to be cancelled but let's help it along with better boys? Yes? Okay.

I'm still liking Diana and her 'friendship' with Cassie though at times it feels like a 'keep-your-enemies-closer' kind of thing but I'm not sure Diana's that manipulative just yet. And though her father is the guy that killed Cassie's mom, I can't help but like him if only he's Diana's dad and someone who's sort of nice can't have a dad who's utterly evil, right? Oh wait, that's not true but let's like him for now. Principal, go like him too. I think he deserves a love team.

Cassie on the other hand, needs to stop getting into situations with Adam just because it'll lead to temptation and I think we have enough drama within the circle without having to add boy problems to it. Nick and Melissa's faux argument and eventual sort of public coupling after the dance was nice. Sure, bad boys don't get reformed that quickly but it's TV, let's give it to them.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x03: The End of the Affair

So let me start off by saying that flashback episodes always make me laugh. This one though, wasn't too bad just because the era seemed to be more realistically portrayed (prohibition? I'm not sure but I'll take it) plus we got to see a whole new different look at Stefan and Klaus's bromance. I love how we get the reveal that Stefan was compelled to forget about everything including his love for Rebecca and his bromance with Klaus to protect the originals but now that it's revealed, so many other things come into play.

I absolutely love that there are now three people in Stefan's heart (well, two and a half). What with Rebecca and Elena and Katherine (sort of) there's so much struggle for Elena now, I sort of feel bad for her. How is she supposed to compete with two vampires now? And with Stefan blatantly telling her to get lost and that he doesn't want to see her anymore, I don't know how much torture one girl can get? Girl, just get out of there and shack up with Damon, you know he loves you and you seem to be the only one -- well the only true one.

I love how despite Stefan's apparent devotion to Klaus, there's still something in him that keeps him allied to Damon and Elena. he could have totally given Elena away when he caught her in his cupboard. I swear that moment killed me and I don't even ship them. And when he and Damon gave each other signals to come out, you know there's still some affinity there. Let's hope they get more of it to get back together. They can't be separated (the brothers) the ENTIRE season, right?

Still, it was nice to see Damon and Elena team up again (with a little help from Katherine -- and wow, we know where she is now, thank you artfully placed Chicago-themed bus, we know!) and try to get Stefan back. it's three episodes in and it's still what we're doing and though I love Damon and Elena teaming up, I wonder how many times we can see this before they actually get him back. I'm so behind on spoilers so I really am in the dark.

Meanwhile, back in present day Mystic Falls, or somewhere there, Liz and Tyler come to Caroline's rescue from Bill's clutches. I swear, I felt bad for Caroline with her dad desensitizing her. I get his intentions were pure (torture or death?) but his methods were a little crazy and I'm glad Liz (and her sheriff's gun) was there to save the day. How liberal of Liz to let Tyler into Caroline's room too and cuddle her but then again, her daughter did just get tortured, so all's forgiven.
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