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Red Carpet Round-Up: Ryan Brings 'Drive' and 'Ides' to TIFF

Bromancing[Gosling Fan]
So much for me trying to catch up on the LJ-ing, my entire weekend was internet-less thanks to the fact that we literally have no dial tone on our telephone at home. This has been a source of hassle for us but also really just annoying. So instead, I'm back to being terribly behind on everything. Boo.

Anyway, I'm literally sitting on a copy of Drive and though all I need to do is find time to actually see it so before then, I'll have fun drooling at all the pretty people that showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote their movies. It's crazy how pretty the pretty people can be.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
Ryan looking so much younger without the scruff and back to his blonde roots is all playful as he promotes Drive sans Carey Mulligan. As much as Ryan is enough, I wouldn't mind having Carey around either just to up the pretty factor of these two. I don't think I've seen them in a single publicity event together. Such a shame.

Meanwhile, this Blatant Oscar Bid of a movie is pulling out all the stops bringing in the entire cast for promotions (except in Venice where Ryan was MIA) so i'm really hoping it gets all the Oscar Buzz it needs just so we see Ryan look dapper during the awards show season. Playful!Ryan is always A+ and having Mr. Clooney around brings out his playfulness so in the end, we all win.

Photos courtesy of I fancy the Fassy
Also making us win is having Mr. Fassbender still tooting his horn about Shame -- STILL WITHOUT CAREY. I get she's shooting in Australia with Baz Lhurman but a few promotional appearances never hurt anyone, right? Oh what am I saying? I'm just wishing I got to see her more often, but it's alright because Fassy made up for it by being his charming, adorable and utterly smiley self. Keep showing those teeth, boy.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Goode Network
I didn't think I'd EVER see Matthew again but it looks like we've been blessed by an appearance. You've got to love TIFF for bringing out the boys from hiding. He's looking tired but still so very very attractive. Plus the movie sounds pretty serious business so let's see if I have enough stomach to watch it. For now though, I'm just happy.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
Of course, Mr. Hamm came out to play as well. This guy, I can rely on to be present and he came in full force (with the girlfriend in tow, of course) to promote his girlfriend's directorial feature. I just want to see this movie since it apparently has Chris O'Dowd and Kristen Wiig too (Bridesmaids hangover!). I wonder when it'll ever reach us over here.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net, Ashley Greene Central
I didn't realize Ashley was in this with Jennifer so that's a double win for me. Then I saw Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde were in it too and suddenly all the pretty people were in it. I love how Jennifer came out to promote it even with her baby bump (girl was glowing) and it was nice to see Ashley take a sweet look, it's been a while. I'll have to research what this one's about but I'm kind of excited to see something from Jen.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fan
A movie I really really need to see already, 50/50 has both Joseph and Anna and though cancer is always a tricky issue (it makes me cry no matter what), I hope this one shows a lighter side to it, considering it has Seth Rogen in it too. But for sure, I'll be crying, just because I'm me. I love Anna's dress at the premiere and wish JGL had a photo with her at least. Come on guys, throw the fangirl a bone, yes?

Photos courtesy of
Leighton was looking impossibly chic at TIFF to promote The Oranges and I could literally not care what the movie is about just because girl was looking drop dead gorgeous. I know I should care (especially if Gossip Girl is on its way out -- or so I hope) but just seeing her look so beautiful and knowing the movie is at TIFF means it's good so I shouldn't worry too much.

Photos courtesy of Eddie Redmayne Online
THE BRITS CAME OUT. I love that I get both Matthew AND Eddie in one film fest. You've got to love Canada for that. Eddie looked impossibly handsome and so cute with Chloe Moretz as he promoted Hick which I know also stars Blake Lively, so it's a shame we didn't see her -- we'd have both Blair and Serena at Toronto! But I digress, Eddie looked pretty damn dashing in both formal and casual wear and I need to go dig up TIFF interviews if only to listen to him speak. I swoon, I tell you.

Photos courtesy of Mia Wasikowska Online
I wish we'd seen more of Mia at TIFF but I'll take what I can get. She looked really pretty with her lipstick and her outfit and I wish I could make my hair look like that. I can't wait to see Restless too though I have a feeling it'll be making me cry too. I didn't realize how active Bryce Dallas Howard was though. She's in a couple movies at TIFF and she was there with her baby bump. RIP Victoria.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
If only for the subject matter of this movie, I'm definitely interested in watching it (it's about the first vibrators, I think) and seeing Jake's sister Maggie and the always handsome, Hugh Dancy come out to promote it makes me smile. I still remember Hugh from Ella Enchanted and he did enchant me then so it'll be nice to see him in something a little more 'adult' I suppose? Yeah, watch me grow up.

I know Saorsie Ronan played Hanna so it's not too hard to imagine her as a teen assassin but Rory Gilmore Alexis Bledel is another story. If only to see these sweet and 'innocent' looking girls kill a bunch of people, you know I'm in. What will Dean and Jess think, Rory? They were gorgeous at the premiere too, looking very un-assassin-y. Or at least what I think an assassin would look like. Obviously, I have it all wrong.

</center>And finally, it would have been A+ if Fassy joined this one too but I'll take Keira looking VERY VERY pretty at the premiere. There are so many more photos I didn't include but basically they were all of Keira looking so very lovely. I need to find a copy of this movie already. Plus Aragorn Viggo's aging so very well. Just like a fine wine, yo.

And because Toronto isn't the only place it's happening at, Fashion Week also is going on in New York, London and Paris and below are some of my favorite people showing up to look at the pretty dresses. Oh when will this ever be my life?

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan, Adoring Camilla Belle
Amanda and Camilla were at NYFW for Prabal Gurung and Marchesa respectively and though I'm not so into what Camilla was wearing (all the black and the hair pulled back just isn't what I'm used to), Amanda looked positively fresh faced and I do love the colors of her dress.

Photos courtesy of Chris Pine Fan
I couldn't believe my eyes, but it's true. Chris Pine was at Fashion Week and with his dad too, I think. Of course, he didn't dress up and was his usual casual self but he still looked cute. Come out with something quick Chris! I miss you already. Ashley on the other hand looked extra chic at Calvin Klein. I guess you'd have to considering the brand and all.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota
Dakota was pretty cute in her floral shift dress and arm in arm with Marc Jacobs no less at his show -- with her being the brand ambassador for his fragrance. I do envy her pin straight hair but wish she'd done something else with it. but I'm just being picky. Also everywhere at FW was Emma Roberts, who looked pretty lovely at Tibi in her wine-colored dress.

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source
It's cute how both Rooney and the Fanning sisters showed up at Rodarte just cause it's such a contrast of styles. From the angelic looking Fanning sisters, to the more goth looking Rooney (though we know it's for the movie, she's wearing it pretty well). Now I'm curious how the actual Rodarte show went if they're to cater to this spectrum of fashion lovers. Perhaps Rooney will wear Rodarte to the premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Let's see!

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
I'm so not used to all the hair on Kristen when she appeared at the Mulberry show in London FW and though I do love her dress and the braid she did for her second outfit, it would have been nice if she combined those two elements. Still, leave it to Kristen to change for the 'after party' and she looked back to her casual self -- albeit in designer casual wear. Growing up, I see? And a smile too. I love it.

And finally, Leighton was looking absolutely lovely at the Paris show for Christian Dior. Her oh so sweet dress suited her perfectly and Leighton carried it off so well, I have no complaints. If only Blair would lay off the crazy accessories for now and just let her natural prettiness shine through. I know, never going to happen, but I tried.

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