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Trailer Thursday: Presidential Scandal For Gosling and Clooney!!!

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Yes, it's Ryan Gosling season and this month, he delivers Ides of March though of course, it'll probably reach me next year, i'm just glad to see him with George Clooney because together, the world just might end prematurely (before our 2012 expiration date) from the sheer hotness in one movie. There are so many other movies coming out this month too. Could it be that it's because it's Oscar season, already?

Ides of March

Like I mentioned, the star power alone is enough to watch this. Added to that fact is that it's about a Presidential election, has some scandal and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giammati to boot, this one just screams Blatant Oscar Bid. Let's hope it actually does make it to the Oscar Races because I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan all over that red carpet again.

In Time

I'm still a little sketchy on the plot of this one but JT has been delivering the hits one after the other and Amanda is just always a treat to watch, so together, they could be pretty awesome. Plus it has Bryce Larkin Matt Bomer looking handsome, and you know you can never have enough hot men in one movie, right?

Fireflies in the Garden

This one was released here already, in fact, I think i already saw it on Star Movies or something but I never did get around to catching it. And though I prefer Ryan Reynolds sans the scruff, you know I'll take him in daddy roles any day.


This one just looks disturbing but in a good way. it's nice to see taht Cillian Murphy isn't the bad guy just because he usually is. Jamie Bell looks like a psycho in this one so it should be fun to try to get that image out of my head afterwards. I'll drag the little sister to this one just because she's into this kind of disturbing thing. I'll be closing my eyes a lot.

Father of Invention

The story sounds a little funky but it has Kevin Spacey in it and he's always very very entertaining on screen so I'll give it a shot when in need of something to see, probably on TV though. Plus I don't think I've seen Virginia Madsen do comedy but she seems like the serious actress to me so it should be fun to see her try to crack a joke.

Like Crazy

Who wants to be depressed? Raise your hand. I thought so. The first trailer had me bawling with the music and this one just makes me want to hug both of them and keep them safe from the evils of the world. Why must young love be so cruel? Not that I've experienced it firsthand but these kids look tortured. I need to see it.

Janie Jones

So this one feels strangely like Somewhere except he's a rockstar instead of an actor and it's Abigail Breslin and seems a lot grittier than Sofia Copolla's version, but I'll take it cause it has the guy who played Coco Chanel's somewhat dude in Coco Avant Chanel which I really enjoyed. Plus who isn't a sucker for a guy who plays guitar (even if he is the father of a 13-year old).

Sleeping Beauty

I love retelling of fairytales-ish and though this one is waaaaay off base from the original it does look pretty interesting with Emily Browning playing the lead in this critically acclaimed movie. Plus the trailer's just cute. I love how they used their typography. i'm a sucker for fonts, obviously.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

This movie got all the buzz for Elisabeth Olsen (the third Olsen Twin other Olsen sister) and it's no surprise why. She seems like an indie darling and the movie's premise seems a bit heavy so I'll probably drag jamypye along for this one. She'll probably be the only one willing to sit through it with me anyway.


Another one of those as seen on my Kindle finds, this movie looks interesting even if there's been so many Shakespeare semi-biopics. What's up with the Bard? I should probably make him required reading for next year. Plus Rhys Ifans looks really rad in period costume, so I'll try to look out for a copy of this one.

The Rum Diary

Someone said Johnny Depp was making a movie set in Puerto Rico. You know I'm there. Then I find out it's a period-ish piece with Richard Jenkins to boot (in a wig) and it makes the thought all the more appetizing. The music makes me want to dance and the sights make me want to take a plane ride over there asap. Obviously, i'm feeling a bit of wanderlust lately and this might help ease the ache.

The Three Musketeers

Christoph Waltz is in this. That is all. And though he may be donning a wig and a priest's attire (it never stopped me before), you know I'll be watching if only to see an action adventure. Plus I should totally read the book before watching. That'll up my reading list of classics.


I know, I wish it were still Zac Efron cast in this. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT. But I guess he wanted to distance himself from dance movies/musicals which is totally the wrong call since he is so wonderful in them, but I'll probably check this one out on DVD if only to see all the dancing (and drama) that occurs.

Margin Call

This one has my dad's name written all over it. From the name, to the poster and before I even saw the trailer, I know he'll want to see this with me or want to me to find a copy somehow. And it has Spock Zach Pinto AND Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey Penn Badgley in it. Looking good already.

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