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If Tomorrow Never Comes... I'll Be Happy

It's tomorrow, and I'm too tired to study.

The ACET has finally arrived. It's so near I'm feeling really lazy. In fact, after this, I'm going to sleep right away. My brain isn't even functioning properly. I don't know what the real reason is though.

It's either I'm so tired. Or because I ate too much avocado ice cream. I can still feel the brain freeze. I have to say that I thought eating as much ice cream as my heart wanted was going to be fun. I was wrong. Yeah, it was cool having so much ice cream, but not when you can't breathe in your pants and you're trying to finish it within a time limit. Still, that was probably the most hilarious CSDC activity ever! We were such pigs. No more ms. prim and proper. We were just scarfing as much as we could.

Shout out to Foxtrot -- the foxiest team ever! Even if we were only labing-anim at huling bilang na po binibini (no I wasn't the one who said it), we finished the entire half gallon! And to Ma'am Puyat and Ma'am Tanjangco -- we have the BEST team officers ever! I seriously think you guys are wonderfully fantabulous!

We were only twenty-seven in class today. So congratulations to our class-officers-for-a-day. I think you guys did a fab job. I'm off... see you all in Katipunan tomorrow morning!
Tags: college admissions, csdc, food
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