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I understand I wasn't part of the plan; a dollar short, a minute early but I am your man

Come on and face it[38 Down/14 To Go!]
[-] Pardon the flist spamming, I'm almost all caught up. These past couple of weeks have been pretty draining for me that I haven't had time for LJ, other than a quick read through the flist (I'm trying to catch-up, believe me) so just a few more catch-up entries and then I should be pretty spaced out again. I hope you're all not yet too annoyed.

[+] Having said that, the last week was pretty packed but in a good way. I attended my first Candy Fair and we were there to support of course. It was pretty rad and kind of surreal that I attended one. I'm glad glasswinged allowed me to tag along when things got pretty crazy with the kids. Yup, teenage girls get pretty wild, apparently.

[+] Planning for 2012 at work is finally over and now we have to focus on our reports and though I'm clueless as to what the hell i'm doing, I'm glad I'm not alone in my cluelessness. I can't harp enough about it. I'm so happy I'm no longer just one person (other than my boss) in my team. it feels really good.

And another week starts, after the VERY VERY short long weekend and i've got my work cut out for me what with presentations coming up and everything else in between. It's a little crazy cause with the new folks coming in, i've been trying to get everyone acclimated but at the same time, my list of things to do keeps piling up. Thank goodness for coming in early, at least I get some time to sort out my own stuff.

Still, this doesn't mean I get to go home early either. All's well. I guess I just need to get back into the daily grind and I'll be fine. On top of things, today was the transport strike and jeepneys were pretty hard to find. Thank god I was able to get a ride from dad to work. Going home wasn't too bad considering I left the office late anyway. bset part of the day? DOWNTON ABBEY COMING BACK. Seriously.

Last day of planning and I'm really going to be happy to go back to myd desk. Sure, I've got emails piling up but with my team mates complete, I think i'm going to try and turn a new leaf and just approach everything with a smile on my face. or at least I'm going to try not to internalize things too much and be a worry wart. Everything will work out.

And I'm such a light weight, after my 'last' session with the trainer at the gym, I head home thinking I'll be able to stay up to work and FINALLY update my LJ. But no, I do get to work a bit, but when I take a break before LJ-ing, of course I fall asleep. It's silly how I literally have no energy for anything else but my work. Not a good thing, obviously.

We had a pre-presentation to the presentation and though it was just us (teammates), I'm glad to have gotten that out of the way. I'm sure the real thing next week will be pretty scary but at least we've done a quasi run through already. It can't be too bad, right?

Meanwhile, i'm on week 3 of the 'working on my fitness' bit and though I seemed to have gained a pound (SERIOUSLY), I'm going to try and not be too disheartened by things. Perhaps I'm not eating as well as I should. Let's see

Arms hurt. Really really bad. I don't know how I managed to wake up this morning but last night, things didn't seem to be all that bad. Apparently, they were. I swear I thought my arms were going to fall off. Even typing hurt. I hope that means something's working, right? Otherwise, i'm just an aching lump of skin.

There was a mini-snafu at work that required me to do some pretty quick thinking and though it was by divine grace that I managed to get everything done, I'm just glad things got sorted out. If only I could safeguard against every type of drama/dilemma, i would be a happier, more sane office worker.

Just because I know I'm going to work tomorrow, today doesn't feel like Friday at all. Still, it also makes me feel resigned to incoming work. I know that I'll be stuck here and it'll be okay cause it's not like it'll be the weekend already tomorrow. I'm glad I was able to take a mini-lunch out though with Risa. At least we got away from the office even for just a bit.

I slept over at my cousin's house (she lives across my office) and for convenience's sake, I didn't want to trek all the way to the office on an early Saturday morning so I crashed there. We were supposed to do a Downton Abbey rewatch but I was too tired and she was working late so I ended up just literally falling asleep.

Crazy day was crazy. I was up at 5 in the morning so I could be in the office by 5:30 am and then I was at the work even with lots of teen girls (and very very cute teen boys) the entire day. I was wiped out. And apologies for the 'tweeting flood,' as we were trying to trend (in the Philippines at least) and we did for a while. So that's good.

After the crazy event, I was able to catch up to dinner with my uncle and my parents. My dad's brother is in Manila quite a bit but we rarely catch each other (he's here for work) and he's always a laugh so it was nice to be able to catch him for a while.

And because the day before was pretty crazy, I decided I would do NOTHING today and it was glorious. After mass, I tried watching The Secret Circle but I guess I was more tired than I thought and fell asleep up until my sister's friends were over. Actually I was still sleeping ont he couch and they were already there, but oh well.

I was out like a light for most of the afternoon and when I wasn't, I was chomping on brownies (my mom made some and her baked goodies are evil) and BLT sandwiches. Seriously, this is the life.
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