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Sneak Peek: Ryan and Emma Reuinte Gangster Style

Ship That[Emma Stone Connection]
Still on a quest to somehow regain a semblance of order on this LJ, we have the usual 'sneak peek' at the behind-the-scenes of my favorite people on their new movies and on their tv shows and this month, we have my current obsessions, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone getting all close and lovey on the set of their new film, The Gangster Squad.

Though I'm not sure what the plot is, I'm a happy camper as a) it's Ryan and Emma AGAIN (weren't they awesome in Crazy, Stupid, Love? and b) they seem to be love interests again in this one. So clearly, the winner in all of this will be me, who will most probably enjoy this movie when it comes out here.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
Not only am I loving her return to red hair, but I do love how retro it all is. I have yet to see The Help but Emma is rocking this period look and of course having Ryan on her arm. This movie could literally have a horrible script and I wouldn't care because they're both in it -- which means it can't be bad, but still. Raise your hand if you're as excited as me.

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway
And yes, there's that last Batman movie coming out and the obvious opposition to Anne taking on the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. And though I'm still a little nervous for her, I have to say that she's looking very very good in that catsuit and the red lips. I really hope Nolan can bring out the best in her and make this final movie one to remember. Now JGL, come out on set, why don't you?

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
Kristen's been rocking the hair extensions in her role as Snow White for Snow White and the Huntsman and now she's rocking the armor and riding a horse too. I'm really curious to see how they portray this version of the fairy tale just because I'm also pretty excited to see the Lily Collins/Julia Roberts/Armie-freaking-Hammer version as well. In the end, we win. Kristen, be good, okay?

Photos courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
Something we don't have to worry about being good is the new Sherlock Holmes film. And from the re-shoots we're seeing, it's good to know Rachel's still got a pretty prominent part, though I'm not sure how much of her we'll be seeing, at least I know she's still part of it. Somehow I got the impression it would be more focused on Roomi Napace but seeing as she's doing re-shoots, must mean she's got more than a bit part. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Photos courtesy of Zac Brasil,
Both Ellen and Zac are still busy on set. Zac's still looking buff for The Paperboy with Nicole Kidman who looks very very blonde in this one and Ellen's still in Italy playing her part in Woody Allen's latest film. Woody's track record with me has been A+ so I'm really excited to see how this star-studded effort works for me.

Photos courtesy of Chris Evans Web, Ryan Reynolds Fan
The Avengers seem to be very busy, covering EW and shooting their film which comes out in well, 2012 but still. Chris is looking very very good in his uniform and out of it. I wonder how he'll take to being in the future now. Meanwhile, the other Canadian Ryan is also shooting his movie RIPD which looks like a police movie. Anytime Ryan wears those shades, i swoon. He put the holster on and I died. Obviously, I will enjoy this one.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan, Anna Kendrick Fan
Amanda and Anna also are busy bees on set. Amanda looking gorgeous in her wedding gown for the movie aptly titled The Wedding. Last month we saw her on set but only now did I see photos of the actual wedding gown. I wonder who the groom is, if any. Meanwhile, Anna's just bumming around on set of the ensemble-cast-movie What To Expect When Expecting, which I know is a book -- and not even of the fiction variety. If they did it for He's Just Not that Into You, I guess they can do it for any other movie now.

Photos courtesy of
And with Gossip Girl returning this week, it'll only be a matter of time till we see Leighton rocking these outfits on the show. It seems hats are her thing now -- though I do miss the headband -- since she's engaged to the Prince. Now if only the real Kate could do a cameo and show Blair how to rock the fascinator, that would be fantastic. Let's hope this season is a good one.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
And the show I miss the most. Jon Hamm was looking mighty dapper on his way to set this morning. I didn't realize they shot this in LA (as opposed to shooting in New York) but hey, if they pull it off, who am I to complain right? Jon, Vincent and John were spotted on set and though I love seeing the boys, I wouldn't mind seeing the girls either. Peggy, Betty, Joan, where are you guys?

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