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TV Time: Don't be a hero, Matthew; Don't say you're flattered, Sybil

Who's a happy camper? I am of course. Downton Abbey is back for its second season and you know I was watching it as soon as I could (in the darkness of my office at six-thirty in the morning) just because I literally had no more self-control left in me. And I'm glad I did because Julian Fellowes is bringing back the lovely folks from upstairs and downstairs with lots more drama in store for us this season.


Downton Abbey 02x01

First of all, I'm so happy I didn't have to wait too long. This is obviously going to spoil me and make it harder when this season is done cause then I'll have to wait just as long as everyone else for season 3. But let's enjoy it while it's here, yes?

Let's start downstairs. It's always funny to see Mrs. Prattmore and O'Brien pick on someone in good fun and Ethel is the unfortunate butt of jokes right now but you can't blame the staff for initiating her this way. They don't trust her yet and though I miss Gwen, Ethel is pretty entertaining to have around. Also entertaining? Daisy kissing William. I don't know how these two will be as a couple but they're both very likable so it shouldn't be too hard to enjoy their love team if ever. Go Daisy, kissing him first. Show the guy what he's missing.

Then of course there's the sad sad sad appearance of Vera. Just when Bates sort of proposes to Anna complete with a kiss in the courtyard and longing gazes, the bitch is back and she's taking Bates with her. It just sucks because her threat concerns Mary/Pamuk/Anna and if only Bates weren't so damn honorable, he would have squealed, at least to Anna, so maybe they could have done something about it together. Instead, he leaves Anna in the dark and heartbroken. Not cool, Carson.

I'm glad that Mrs. Hughes was listening in though because at least she and Carson are sort of in the know (sort of) about Bates sudden resignation. I'm glad that Carson clued Lord Grantham in to. As to the extent of what Carson and Mrs. Hughes knows, we can't tell but at least they've informed Robert of the least of it. If only he could have done something about it sooner.

It's always a joy to see Violet and Isobel go at it and this time in defense of Mosley and William. I really appreciate why Violet would do such a thing but Isobel is right, it really isn't fair to have the boys be excused without their consent - at least in William's case. It makes me sad to know that Mosley is either a) really sick or b) just a coward. It seems it's the second but I won't judge him until I know for sure. I really did like him, so I hope it's neither, but I'm sure he's got his reasons.

On a happier note, I got really giddy when Branson confessed his feelings for Sybil. Sure, she didn't take him but at least she didn't reject him either. The way Branson let out his feelings really hit me and I hope that somehow, someday they really do get a chance at being together cause boy are they adorable together. Also adorable was Sybil getting cooking lessons from Mrs. Prattmore and Daisy. I'm glad O'Brien's scheming didn't get to Cora and even made her more supportive. O'Brien, seriously, stop scheming.

Speaking of O'Brien, her MIA sidekick Thomas looked pretty pitiful at the front and I don't blame him. His little coffee time with Matthew must have put things in perspective for him, hearing about Downton firsthand rather than through letters from O'Brien. As much as he got on my nerves in season 1, you can tell he's pretty changed thanks to the war. And what a sacrifice, to willingly get wounded just to get out of there, I don't blame him at all. I'm glad it was only his hand that got injured too. I can't wait to see what mischief he'll get into now.

Speaking of Matthew, obviously this entire Lavinia thing isn't making me very happy with him but you can't really blame the guy. Mary did sort of reject him at the end there so it's not like he has to keep pining. It's a pity though that Mary seems to be pining. Sure, there's talk of Ser Jorah Mormont SIr Richard Carlisle (this actor loves getting paired with younger girls, yes?) but the moment she broke down at her dresser, you know she still wants him -- complete with praying on her bedside and giving him her lucky charm.

And though Matthew seems to be all hunky dory that things are alright between him and Mary, I don't think it was fair of him to tell Mary to take care of his mom AND Lavinia if anything happened to him. Why not tell Lavinia to take care of Isobel, she's the fiance after all. That just puts so much on Mary. I feel like deep inside of him, he wants to show her that he's moved on. Still, I'm really hoping for a reunion with these two but knowing Julian Fellowes, we'll probably only get more heartbreak.

I'm glad Violet is putting Lavinia in her place though. Though Cora is still holding Violet back, a few jabs here and there never hurt anyone, plus Mary is her granddaughter and she needs to look after her. Someone who also needs looking after? Lord Grantham. Poor guy thinking he'd been called back to serve only to find out it was a figurehead position. Don't worry Robert, you'll have lots of drama at home, you won't need to go to the front of the line to experience some.


Doctor Who 06x11: The God Complex

First off, let me say how sad I am that Rory and Amy were dropped off at their house. Of course it's for their own safety and I get why the Doctor did it, and I know next week, we won't see them but they better be there for the finale but that's not the point. This entire episode just made me sad (not as sad as The Girl Who waited). I really wish they could just time travel sans the danger -- of course that will never happen, but you never know right?

And was I the only scared when the Doctor was so enamored by the nurse stuck in the hotel that I thought he'd actually consider taking her as a companion? I swear I was glad when she died (I'm MEAN, I know) if only to safeguard against replacing Amy/Rory. I love them too much already. The others that were dying, I didn't mind either, all I really cared about was getting the trio out of there alive. And thank god they did. The monster was extra cheesy too. Just the way we like them.

I love how the God Complex monster really let the Doctor come to terms with his so-called vanity. It was nice of them to acknowledge that Amy's unwavering faith in the Doctor does get her into trouble of some kind and though the Doctor needed to break this faith in her to save all of them, it was still a poignant moment when they actually arrived at that fact. Sad times, I tell you.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x02: Rush Hour

Let's all raise our hands and give each other high fives cause for sure, we all predicted something right this episode, right? I'm sure we all knew that Annie's boy wouldn't be who he said he was and correct: he is Marla's family. DUR. Naomi of course wouldn't get into the sorority no matter how hard she tried? Correct! Because the evil president was getting back at her. Liam would not want the bar but would keep the bar eventually? Correct! Because we need a new place to hang out right? they can't keep going back to the beach club.

Navid's sister wasn't kidnapped. BIGGEST DUH of my life. Correct! Of course she was just staging this (complete with yogurt cup in the background and set in a nail salon). I really don't like her. Let's start predicting for next episode. Could Dixon get addicted to ADHD meds? Possibly, after that 'all nighter' for the music producer and spotting the meds, you know he'll be 'hooked.' How funny though cause it seems EVERYONE on the show has had an addiction at one point. Will Adrianna get back on Silver's good graces? Possibly. After this week's 'let's help navid's sister out' quasi-teamwork, you can tell Silver's about to give.

As for Naomi and the Pig!Owner, you can tell they'll be hooking up. For how long though? Only the writers can tell. It won't last a season though -- let them pass the guy around first and see who he's got 'most chemistry' with. I still miss Max.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x02: She's Ruining Everything

Let's start off by saying I do love Andrew Martin. I know I watched this show primarily for Ioan Gruffad but his character (the martyr-ish mysterious husband) really is drawing me in and obviously is drawing Bridget (playing Siobhan) in too. Plus he's always in suits, so this wins for me. And though I'm not such a fan of Olivia (I loved her in Hustle) just because she seems like a general creepy girl who could be after Andrew, but that's just me. Yes, I do mind you stealing her husband, lady. Hands off, please.

I'm glad he got a compliment in though, 'You look lovely, by the way.' I'm sure Bridget's swooning over the accent. I don't blame her, I would be swooning too. I was so nervous for Bridget the entire time, with the loft and the body and the blood and everything else. I swear I thought she'd be caught. Then the mobile phone rang and I really just wanted her to come clean but then what would happen with Andrew? I swear the longer she plays this charade, the slimmer her chances of really ending up with him. I know this isn't the point, but in my book, it is.

Now if only Bridget really does get preggers with Andrew's baby then it's at least some insurance they'd be together. I'm glad she was able to bond with his daughter though. That's at least some thread of connection for them, right? I'm sure Siobhan would never have done that. Their little conversation in their dressing room made my heart melt for them. Will these two please show some affection for each other??? Obviously so much more happened this episode but you all know where my priorities lie when it comes to this show.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x01: The Purple Piano Project

Okay, let's start off by saying I wasn't impressed by last season. Sure there were some pretty good songs, but it was literally just that for me, a bunch of cute cover/production numbers and the gloriousness of Darren Criss (Kurt/Blaine) and his bowties. So this season, I wasn't expecting much. Or anything at all. So when I saw Sue return to her evilness and started setting pianos on fire, it made up for the sappiness in the car between Kurt and Rachel.

In order of loving, I loved Blaine's It's Not Unusual most. Of course, the bias is for Darren Criss but also because the Cheerios just look so damn good shaking their bootys on the steps of McKinley High. Why is Darren Criss not gay? He looks so good gay with the red pants and bow tie and the shaking hips. That was adorable. I also loved the Kurt/Rachel clones performance of Anything Goes. I didn't quite catch The Glee Project so I'm not sure who was who but they were really good.

And of course, though cheesy at times, I did like We've got the beat just because the cafeteria reminds me of the High School Musical caf set and I miss that so much. Can they do a reunion please? Special mentions to Ding Dong, The witch is Dead and You can't Stop the beat just because I'm a sucker for musical theater. I'm glad Darren is in McKinley and CAN SO TELL that Quinn AND Santana will be coming back. I love the skanks though. Let her stay there for a bit, yes? And obviously, as always, we need MORE Brittany.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x01: Pilot

So obviously advertising works on me big time. I've been seeing the ad for this show on my Kindle and well, it worked, I checked it out and lo and behold, you know I'll be watching. Perhaps it's because I also like Emily Van Camp (From her brief appearance on Brothers and Sisters) plus Eric Connor Paolo from Gossip GIrl is here and he's not gay! Plus it's set in the Hamptons and with a title like Revenge you know it's rich people business and I always love me some of that.

Obviously I love the plot of getting back at all these people and all the flashbacks are making me dizzy. But it's always fun to watch about rich people's dirty laundry and Emily/Amanda seems to have no qualms about rehashing and bringing people down (including model Amber Valetta). According to the wiki of the show, it's loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo, so I guess she'll be taking them down one by one. I cannot wait.

Especially when she finally gets to Victoria Grayson (played by the divine Madeline Stowe) because you just want to hate her but can't cause she's lovely and devious. Of course, the fact that we see the very very cute son, Daniel shot at his own engagement party does not bode well for the already Emily/Daniel shipper in me, I really wish this is all a fake-out and Emily keeps Daniel alive because though he may be the son of Satan, he's still so cute.

not saying that other-boy (aka poorer guy but Amanda's first love) Jack Porter isn't a cutie. what's not to like about the guy from the wrong side of the tracks, working the bar, selling his boat (It's PACEY WHITTER YOU GUYS!) and pining for his lost love complete with dark curls and scruff and flannel but I've always been a sucker for the preppy boys and that is what Daniel is. I can't wait for more of this.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x02: Bound

I know this isn't the point of the entire show, but did Dianne get a makeover in between episode 1 and episode 2? She seemed to look a lot more goodie, goodie in the first one and now she looks like Faye. Perhaps this is her strategy to keep Adam's eye from straying? Well too bad girl, cause I don't think it's working. Adam and Cassie get 'closer' and though i'm no fan of Adam, it's not like there are any other cuter guys on the show, so I guess he'll have to do for now.

I do like how Faye's mom came to her rescue. Though the quintessential bad girl did kill that nice girl, Dawn did have a point in using the crystal to revive dead!nice girl. Faye would have been even more messed up than she is now and lord knows we can only handle so much teen angst from one character so I'm glad they put that one away. I wonder how Faye will feel though when she finds out what her mom did to Gramps. Mom is not someone we want to mess with obviously.

As for the binding, I'm glad they've finally done it. All the talk two episodes straight about how they'll be better off once bound better be the truth. I can't wait to see how they'll actually function now as a group seeing as Melissa and Nick have their secret affair going on while Faye's totally grinding on him at that outdoor party. Fun times, I tell you. And though I may be the last person to find out about this, I didn't realize this was yet another book by LJ Smith (same author of The Vampire Diaries). Oh CW, never change.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x02: The Hybrid

And so we have another week of my favorite vampires on TV, and this week, did not disappoint either. not only did we get a camping trip, we got to see some consequences and a surprise reveal -- at least a surprise for me, apparently I'm out of the loop. So Elena's wrangled Alaric to go on a trekking trip through the woods and though we think Alaric's on Team Elena, it's clear he's on Team Damon and clueing his bro in on Elena's plans was pretty brilliant. Good job, Alaric. It was nice to see Elena/Alaric have a little heart to heart in the car though, while waiting for Damon to return.

And then of course, there's the always conflicted relationship that is Damon/Elena. While Damon did follow Elena into the woods because of his love for his brother, you know he was there to protect Elena as well and the tension in the water when he pushed her in was palpable but you could also tell he was just playing. You always like picking on the girls you like, right? Their conversation in the bedroom though when they got back from their eventful day killed me. Yes Elena, please remember the feelings you're feeling right now. Sure, Stefan is MIA and thus the emergence of feelings but it doesn't mean the feelings are any less real.

Speaking of Stefan, the brothers meet once more in the forest and you know things aren't peachy keen. Though Stefan did help save Damon from Simon Camden Ray, he's also playing the evil!vampire part complete with threats of never returning. The way Damon refers to Elena as his girlfriend and outing Stefan on the 'late night phone calls' has an effect on Damon for sure so seeing him being so nonchalant about it was so sarcastic on his part. You both know you both love her, just toss a coin and see who gets her now.

I have to say I did feel bad for Klaus though, having his hybrid experimentation go to waste. Too bad things didn't go his way and his crumpled face actually made me feel sorry for him. It's nice to see he has at least Stefan with him otherwise he'd really be pathetic. I can't believe i'm feeling sorry for him actually. I really do hope he doesn't figure out that Elena's alive (and thus his hybrid magic not working -- that is the reason, right?) otherwise things won't be too happy for Elena when she has the vampire stalking her and wanting to kill her again.

As for the side stories, it pains me to know that Tyler's mom is being a bitch to Caroline. I'm glad that Tyler made her see otherwise but it looks like it's too late. Caroline's now been turned over to her father of all people. That was a big reveal for me. I must be really blind though for not seeing this coming but I hope the dad has a change of heart or something. So this is Mr. Forbes. I wonder how he and the Sheriff fell in love. Someone release Caroline from her father's clutches please?

And finally, the pretty duo, Matt/Jeremy seem to be getting closer to 'helping' Vicki only to find out from also dead Anna that Vicki isn't to be trusted. For some reason I believe Anna over Vicki, I don't know why but let's hope that Vicki isn't evil cause you know that'll just cause a rift between Matt and Jeremy and I don't think I have enough in me to care about a conflict between them. Let's just stay pretty, boys.

[True Blood Online]

True Blood 1x09-12

Episode 9: Plaisir d'Amour Two things that stood out for me this episode were number one: Sam sort of coming out to Sookie about his shapeshifter ways. Just when you thought Tara and Sookie were okay, Tara and Sam end up making out (can't blame him) but runs after Sookie and stays at her house. Sam, pick one girl and stick to her because I feel bad for Tara, stringing her along. Also, I like Eddie. So this entire kidnapping him is really getting to me. I hope Amy gets what's coming to her because I know she just wants to get high but there are other ways to get vampire blood without having to torture the freaking vampire.

Episode 10: I Don't Wanna KnowI've read the book so I know Rene's the killer but since they've changed quite a bit from the book, I don't know if they'll be following it to a T. So when Arlene and Rene got engaged and got that whole party, I started feeling bad for Arlene just because she really did look so happy with him. Plus the party seemed kind of cool, except for the part where Sookie gets attacked. Also pretty cool? Bill having to turn Jessica into a vampire. This i know really isn't in the book (since it was Eric that killed Longshadow) but I guess a little extra plot on the side for Bill never hurt. Eric needs to cut his hair too. Really.

Episode 11: To Love Is to BuryMaryann! You're Mitch from The Killing! It's always nice to see actors cross over from such different characters. But really, should Tara be trusting of MaryAnn? Cause she looks like the naked girl with the pig that got Tara into this mess to begin with. I'm reading the second book now and it seems she's a maenad, though it's much different in the book. I'm slowly realizing how very loosely based the show is on the series. Also of note for me is how Sookie and Sam team up to find out more about the killer (aka Rene). I wouldn't mind if Sookie and Sam shared more kisses as long as Sookie was really sure, cause somehow I feel like she'll be crawling back to Bill very very soon.

Episode 12: You'll Be the Death of MeTwo things again. Number one, duh, we all knew Bill would be there to save her (even if it was sunny outside) but I'm still rooting for Sam somehow. This guy really is just a sucker for pain cause you can tell she's longing for Bill and yet he always seems to come to the rescue. How very Jacob Black of him. Are all wolves/shapeshifters like this? Over-all, despite the non-faithfulness to the books, it was a pretty enjoyable watch considering I finished it in a weekend. I'm about to finish the second book so expect another recap sometime in the future when i get around to watching the second season. Most of the folks I know have given up after this latest season (the fourth one), but I'm sure I'll somehow be okay with it.
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