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TV Time: Yo Elena, It's Yo Birthday; We're Gonna Party Like It's Yo Birthday

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It looks like another very very busy Fall TV season for me, with all the shows coming back slowly. Not only do we get the always engrossing The Vampire Diaries back, but I'm checking out the pilots of Ringer and The Secret Circle too so it looks like The CW has me suckered back into their vortex of teen drama and angst. Behind the cut are more The Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, 90210, Ringer, The Secret Circle and True Blood

Vampire Diaries 03x01: The Birthday

And it's back. After failed-attempts of rewatching (the hiatus was surprisingly busy), I got my first taste of season 3 and boy was it a great bite. There was so much going on and I was into all of them (well most of them) but for a third time around, I feel like this show has gotten me hooked.

So let's start off with prodigal brother, Stefan, who's out on a ripping rampage with evil!Klaus. I have to say I'm pretty happy that Klaus is part of the promotional pictures of the trio. This just means we'll see him so much more this season. And I have to admit, he's looking pretty fine. I think he's grown on me already. And though the appearance of Simon Camden Ray Sutton made me think of 'smiling faces smiling back at me', I'll have to get used to him being a quasi-baddie now that Klaus has turned him hybrid.

Then of course, there's Stefan's little sojourn back to Mystic Falls (on Elena's birthday night, not a coincidence, yes?) to set Stefan straight. And how does he do this? By killing Andy. And that's just wrong. Sure, I want Elena and Damon to get on together but now both of them will be brooding and not being happy together so yeah, bad call, Stefan, but I know why you had to do it. Still, I don't appreciate the way he did it. Andy's been pretty sweet. Also sweet? Alaric. I'm sad he's moving out of the Gilbert household but I'm hoping we still see him around right? The answer should be yes.

While we're with the more!evil Mr. Salvatore, let's get into that birthday-phone call. I was scared Elena wouldn't even hear it ringing, so I'm glad they at least made her answer it. And when she did? I kind of felt bad for her. I love Damon/Elena, but I've grown to really appreciate Stefan and the sacrifice he did for her, really breaks my heart. I'm glad Elena was at least able to tell him that, knowing her birthday would have been far more enjoyable if she weren't worrying about Stefan.

Of course, my favorite non-lovebirds were also very participative this episode complete with the love-hate feel they always bring to every episode. I'm happy to see them really team up and do things together -- tracking Stefan, but it makes me sad that there's still so much distrust between them. Still, the moments killed me. From Elena discovering Damon was doing digging behind her back (and how he handled it, without even telling her Andy was dead); to the surprise gift he gave her; to just every moment they were in the same screen was so damn intense. I love it.

Speaking of intense folks, there's always Tyler/Caroline/Matt and their non-triangle-triangle that I just love. I'm not one for secondary ships but this one is hard to resist. So this is how INTENSE things are when a horny!vamp and a pumped!werewolf get together. You couldn't get Tyler off Caroline and vice versa. I love how Tyler was all, 'you got to tell me' cause he got blown off before. Look at Caroline takes charge and makes a move. Too bad, Tyler's mom was apparently onto Caroline. I don't know if I just wasn't paying attention last season but I don't remember the time when she found out. Oh well, I'm sure they can't kill caroline off, so I'm not too nervous.

And though my distaste for Bonnie/Jeremy has waned over the seasons, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that i wasn't totally hating on Bonnie/Jeremy this time around. in fact, it was sweet of Bonnie to encourage Jeremy. AND HOW HOT IS JEREMY? I didn't realize how cute he was until they showed him 'working' in the grill. I think all waiters have to be cute. I love that he and Matt are bonding since Matt 'knows everything' already. I'm glad someone else knows that jeremy can see Anna and Vicky too. Don't go through this alone, Jeremy.


Downton Abbey 01x06-07

I know, I should be writing about season 2 already but before we get there, let's finish season 1, yes? we've got two to go and because I'm impatient, I'll do both this week so we can get to season 2 by the end of the week. And though I've already seen the first episode of the second season, I'll try to recap this with a non-season-2-viewing state of mind. It's gonna be hard yo, but we can do it.

Episode 6: Downstairs, there's always drama where O'Brien and Thomas are concerned. I'm glad their plot to frame Mr. Bates with the theft of the wine failed. Go Daisy for turning for the good. I'm glad things have changed. And though Mr. Bates is the forever martyr, confessing to being imprissoned before, I don't see why things should change. He's free now and is anything but dishonorable so don't be too hard on yourself, Bates.

Seeing Anna pine for Bates breaks my heart cause this guy is too damn proper, I don't know if he'll ever give Anna the time of day -- and not because he doesn't want to either. I felt so frustrated when these two couldn't sneak a kiss in, talk about bad timing. At least Anna was able to profess her feelings though.

I can't believe William's mum is dying. I know we didn't really see much of her -- or William, but he's such a sweet boy, it hurts that he's got to suffer this loss. Sure, Isobelle and Cora were in the right when they couldn't break patient-doctor confidentiality but I'm glad that Mary found a way around it.

Of course there's the entire bit about Mr. Pamuk and the rumor spreading concerning Mary. I'm glad Violet is on her grand daughter's side cause Mary will need all the help she can get. I also love how Carson is such a stalwart for Mary's honor. I hate how this will forever haunt her wherever she goes. I hope Cora and Violet don't give up on her. What will happen if Matthew finds out?!

Also pretty scary? The possibilities with this Stralind/Edith match. You know Edith's squealing about Pamuk isn't going to go unnoticed and seeing how things are actually starting to look good between Anthony Stralind and Edith makes me think, good things never last long in Downton. Nevertheless, I'm happy for Edith and how she seems to be happy at the moment.

From one sister, to the next, there's Sybil and her totally un-sneaky plans of going against her father's wishes and being political. I get this girl has her views but I get scared whenever she attends those things only because you know it'll all be blamed on Branson. I totally feel for Lord Grantham because as a father, of course you'd be worried about your youngest daughter. I'm glad Matthew was there to at least facilitate but Branson wins. You can tell he really cares for her.

Matthew/Mary But really, you know it all boils down to this for me, right? It's amazing how this ship snuck up on me without me realizing it. Their banter on the bench, "If you really like an argument, we should see more of each other" makes me blush for them. Seriously. I wan to see more of you guys. So let's argue!

Then of course, there's Mary's, "Oh Matthew, what am I always telling you? You must pay no attention to the things I say" and the looks they were giving each other over the sandwiches post-saving-Sybil were pretty damn intense. I swear I'm so glad these kids finally just kissed because it was killing me. I was actually scared when Sybil started looking at Matthew that way, but then their conversation at the dinner table killed me.

And the proposal. I hate that we didn't see it, but Downton knows how to tease and I'm glad we saw Mary post-engagement instead telling Cora about it. Lord knows Cora was pretty shocked. I would be too, but I'm so happy for her.

Episode 7: Let's start with the end and work backwards. WHAT AN ENDING, RIGHT?! Just when they all look so pretty there with their white clothes (even if Cora's in mourning over the baby boy!!!), we find out the war is coming/has begun. Damn the war! Wars mean tears and lots of sadness and we don't need that. We need Matthew and Mary reconciling and being happy and having babies! Oh wait, I'll find that in fic (On a tangent: is there any good fic for M/M out there?) But really.

So Cora and Robert almost had a baby. This makes me happy for them but also makes me sad. Knowing Lord Grantham almost had an heir and how broken he looked when he found out it was gone, it killed me. I wish O'Brien a thousand hells just because it really is all her fault and only because she thought she was being replaced. Girl, get your facts straight.

I am happy for Gwen though. it's sad we won't see her next season but it's okay to let her go, i suppose. I was kind of shipping her with William for a bit, but now he's all for Daisy. I'm happy to see Thomas go off to war too. What does he think about the war, that it's easy? He'll be in for a surprise for sure.

It broke my heart to see Edith and Mary sabotage each other till the end though. What Mary did with Anthony Stralind was evil but you can't blame her when she found out it was edith that spread the Pamuk-story. Girls, could you just get along please? No, you won't? Okay, more drama for next season then.

I love how Carson was there though to comfort mary after the entire showdown with Matthew. Again, you can't blame Matthew but Mary did look pretty sad there. Just when things were getting all tied up neatly, we get this bomb and now everything will be shaken up. Well played, Julian Fellowes.


Doctor Who 06x10: The Girl Who Waited

WAY TO GO SHOW FOR MAKING ME CRY. No seriously. Even if I did watch this one belatedly, it still brings tears to my eyes. When I was reading the plot, i couldn't quite get it (two Amy's? Really?!) but then when I saw how they brought old!Amy to life and how Rory just couldn't choose, it broke my heart. I'm really really really loving how they're bringing so much Rory/Amy love this season. They have gone through so much with the Doctor and though Amy and the Doctor do have a special relationship, it's still Rory/Amy for me.

I absolutely love it when they go to the past, but somehow, this sort of future was really pretty, maybe because it looked all Zen and clean (instead of the dirty, grimy, weird future they usually go into). i was so frustrated though that they couldn't make two Amy's exist at the same time when they've done it in previous episodes, even with Two Doctors. Why can't there be two Amys? I'm sure Rory would enjoy.

I love how old!Amy named her reworked robot into Rory and how hard and jaded she was when Rory finally came to save her. I'd hate to see Amy grow old like that, but she did wait quite some time. Thing is, Rory waited for her too. I know he did, as a centurion, so why the fuss with the girl who waited when Rory waited centuries. I guess it all evens out, now, right? Or am I just being too pro-Rory?

Either way, I was glad to have a Rory/Amy episode again just because these two kids are the cutest companions ever. I know I speak with a bias, but a boy/girl companion always brings in so many more possibilities. I can't believe this season is winding down already. It felt like it just started -- even with the break in between.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x10: Fire and Blood

Hello, we've made it. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy this series, considering how teen-angst-y my choices usually are but it's a nice 'adult' break from my usual mind-numbing loveliness that is The CW. And so we've dome to the end of the series with me raring to read the book and the next books just because.

Let's start with the North and how terribly I feel for Bran and Rickon. Sure, they still have their mom but technically, they're orphaned now that Rob and Catelyn are off in battle, Sansa's stuck at King's Landing, and Arya's off to the Wall, unknowingly. And then they dream about their dad at the same time without knowing he's been executed. Seriously, a little break for these kids? They are kids after all. And though I'm happy for Rob and this 'king of the north' business but it really just sounds like bad news.

And really, poor Sansa -- being stuck with Joffrey and his evil ways, I'd probably kill myself so at least Sansa has more strength than that. And I know The Hound is evil, but somehow I feel like this guy will redeem himself and save Sansa from herself. And I'm really excited to see how Arry will fare with Gendry just because there is potential there -- when he finds out she's a girl and they've grown close and I'm totally making this up. I see ships everywhere, okay?

Also, I'm really happy that Tyrion gets the 'power' he deserves. Sure, he's just the emissary to his father's Hand but at least we get someone who's actually thinking in a seat of power. Let's face it, Cersei's pretty much out of control and can't rein in her son so at least Tyrion has some willpower. Also, I'm so happy that Peter Dinklage won the Emmy, but more on that next time. Let's hope Shae gets a proper place when she follows to King's Landing.

While his sister is on his way to her, Jon is trying to get out. I don't blame the guy for wanting to join Robb on this war now that Ned is dead, but thank goodness Sam and company reeled him in, cause being a fugitive against the Wall means death and obviously, I don't want Jon Snow to die. it's funny though cause for someone who wasn't supposed to see much action being a steward, now he gets to go out on an expedition. See Jon, quasi-good things come to those who wait.

And finally, we get to see the real dragon come to life through Dany. But before we get to that, how sad is it that she had to euthanize Drogo. The moon of her night, the guy who sort of raped her in the beginning but grew to respect her. That Drogo. I thought she'd get a happily ever after with this seemingly unbeatable guy but no, he had to get into a vegetative state. oh well, now at least we see how Dany can truly rule and unleash the dragon (So very Sisqo, yes? I hope Dany doesn't break out a thong (song)).

[90210 Media]

90210 04x01: Up In Smoke

And the crack that is 90210 is back. Seriously, I love how in the first few seconds, we immediately make Max into a douche and prove that Naomi's pregnancy was a false alarm. SO MUCH FOR that cliffhanger, show. Seeing Naomi in BTS shots all sexy obviously spoiled it for me. And though I didn't want Naomi to be preggers, I wish they'd handled it better. There are so many other ways to terminate that plot and making Max into a douche was not the top of mind. Obviously, I am upset.

Also, I don't approve of Navid's sister at all. I don't like her living with Navid/Silver and I just don't like this plot already. I'm glad that Silver hasn't forgiven Adrianna either. Come on, let's be honest here, Adrianna was pretty much crazy town last season and all the things she did to Silver were crazy so let's let her sweat, yes?

I'm not too sure how I feel about this Ivy/Raj marriage thing and their living with Naomi. Nor do I like the entire Annie moving in with Naomi and rejecting Liam all of a sudden. Nor am I interested in the fact that Liam drunkenly bought the drink shack on the beach. I know it gives him a job now that he's back but how is he supposed to win Annie back this way. And Annie and that upper classman (who is kind cute) spells trouble. Somehow, all Annie's boys turn out to be creeps.

And what's up with the rich cowboy who Naomi turned homeless only for him to be Dixon's new roomie? I know it's all in a day for 90210 and I do watch it for laughs but somehow this season seems more over the top WTF than usual. Just how I like it. Oh 90210, never change.

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x01: Pilot

I wasn't supposed to check this out but I couldn't help it. Get Glue has a way of luring you in with stickers and whatnot and it's Sarah Michelle Gellar, someone I used to want to be, before LJ and even if I didn't follow Buffy religiously. I liked her that much. So I'm hoping this return to television is a pleasant one.

For one thing, I love how we get double the SMG. Though the set of actors are older, it still has so much drama seeped in it, it fits right in with the rest of the CW family. And the boys! I like them. From her cold!husband (hello Ioan Gruffad) to her best friend's husband/lover (the guy from Life Unexpected, right?) there's lots of pretty boys to go around, so that should keep me happy for a bit.

but I really do like the premise of having her live a quasi double life, running away from one and trying to acclimate herself into the new one, except there's so much going on, she doesn't quite know where to begin. i'm going to try this one and not commit too much. Oh really? What were these three paragraphs, Patty?

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x01: Pilot

So it's quite obvious how much i've been suckered in to the CW. It started with GG and then they all followed and now I'm coming back for more and more of teen drama angst. I guess there was a reason we did one for our senior thesis. nevertheless, this is another fun one. And because we've got Vampires, Werewolves, here come the witches.

And though I'm not too hot on any of the boys, (sorry Thomas Decker doesn't do it for me), I'm pretty excited to just get into more teen angst. Plus the girls are pretty and their parents are apparently evil. I gasped when evil!killer!dad turned out to be the good girl's dad. And the bad girl's mom is the principal. This spells conspiracy all over it. i don't know who to trust.

Also, how creepy is that theme song? I usually don't like little girls singing especially creepy songs but this one fits right in, yes? I'm going to hold judgment first till I see the next few episodes, but knowing me, I'll probably be hooked.

[True Blood Online]

True Blood 1x05-08

Episode 5: Sparks Fly OutI can't believe I finished the entire season in one go, so I'll go through this one slowly. I know it's wrong and I'm probably the only one who likes it but I really do like Sam/Sookie. This is only because Eric isn't in the picture yet, but I'd choose him over Bill any day. I feel bad that Sam got rejected, but hey, at least you got a date out of it, right? It was nice to listen to Bill though give his entire speech. Bill jealous is always a funny sight to see.

Episode 6: Cold GroundI can't believe they killed off Gran. I know this is true from the books so I shouldn't be shocked but the character was so much more loveable in the show and it makes me sad to know that Sookie won't have anyone in the house with her. The entire Bill/Sam showdown of who protects Sookie felt very TWilight-esque, but then again how many triangles can you create in a vampire story, right? Also, I feel bad for Tara and her mom. The situation is really getting out of hand and I wish I could just send the mom to rehab or something.

Episode 7: Burning House of LoveI see you finally gave up the V-Card, Sookie. I don't blame her. After the craziness of Gran's death and all the stress and Bill being there for her, I guess it just felt like the right time? I don't know but I thought I wouldn't be happy for Sookie but after all this death, I'm just glad girl was able to unwind a bit. I love how defensive Sookie was the day after. Though she had that post-coital glow, you could tell she just wanted everyone else to mind their own business. Assert yourself, Girl.

Episode 8: The Fourth Man in the FireI don't quite remember Amy from the books but Lizzie Kaplan is always a joy to watch so seeing her as the V-Trippin girlfriend of Jason always makes me laugh. The two of them are on this constant head trip and you know it's wrong but somehow for them, it's so right. I do feel bad for Lafayette's source of vampire blood. Amy goes a little too crazy with the entire kidnapping of the vampire so she can get her high. Girl, that's just wrong.
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