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Because Breaking Dawn Comes Out in a Bit

First Half Yo [Everglow Media]
As I've said before, I'm not at my A-game anymore fangirling for The Twilight Saga but because I'm a creature of habit and am mega anal about things (I did talk about the teaser a bit), I thought I owed it to my former self to at least document the countdown(ish).

Though I admit, I didn't jump out of my seat when I saw it (perhaps cause the only other fangirl I know in the office wasn't there either), I'll admit it at least got me a little bit more excited than I am at the moment, which isn't saying much, but hey, it's still something. I can't believe I'm 'growing up.' Let's all have a moment of silence. Okay, moment over, let's move on to the trailer.

So we finally get to see Bella in part of her dress which I have to say looks gorgeous from the neck up. I don't know about the bottom half but if it's a Carolina Herrera, then it's got to be pretty. Plus she actually looks really really good there with Charlie and I know I'll be tearing up everytime Papa Charlie comes out just because I've loved him in every single movie.

Also looking gorgeous at the wedding? EVERY OTHER VAMPIRE in this cast. I'm glad they pulled out all the stops with the decor and though I need a refresher on how it was described in the book, I'll give it to Alice the production design team for just piling it on.

Edward, on the other hand has had better days. I'd say New Moon!Edward would be my favorite (then again, I have a bias for Chris Weitz, but that's beside the point). It's your wedding, Edward, are you really going to do your hair that way? Yes? Okay, I'll move on.

And we all know I'm solidly on Team Edward, but Jacob looks pretty good there. That's all I have to say about him. I do love the leaving-for-the-honeymoon outfit as we saw in the first teaser as well. I think Bella's totally gotten an upgrade in wardrobe (welcome to the Cullens) and her hair just improved monumentally. Oh what real hair can do.

Of course, there's the wall-crushing honeymoon scenes and I'm dreading watching this in the cinema if only because I know the girls I'll be watching with will be reacting quite loudly. I don't mind, to each his own, right? But I get embarrassed for others REALLY EASILY and I can already tell, these will be the moments I'll want to duck out. But I will brave it out. Or at least I'll try. So yeah, sexing, we know this. Let's see Condon's take on the PG-13 version of this sans the fade to blacks.

More honeymooning complete with making out in the waterfalls and professions of undying love. Oh boy, this is going to be one stretched out first half. I'm still not over the two part bit. Talk to me two years ago and I would have died, but right now, I'm just too tired/old to really be excited till next year, especially since it'll be the end of the world and all.

DADDY!CARLISLE!!! What happened to your hair too???? I'm thinking New Moon was his bet look too, but that's just me. Is P.Fach gaining weight or have I just not seen the movies in quite a bit? But anyway, we 'find out' that the baby is evil! But Bella obviously wants to keep it so we see he deteriorate and I have to give props to the make-up folks because Bella looks like she did a 180 with her look compared to the wedding. Oh Renesme, what have you done!!!

Oh look, wolves with clothes! Skipping that... We also see the Volturri (aka Rachel McAdams boyfriend, NOOOOOO!!!!), some Brazil-loving, Alice and Jasper throwing down some wolves, lots of running through forests, CHARLIE CRYING (I DONUT APPROVE) and some Bella-POV giving birth scenes. Oh yeah, prepare for the awesome gruesome.

So see, for someone with waning interest, I still had a lot to say. Of course. Like that was ever going to change. Until the next trailer or event!

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