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Gonna Get Over You[36 Down/16 To Go!]
[+] I spent my week in and out of the office thanks to our annual planning and though I've never done this before (and was totally wracking my brain and nervous for it), it didn't turn out so bad. Except of course for the fact that I'm away from the office all day and my email continues to pile up. I had to check my email at home!!!! I always said I wouldn't do this, I prefer to keep my office work at the office, thank you very much, but these next few weeks with planning has forced me to do so.

[+] Other than that though, it was a pretty good week. Got to eat out, work out, go out and have some drama in between (silly in hindsight really) but drama nevertheless. Plus, it flew by really quickly. This month will be over before I know it, I can feel it.

[+] And obviously things have been pretty crazy otherwise this would have been posted a lot earlier, but that's how 2011 seems to be, me catching up with everything. Comments, I will reply to soon, I promise.

I told myself when I woke up this morning that I would go home early. Of course, this was not the case. i'm glad I was able to get out of the house earlier than usual (even if my dad didn't give me a ride, so this is a miracle) but still, there was so much going on at work in general that I wasn't able to do anything on my list.

So instead of heading to use my minimum of 10 visits to that torture chamber they call a gym, I pull an all nighter-ish for planning. i'm so nervous for this planning. It'll be three weeks long 9well technically just seven work days) but after hearing my boss say we'd be leading this thing, I got really really nervous. Like really nervous. I hope I don't mess up too much.

First day of planning ever and I thought I was really going to shit my pants. I've never done something like this before and though I know it's only planning, I don't like the feeling of having it all on me. Of course, it really isn't that way, I just feel like this.

So having it turn out pretty okay is good. The work doesn't stop here though and I have now a million other things to do as a result of this one, but at least we got the first day out of the way. The best part? The place we're planning in happens to be in the same building as the gym. Now I really have no excuses.

Day 2 of planning and I'm sort of getting the hang of how things are. Though I don't quite know if I'm actually doing okay or messing things up at least I know that things will finish no matter what I do. And well, things did. So at least I was a hell of a lot less nervous.

I finally got to meet my 'trainer' at the gym too. I apparently get three 'free' sessions with this trainer and even if I cancelled on him Monday night, he was really nice about it and was pretty helpful. Though it was only session one, i feel like he worked me up quite a bit. I hope I really get something out of this thing.

So apparently, I'm one of those people that don't get sick of fast food. After three days of planning, I'm totally not sick of the mall food yet. I know it's only been three days but everyone else who's been with me since we started are pretty fed up with mall food and I can't blame them but I'm glad to say I can do this all day every day. Which isn't necessarily the best thing.

My dad usually texts me when he's on the way home and can pass by for me and who am i to say no to a free ride but yesterday, I left the gym later than usual (we tried Zumba and my body hurts like hell) so today I made sure I would catch him. I left earlier than usual and so I ended up waiting at Payless. THis place is horrible just because I always want to buy their shoes. I'm glad I said no to temptation.

Finally, a day back in the office. I actually do sort of miss my desk and I try turning over some of the things to Risa. It was a pretty chill morning and we did get some milk tea in so I was pretty happy, but of course, it's only the morning and Fridays are always so much fun (insert sarcasm here).

True enough, things got a little hairy at work with multiple projects going on at once and everyone wanting everything right away. Which is totally okay but sometimes I wish things weren't too too crazy. I can't imagine how everything would be if we actually hit all our targets. I'm glad there's more than one of me now in the team.

I end up going to a birthday of my dad's uncle as the representative for the family and though I was hesitant at first, it ended up being sort of fun. The food was good and the relatives we were with in the table were the fun ones so it was nice to be there for a bit.

The afternoon sort of turned to shit though. My dad and I usually get along but we're both so sensitive that it's hard to gauge how things will go. I just wish I could be the perfect kid and not incite any drama but somehow, no matter how hard I try, it always ends up sour. Oh well. There goes the relaxing weekend.

I didn't know that Golf Expos existed until my dad decided he's be going to one all the way in Mall of Asia (so far from us, but so BIG, everything's there). So we come along and go around the mall while my dad does his thing and it's funny cause when we get to him, it's literally my dad's dream come true, golf clubs, and equipment and shoes and whatnot all around. Oh golfers you have such expensive hobbies.

I ended up shopping though. That mall always brings me to shop cause there's always a sale somewhere, so I bought my possible Christmas dress and colored pants I've been meaning to get for a while. I'm hoping I stop the shopping bit though cause obviously the money isn't exactly flowing in. Oh well.
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