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Red Carpet Round-Up: Fassy Has No Shame at the Venice Film Festival

For the Win[I Fancy The Fassy]
I'm this close to falling asleep but I should really just man up and do this before it all piles up. At first I was daunted by the amount of things happening what with the 68th Venice Film Festival and Fashion's Night Out happening at the same time, on top of the Deauville Film Festival and the MTV Video Music Awards (thank goodness no one I really cared about showed up there.

But then I broke it down and realized, well, there weren't that many people I loved at these events, which makes things lighter on my end. Of course the TIFF happened and that'll come later, just because that's where everyone's at, apparently.

Photos courtesy of I Fancy the Fassy
It's hard not to crush on this fine piece of man especially when he's looking THIS GOOD. It's not fair, really. It's just not fair. What is fair, is him winning for Shame. I'm really excited to see how he does with Carey in this one so the fact that he's won awards for it, just adds a cherry on top.

And because he's a very busy guy, he was there for A Dangerous Method as well, which is apparently by Cronenberg (who's doing Cosmpolis with Rob -- I didn't know he was that HUGE) and has Keira Knightley (who looked oh so lovely) and Viggo Mortensen too. So yeah, Fassy, you've got it, obviously.

Photos courtesy of Finding Franco
Apparently, James directed this one and it's debuting at Venice -- not a bad deal at all. Though of course, I prefer seeing James in front of the camera, leave it to the renaissance man to give all aspects of film-making a hand. Who knows, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to get my hands on a copy of this biopic he's done. Good job, Franco. Now comb your hair a bit. Or was it windy?

Photos courtesy of Ashley Greene Central, Adoring Camilla Belle, Lovely Dakota
It seems like it's the same people going to this, since last year, it was pretty much these faces I've seen. Still, I won't complain because they do pretty really really well. I wish we had better photos of Ashley, but at least I saw some of her. And how lucky is Dakota to be thatclose to Marc Jacobs? Oh to be a muse of a designer, this is the life.

Photos courtesy of, Miss Bilson
Of course, Josh Scwartzman-TV-alums, Rachel and Leighton also graced Fashion's biggest night and both looked amazing. I would have killed to see Leighton perform for the Tiffany party or hang out with Rachel at the Sunglass Hut shindig. And this goes on the things I have to witness live (no, I obviously won't be in the party, but at least outside, right?)

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Connection
Leave it to Emma to bring the class to Deauville. Though not as 'big' as the Venice Film Fest, stars sill flock to Deauville (like Rachel two years ago (already?!?)) and they always look beautiful. Emma wasn't an exception. I love the color and cut of her dress that she wore to the premiere. It looked great with her skin and hair. I absolutely loved her other outfit as well (to the photocall). Actually, the entire cast looked great. I guess i would too, if my movie were doing so damn well.

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson Online
Hello there Emma, as you grow out your hair. I'm curious to see how she does grow it out, just because I've been there before and I looked horrific, growing out short hair. Right now though, Miss Watson is looking cute as a button at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in her tartan dress. Posing with awardee Mario Testino (who's snapped her numerous times), Emma looked so very cute with her rock chic ensemble.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fan
I'm not hearing much about their movie, 50/50 but it's got JGL and AK (how cute that they're both sort of known for having acronyms for their names) so you know I'm going to try and find this somewhere. I don't know how soon this will come out here, if at all, but Anna's been looking adorable (and I'm not complaining about this too, but that's just me), so really, we all win.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
As if I didn't like them enough, camilla and Amanda were spotted at the US Open. Oh what I'd give for box seats like these girls, but really, I should add watch a tennis match live in my list of must-do before I croak. Preferably at Wimbledon of course -- to watch a match, not die.

Photos courtesy of Roneey Mara Source, Gong Yoo Thailand
Rooney and Yoo both premiered movies, Tanner Hall and Crucible respectively. I don't think I'll ever get my hands on a subbed version of the Korea movie but at least I know I can find Rooney's somewhere. And I have to say, the hair is growing on me. I saw the first interview of Rooney with Mr. Craig for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I have to say, I'm pretty pumped. December, where are you? Meanwhile, Yoo + pornstache? Not my favorite thing, but I'm not totally repulsed. I miss the clean Han Kyul from Coffee Prince though.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
And finally, Harry who celebrates his birthday this month -- a few days away, actually, was do-gooding as always (when he's not falling into swimming pools) at the Wellchild Awards. And though I'm not sure what happens at that awards show, Harry does look like he gets along with the kids which bodes well for his future heir-lets to the throne. My favorite ginger rounds up the craziness of the past few weeks. I wonder how he'll be celebrating his birthday.

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