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TV Time: Matthew's Not a Toy, Mary, Don't Forget

Where to begin this week?Well first of all, there's no more Pretty Little Liars for the meantime and we get a sneak peek at Zooey Deschanel's new comedy, The New Girl. Though I don't usually follow thirty-minuter shows on a weekly basis, I think I'll make an exception for Ms. Deschanel. Oh and I finally did watch the first season of that small show, True Blood. Anyone ever heard of it?

Downton Abbey 02x05

Let's start off by saying how terribly excited I am it's finally coming back in two weeks(ish) time. I've been rewatching non-stop and I can literally watch it over and over and over again. Episode five had the flower festival and I thought that Mrs. Crawley and Lady Grantham brought their A-Game of snark as Isobel tried defending Mr. Mosley Sr.'s honor with his roses and Violet totally succumbing and proving she does have a heart. Even if these two are at each other's necks all the time, it was nice to see them play nice for a change.

Of course, the rumor that The Turk was killed and had something to do with Mary is coming to light and though I do love Edith, I can't blame her for wanting to bring Mary down. Mary's been exceptionally rude to her what with the grabbing of Anthony Strallin whom Mary really has no interest in, Edith was really pushed to the edge. Of course, it doesn't help that O'Brien dipped her dirty hands in this scheme and brought poor Daisy in, but what's done is done and Edith's sent that letter. You can tell so many horrible things will spawn from that.

Speaking of Anthony Strallin though, the salt-instead-of-sugar debacle that he discovered really hit Mrs. Prattmore hard. I thought it was kind of Carson to sit down with her and really try to sort things out. Carson is such a bastion of propriety that it's such a joy to see him take on problems while always maintaining his decorum and his class. He feels like nobility and is so much more classy in terms of actions than the sisters he serves.

While we're downstairs though, I gave Anna and Bates an internal high five when they managed to get back at Thomas and O'Brien for their evil scheme of trying to blame Bates for the missing snuff box. I was laughing so hard when the two of them ran out of the dining quarters to search their rooms. How nice of Bates to not put the blame on them and hide the box with them even if he could. Oh Anna, you're so obvious in your love for him, but it's okay. I don't judge you.

Back up stairs (and downstairs), it's always nice to see Sybil genuinely trying to help people out. Unlike the scheming of her sisters, it's so good of her to really look out for Gwen and help her on the job hunt. Of course, I can't blame Gwen for getting disheartened but at least she's trying and has Sybil to back her up. I was so scared they were going to get caught so I'm glad they managed to pull it off even if the results weren't as great as they were hoping for. In time, Gwen, you'll get there.

And finally, we end with my favorite, Matthew and Mary. With these two, it's always a love-hate thing and it's so fun to see where they are right now. I'd say this episode was a negative in terms of moving forward in their relationship and you only have Mary and her pettiness to blame. So much for ignoring Anthony Strallin only to play mindgames with Edith and show Matthew she obviously isn't serious about him enough to really commit. So much for the banter at the pre-flower show preparations and the flirtiness while walking. Oh Mary, you never will learn. Just take this guy, Matthew's right there waiting!!! It hurt so bad when Matthew brushed her off at the flower show, but you know she totally deserved that.


Doctor Who 06x09: Night Terrors

I have to admit though I was glad we're done with the entire River-Song-is-our-daughter plot line (for now at least), I wasn't so hot about this week's episodes. Perhaps because I was expecting to be scared to death a la the stone-angels and this time with dolls. Though, i admit, I liked that we're back in the present-ish and the little boy/alien was cute, but the dolls in the dollhouse were scary but still not as good as I was expecting.

I love how Amy and Rory got stuck together though and Rory had to 'man up' and figure things out even if Mrs. Pond was doing the leading most of the time. I'm glad Amy didn't get stuck in doll-hood though because even if they weren't that scary, I was still a little creeped out by all of them, in general.

And the little boy and his dad's relationship was pretty sweet too. I can't imagine being that helpless over your 'son' only to realize he's not quite who you thought he was. Leave it to the Doctor to figure things out and make 'clearer' what is totally implausible and hard to grasp. I don't blame the kid though, that doll house was freaky.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x09: Baelor

I always find the happenings with Tyrion most interesting just because he's a bad guy with a good heart -- in a way. Sure, he's scheming, but I'll choose him over any of the other Lannisters and though I'm never quite sure how the whores really feel about him, I hope this Shae girl does him well because his sob stories about his past (and whores) really do make me sad. ALas, the realities of being the Imp in the family.

Meanwhile, Robb is doing quite the great job trying to manage this war and lead the men to their hopeful victory. Though it does take Catelyn and her negotiating skills to get them across the Twins, at least you can see how Robb's matured -- not freaking out when his mom tells him he's got to be married off as part of the terms. I personally would not want to be married off to the Frey's just cause they all look pretty bad (I see cobwebs) so poor Robb, you're hotter than this, remember that.

At the Wall, we get some revelations from Master Aemon and Lord Commander Mormont. Because I am slow and did not realize ser Jorah and the Lord Commander shared the same last name, I didn't get they were related, much more father-and-son. And though I don't know if Sam's prediction that Jon's being groomed by the Lord Commander (I really just think he's the valet in the meantime), it was nice of him to give Jon the sword. And poor Aemon, talk about choosing duty over family. You could learn a few things, Jon.

Moving on to Dany who's totally at wit's end thanks to the Khal Drogo's wound getting more infected, she mistakenly asks for Mirri's help though you can tell you shouldn't trust this lady one bit. True enough, the rest of the Dothraki don't trust what's happening and Dany gets embroiled in drama only to have her go into labor earlier than expected. I swear, if nothing happens between her and Ser Jorah next season, i'm going to throw a fit just because you can tell there's something there. Unless of course that's just me.

And finally, we finish at King's Landing where Ned thinks he'll be saved if he only confesses, which of course Jeoffrey, the asshole totally doesn't respect. I really wish him the worst karma ever because to see Ned get his head chopped off still stuns me after every rewatch. I can't imagine how Arya must have felt seeing him there, or how Sansa reacted, knowing she's betrothed to the douchebag. I feel sorry for the girls. If only they both stayed at Winterfell. RIP Ned Stark, I thought we'd see you around for longer.

[Zooey Fan]

New Girl 01x01: Pilot

So I'm in agreement with most people that despite the fact that it's Zooey being adorable, I'm not quite sure how they're going to make this last for more than one episode, much more an entire season. But still, I like having Zooey on my screen and even if it's only for 20 minutes a week, that's way more than I used to have. Having said that, I did laugh during the twenty minutes of Zooey watching Dirty Dancing and the dollar donations to the douchebag jar because let's be honest, Schmidt is a douche.

I was reading about the other guys and apparently Coach isn't even coming back to the second episode, but something tells me there could be something with the third guy (who broke up with his girlfriend -- but called her to get them into the Cowboys/Indians party) and Jess. Maybe it's just me, but he seemed the most normal and therefore, a possible hook-up for Jess. I don't know though.

I'll watch a few more episodes and see how it goes, but I'm really rooting for Zooey and hoping it all works out for her and the show. Please let the rest of it be good.

[True Blood Online]

True Blood 01x01-04

So I didn't think I'd get sucked in but after finishing the first book while on a trip, i figured, I might as well give the series a try what with me following starryeyedmagic's recaps even without reading the books or watching the show. So here goes, I'll try not to get into it too much. This is me, chill-watching. Oh and I've seen the entire season one, I'm just breaking up my thoughts just cause.

01 Strange Love: I read the book quite fast so things aren't very clear with me but I didn't think I'd like Tara or Sam as much as I do on the show, maybe because they're so much more entertaining to watch (Tara with her foul mouth and Sam, who is actually really adorable and cute) but I'm really liking the two of them much more than I do Sookie. But Sookie isn't bad at all and though I know I'm on Team Eric (just because ASkars > Compton dude any time), I have to say Bill isn't too bad. I was expecting to totally despise him, but I don't. So this is a good thing.

02 First Taste: I didn't think I'd enjoy watching Jason either but I'll be honest, as beef-cake-y as he looks, I do appreciate a nice pair of abs and Jason Stackhouse is nothing but abs. Sure, he's got the poorest taste in women, at least in the sense that they end up dead, but at least we see a lot of naked!Jason, it makes up for his idiocy. And though I didn't quite get giddy when Bill and Sookie went out, I'm happy for Sookie. She's been waiting a long time for this and Bill does seem like a good man. I'm with Adele on this, if he makes Sookie happy, then so be it.

03 Mine: Well, we're moving fast, aren't we Miss Stackhouse? Sure, the entire 'mine' declaration was only to save her, but she's getting pulled into this vampire world very fast. I would run in the other direction if I were her. Or I would totally just take Sam, just like Tara did. I approve, girl, you lucky duck. Meanwhile, Jason continues no his downward spiral, now experimenting with V. Oh the booty-shaking he had to do for Lafayette was hilarious and Tara should just man up and tell Jason all about her feelings (but go ahead do Sam on the side).

04 Escape from Dragon House: First things first, Jason should stop sleeping with girls because they will die for sure and he really needs prescription instructinos tattoed on his forehead lest he forget that a drop does not equal the entire vial. The entire prolonged erection bit was hilarious and leave it to Tara to help him out, but Jason needs to chill out. Also, we finally get our introduction to Eric (complete with long blonde hair, which he totally needs to cut) and Pam, who I can tell I will like a lot. It's nice to see more bad-ass vamps just because. You go, Fangtasia.
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