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We only said good-bye with words, I died a hundred times; You go back to her and I go back to black

No time to regret[35 Down/17 To Go!]
[+] WOULD IT KILL THE GOVERNMENT TO GIVE US ONE LONG LONG WEEKEND (2 days off) every quarter?! That's just an extra EIGHT days of vacation and less than my original plea for ONE long weekend every month (12 days versus 8 days). Politicians, listen to me, please?

[+] Needless to say, BEST long weekend ever. Not the most restful (jamypye made sure of that, but at least we only got three days at work when we got back (though it was a pretty crazy three days), it wasn't like we weren't expecting that.

[+] I also got a new officemate/teammate in the form of an old high school classmate/friend! I'm excited to have a 'complete'-ish team at work now, versus my one-man-team under my boss 11 months ago. Yup, only eleven months in this job. Feels like dog years, yes?

[+] Here's to hoping we don't die of exhaustion this coming week with 5 days of actual work ahead!

The best way to start a week? With no work of course. On the THIRD long weekend of the year (I'm counting Holy Week here, so it's really rare), we get showered with heavy rains, but it's all good cause my dad is game to drive us around. My sister needs to be at the dentist, which also happens to be in Greenhills, so I tag along and get suckered into buying a blue jacket. I'm pretty good though cause I stay away from shopping further despite the mall-wide sale.

It's even better cause tomorrow, we still don't have work and though I'm trying my best to enjoy each day, I'm also very much dreading the work that'll be coming up when we do return to work. I'll try not to think about it too much though. For now, I shall relish it.

And because my sister cannot physically keep herself from going out, we were out and about today as well. Though, of course, part of it was actually because I was going to meet high school friends. We headed to Rockwell (one of my favorite malls, that I do miss a bit) and had lunch with our respective friends only to meet up afterwards and EAT AGAIN. Seriously, we literally hopped from resto to resto and ate. It's not healthy.

By the time we get home, we're exhausted but have enough energy to laugh through Bridesmaids. I've never seen the IT Crowd so I didn't realize how freaking adorable Chris O'Dowd is. I won't bother commenting on Jon Hamm, cause we all know I heart him. I'm glad we were able to buy DVDs again. it's been awhile since I went on a DVD spree.

Surprisingly, the first day back after the long weekend wasn't too too bad. I guess doing quasi-advanced work last Thursday helped ease me back into the work week. Next week will be the rough one when I have to survive five days instead of this week's measly three days. Plus everyone around was in a good mood so things were chill. I say more long weekends (THIS LONG) -- at least one per quarter? Yes?

And I have a new officemate/team mate and we just happened to be classmates in high school and went to the same college. It's great to have Risa on board already just because she's one of the liveliest and smartest and just hardworking girls I knew from high school. I'm really excited to have her join the team. Here's to hoping it all works out great for all of us -- especially with the planning coming up.

and so it's the first day at the gym. I'm setting the bar low and giving myself a 10 times/month visiting quota just so that I can break even in terms of the money I paid, and on day one, I realize just how out of shape/weak, I really am. Other than the obvious breathlessness while doing cardio, I also sucketh at any weights whatsoever. Off to a good start, I suppose.

Because for some reason I'm not yet tired enough from yesterday's gym sojourn, I torture myself one more time. Friday nights seem to be great for the gym (or me at least), as there aren't as many muscled people walking around. And as silly as it sounds, I never thought I'd be faced with actual gym rats who look really good in their tight clothing. It's like, well, you're not getting there, Patty, but it's okay. I'm amazed at how much time they've devoted to looking that good. I just wanted to sleep.

Before heading home, I was cravnig a chicken chops burger from Bon Chon. I know, right? Totally deserving of a DEADLY Burger even if I only burned so little during my apparently hour and a half of agony. The gods must ahve been looknig down on me, cause the chicken chops weren't available anymore. Oh well, money saved.

Of course two days of torture equal me waking up in the afternoon and having my body hurt in places I didn't know existed. still, it feels good to have NOTHING to do today but just veg. I like veg-ing, obviously. The house was empty too of siblings so it's just me and the parents.

It's a good thing cause I was able to catch up on the LJ entries I didn't get around to posting. I swear, I don't know where all the time goes. it literally just flies by. I was able to just chill though in the evening and watch some Sex and the City 2 (I love it, don't judge me).

My sister's godmother (she's also my dad's cousin and they're close) is back in the country so we had dinner out with her and though it was raining like CRAZY -- like really really crazy, we braved the weather and had dinner out at Serendra. Abe is fantastic and I think I ate too much, too fast. Regrets, regrets.

By the time I got home, I was just in a food coma and couldn't get up to change. i'm lucky I was even able to get out of my street clothes and into my pajamas and into bed. Glorious way to end the weekend, I tell you.
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