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TV Time: Killing Hitler Seems Like So Much Fun

The Doctor is finally back and he brought lots of surprises with him, my siblings and i were pretty much at the edge of our seats the entire time. All the regeneration and crop circles and of course, HITLER (!!!) made for a pretty awesome return to my small screen. I can't believe we only have a few episodes left this half of the season. Why does Doctor Who always go by so fast???

Doctor Who 06x08: Let's Kill Hitler

There is so much going on with River Song right now that I didn't know what to expect anymore. Then they threw in Mels who apparently was River and it would be so very interesting to me if they told River Song's story in its actual correct chronological order (same goes for the Doctor), but that would be too much to ask, of course. Perhaps a fan could super-cut and piece together River's timeline, yes?

It's still amazing how Rory and Amy grew up with their kid in a way thanks to time travel. Even if Rory and Amy (now married -- but weren't they cute before they got together?!) can't be with their child physically at the moment, in retrospect, at least they were able to experience her. Though I'm sure that's something a little difficult to swallow for the parents.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty fun episode starting off with the cute crop circles with Mr. and Mrs. Pond. It makes me so happy to see them really work together and be friends with the Doctor and not have any awkwardness. Rory still owns my heart and the way they saved the Doctor from dying really warms me up. These kids are too sweet.


Downton Abbey 01x04

It's alawys a joy to see Cousin Violet and Mrs. Crawley go at it and this time, they involved Mosley and his hand infection. I love the power struggle between these two because it's always so humorous and yet you can tell there's an underlying pressure to be the number one between them. At the same time, it never gets over the top. These women bring so much understated hilarity to this show.

Meanwhile, there's always drama where Matthew and Mary are concerned. I have to say, I do feel for Mary, what with Mr. Pamuk just dying the last episode and now her feeling like her dad loves Matthew more than her (totally unfounded, by the way). When she broke down though, I actually felt bad for her. I feel like it's really deeply rooted, much more than just the entail. But that's just me romancing Mary.

Her conversation with Matthew at the fair was really cute though. These kids need to interact more. There's always so much tension between them, so it's nice to see them at least get along at some points.

And though I knew Mrs. Hughes wouldn't be leaving service, it was nice to know that there could have been something for her as well. Though I do ship her with Mr. Carson (I know, I'm the only one), she and that guy would have been cute together (even if she was his second choice in a way).

I didn't quite remember how they introduced Branson the first time I watched this, so it's a nice refresher to see him come in. Though I'm not the biggest Branson/Sybil shipper, they do get more adorable as the episodes go on. I like how Branson supports Sybil's passion for equality. And I love that she's helping Gwen out too. Stay awesome, Sybil.

Finally, we see Bates and Anna and their relationship blooming more. Sure, Anna was sick the entire time but when Bates knocked on the door separating the men's and women's quarters with food on a platter for her, I died inside. I swear, these kids need to get together faster.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x08: The Pointy End

Things are happening so fast in King's Landing, that I feel so bad for Arya. I'm glad she got away from the King's Guard but with her sword teacher dying and her accidentally killing that boy, I wonder how much more she'll be able to take. Meanwhile, I don't feel one bit for Sansa. I know it's a blind hatred, but I just feel like she could have made things better if only she listened to her dad.

It always amazes me how gifted Tyrion Lannister is. Sure, he's got Bronn with him but to face up to the barbarians and manage to convince them to come along with him to the Lannister camp, sure shows a lot of balls for such a small guy. And Bronn, good for you, sticking by Tyrion. I know he's in it for the money, but it's still nice to know he's got someone on his side.

Also, I'm really glad that Catelyn is finally leaving the Vale just because that place creeps me out. Other than crazy!Lysa and her weird son, the place just looks really gloomy and derelict (moreso than the other castles, I know they all look alike). Get out of there, Catelyn, you know your sister isn't going to help you one bit.

Up North, it makes me happy to see Robb all manned up. In the book, I realize he's only 14 so it would have been more impressive/scary to see a young boy go to war as their leader. And poor Bran, left to be the Lord of Winterfell as such a young age. I'm glad that Robb's got the support of all those bannermen though. And to capture Jamie Lannister? Claps all around for him. Kill that mofo!

At the wall, I feel frustrated for Jon Snow. He's really trying his best to just do his thing, but Ser Alliser is totally getting on his case. At least Jon was able to prove himself and save Commander Mormont from the creepy Whitewalker in his room. Good call taking Ghost with him. I swear those dogs are saving all of Ned's kids in his absence.

And finally, I know Dany means well but that healer looks like risky business. Sure, Khal Drogo invading was a bad idea initially but if Dany didn't interfere, then the Khal's wound wouldn't get aggravated. I'm really just scared cause Dany's fine now that the Khal is in power, but something tells me things aren't going to go as well -- now that Dany's really grown into her role as Khaleesi.

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]

Pretty Little Liars 02x12: Over My Dead Body

First off, I didn't realize this was already the mid-season finale. I don't like cliffhangers and this one was a huge one, if I saw one. They've raised the stakes so high again, that I'm honestly confused as always and am pretty sure they're going to resolve these things really lamely, as they always do.

The speaking dolls are pretty creepy and the way they cut the episode was pretty good though, making it seem like Emily was somehow involved only to reveal she was just being questioned. I don't get why the old cop had to come back but I guess they're trying to make things even more complicated -- not that it already is.

And what's up with the Aria/Ezra/Ezra's ex brouhaha. I hope Aria fights back because I don't like that she's being blackmailed by this woman. It makes me laugh though that Mrs. Montgomery still thinks that Ezra's dating Spencer. I wish they'd just come out with it and suffer the consequences already. We all know that they won't send Ezra away, right?!

Speaking of Spencer though, it makes me so happy to see Wren come back and come back with a vengeance. I know he used to date Spencer's sister but they'd look so cute together. Finally, Hannah's breaking up the wedding really hit me hard. I feel bad for her. I know she only means well but A's being a bitch.

AND REALLY, WHO THE HELL IS A?! I thought it was Garrett and Jenna already what with their rejoicing in the police station but apparently, it still isn't?! Who could it possibly be? I wish it were Garrett/Jenna because at least that would have been more plausible but now that they've crossed them out, anyone they put in the role of A will be a WTF moment, for sure.
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