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Glossy Groupie: Two or More Ryans Is Always a Good Thing

TWINZ [Gosling Fan]
One can obviously not have enough of Mr. Gosling. After seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love, I've gone on some rampage to see everything he's done and though I'm still in the process of finishing his filmography, his hotness knows no bounds. UP next on my list are Blue Valentine and Half-Nelson.

Sure, every girl in my office gushes about thim after seeing CSL, but the real proof? My little sister, who doesn't openly crush on anyone in general, has Ryan as the wallpaper on her iPad. Seriously. And you can't blame the kid, he really is pretty damn handsome. Now if only there really were two of him, then we could have one each.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
On being recognized: It's like being in a dream. You don't know anybody, but everybody knows you, everybody reacts to you. You can be walking along in a dream, through a pretty normal world, and then bam, everything seems to be a response to your presence. Everything seems to be driven by you. And that's notable at first, and you deal with it. And then — and it happens every time — you become aware it's a dream. Right about then, when you think you have it figured, and that acknowledging that will make it easier, it inevitably becomes a nightmare. [Esquire]
What I would give to be the interviewer that went on a drive with Ryan through New York, Coney Island, etc?! I do love the photos though with double the Ryan. You obviously can't have too much of this guy and he's looking pretty incredible lately. Too bad he didn't show up at Venice to promote, Ides of March, but I'm slowly trying to get over that.

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
On dealing with bad cards: "People deal with horrible things all the time. Downstairs in this pub someone has a parent who is battling cancer. Someone has just lost their job. You’re right. Life is really f***ed up and it’s really painful sometimes."[Marie Claire UK]
I do love love love her on the cover of this one. She looks really cute with the star patterned top and her big smile. I'll miss her considering the next time we see her, she'll be doing promotions for Dark Knight Rises. So excited to see her in that one.

HANDLER: Did you honestly stop watching though, because you found there were too many similarities between you and Snooki?
HATHAWAY: Absolutely. I like to watch MTV for escapist pleasure, but when I saw Snooki, I saw my twin. I couldn't lose myself in the show anymore because there I was.
HANDLER: I had to actually stop watching the show because I was like, "This girl reminds me too much of Hathaway."
HATHAWAY: I've heard that from many people. [Interview]
This cover and spread was so ridiculously beautiful and she just looked stunning. I didn't think she could pull off this kind of thing just because i always see her so wholesome and bright and in color, but the dramatic Black and white photos really hit hard. I'm just blown away.

HATHAWAY: That being said, I think JWoww is amazing. I love JWoww. She's intense. See, JWoww to me is proper Jersey because she will scrap for a friend.
HANDLER: That's actually very true. I don't know how much scrapping people in L.A. or in our business actually do—physical scrapping. But it would be good to know that you had a friend that could physically back you up if necessary. [Interview]
Plus Chelsea interviewing her was pretty hilarious. They get into the weirdest topics and I think I'm going to read more Interview magazine now just because the interviews are always so different (in a good way).

Photos courtesy of Eddie Redmayne Online
On living in New York: I’ve got to say, I had the most spectacular time of my life. I was living in the East Village in a great little flat by Astor Place, and I’d always had this romantic dream about living in New York at some point. When I was living in New York, I had this slightly wannabe bohemian existence and took up painting, at which I’m appalling. I also bought several guitars. [Interview]
My dad's been reading PIllars of the Earth and I'm going to have to look it up because I saw that the show would be premiering on star movies soon so it will be nice to see Eddie in it. Also if I ever see the September issue of Interview, I should probably snap it up considering Anne and Eddie are in it.

On how he introduced himself to Michelle Williams" I embarrassedly admitted that i'd grown up on Dawson's Creek. Michelle took it with a laugh, but I was deadly serious! It was a weekly ritual at Eton to watch Dawson's Creek and pretend our priveleged life was really melancholic. [Glamour US]
I can't wait to see Eddie in MY Week With Marilyn. I really hope it turns out well. I know Michelle will be fabulous in the role. It's adorable how he introduced himself to her though. And who knew he studied at Eton? Rich, much?

Photos courtesy of Mila Kunis Online
On being single: “Being single, I find myself not being able to be in a room with a man without, the next day, I’m dating that man. That happened for a solid six months when maybe – maybe! – I’d been in the same room.”

On what she looks for in a man: “Humour is an amazing quality to have. I like sarcasm, satire, self-deprecating humour. But I also think there’s something to be said for not looking for anything and being pleasantly surprised." [Glamour UK]
Please stay adorable, Mila. I'm kind of craving more and more of this girl so I'm hoping she starts dishing out more movies (she has Ted with Mark Whalberg, so that's something). Just like Ryan, I"m a little obsessed with her right now so I might do a mila-movie-marathon too. Any suggestions with what's good? I know her That 70's stint is hilarious though.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Connection
On having an opinion on her style: At first I didn't think I was allowed to have opinions without being a crazy person or completely irrational—it's like in life, you learn where you can have them. But my stylist understands me completely. She's not like, 'You're going to wear this sparkly princess gown.

On Comic-Con: "It's my favorite place; I'm dead serious. Don't you find people who are passionate about something—it doesn't matter what it is, unless it's like, murder—kind of amazing?" [Teen Vogue]
Do I really need to say any more? Emma's been gracing covers for three months in a row now with all her movies coming out and I wish there were more outtakes from the shoot but I'll take what I can get. She and Andrew better get the joint cover thing that Teen Vogue usually does when a big movie/tv pairing gets born. I think they'd look amazing on the cover next year in time for the launch of the movie, yes?

Photos courtesy of Pretty Little Liars Fan
On breaking hearts: I’ve never had my heart broken. And I don’t want to have my heart broken. I’m afraid of it. Even when I break someone else’s heart, I’m really upset about it. And I’m not even feeling half of what they are…

On being 'normal': Everything I do is unfabulous. I’m the most normal person. I love walking everywhere, and going to hole-in-the-wall places, like nail shops, because they do the best job. And I go to vintage stores rather than high-end boutiques, because I like to dress different from other people. [Seventeen]
Hannah is probably my favorite character on the show and it's interesting how seventeen gave both she and Lucy covers so near each other. Are Troian and Shay will have one too? She's adorable though and looks really fun. I wouldn't mind hanging out with her.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
On the wedding
Pattinson: I did my scenes first. And I was looking at you, and you kind of didn't want anyone to see your face. It was funny, I could see her getting sort of emotionally affected by it and I almost didn't want to stay at the end of the aisle. I wanted to go down and say, "Stop being ridiculous." (Laughs)
Stewart: I wanted to run down the aisle. I was literally pulling away from Billy (Burke, who plays her father). Now it's a trip to watch the wedding scenes especially. It was so volatile and emotional -- I was being such a crazy person. [EW]
It was a pretty interesting read considering I wasn't excited for the movie, lately. SO at least this one is teasing me a bit and keeping the interest burning even just a bit. I'm still scared about the fact that they broke up the movies and are showing them A YEAR later but I can't do anything about it, so yeah.

On not being in charge of her life: No. Not really. Not if I want to think solely about what I really like to do. It’s a funny thing: You want so badly for people to see what you do—you’re proud of it—and I like the effect that movies have on people. But the attention can also make me uncomfortable. In certain situations, people say to me, “C’mon, what’s wrong with you?” I apologize. I love what I’m doing, but I’m a little uncomfortable.

On watching herself: It’s not like I sit around watching my movies again and again, but I’ve never quite believed actors when they say they don’t watch themselves. I hear them going around the block to make excuses for why they don’t watch their work. It’s bullshit. Sorry, guys—I know you watch your stuff. [W]
And last, but obviously not the least, Kristen covered W magazine and my mind just exploded. Girl looks fantastic on the cover and the inside pages looking all bombshell-rific with the big hair and the make-up and the come hither attitude. It makes me happy to see her easing up to the cameras and to the lifestyle in general.

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