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Trailer Thursday: 50/50 Aren't Such Bad Odds

[Anna Kendrick Fan]
My batting average for August was a surprisingly good one at the cinemas. Then again, there was so much going on as well and with family coming home, it's always nice to relax at the movies. The -ber months are upon us though and this makes me excited to see if genrocks will be producing another mind blowing 2011 film retrospective the way she did last year. Sending good vibes to Gen!


A cute (but ambiguous ending) movie with a more serious subject matter and this time with the cuteness of JGL and AK. I know she plays his therapist in this one and he's sick with cancer, but can we all be unethical and have them end up together, please?


I love that we don't get just Ryan driving fast cars, but we get Carey AND Joan Christina too. Something tells me this one isn't going to end too happily, though.


Yet another pretty movie with the sick-character-in-the-lead role kind of thing and this one is directed by Gus Van Sant and seems to be scored really beautifully, at least the trailer is. Plus I'm growing a girl crush on Mia Wasikowska ever since Jane Eyre. She's gorgeous, okay?!

Tanner Hall

I know this one is old but Rooney looks so adorable and clean in this one, it'll be a nice lead-up to her eventual debut as Lisbeth Salander. And it's got the guy from That Thing You Do!. I still want to study in a boarding school.

What's Your Number?

OKAY. SO CAPTAIN AMERICA HAS ME ALL UP ON CHRIS EVANS. Can you blame me??? No. I know. So this one better end up stereotypically because if they deviate and make Anna Farris NOT end up with Chris Evans, I'll be disappointed. I'd rather be predictable and happy than try to be 'different' and not have a happily ever after. I said my piece.

I Don't Know How She Does It

So this one's based on a book (like everything nowadays) and though I haven't read it (I'm not at that mommy-stage yet), I'd like to see SJP in a movie again. I happen to enjoy her movies, now that I think about it (Family Stone ♥) so this one should be cute. And she's a mommy in this one, guys. Bye bye Carrie Bradshaw.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

This just looks all out ridiculous and if I Need to turn my brain off for a bit, I would leave my brain in the able hands of Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte. They always crack me up on SNL and the premise of this movie alone is making me laugh already.


I don't play any sports but I do have a soft spot for feel-good sports movies (I STILL HEART YOU JERRY MAGUIRE) and though this one doesn't have Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden playing in it, it does have a very suburban looking Brad Pitt, who I feel is just aging really nicely. And Jonah Hill is serious, yo.


Disaster/Disease movies are typically trying to be A-list movies but in hindsight end up becoming really cheesy, this one actually looks like it has the potential to stay away from non-cheesiness. The star-studded cast doesn't assure that people live though. Yes, Matt, she's dead. Unless, there's a twist, I'd like to see how Sodebergh takes on disease-dramas.

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