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Twist[34 Down/18 To Go!]
[+] My sister jamypye is once again back in town for the long weekend and though it gets ultra tiring when she's around, it's also really fun so it all evens out. Anticipating her arrival always brings me to a state of laziness though (in all other aspects of my life).

[+] This week, I also discovered how grossly out of shape I've gotten. It's gotten to a point where my blood refuses to come out of my veins to donate blood because apparently I don't get enough exercise or something. I really should do something about this soon.

[+] For more good times, I met up with a friend from college to catch a movie in the middle of the week and it's pretty fun to pretend you're not going to work the next day even if there's a whole lot of work to do.

[+] The long weekend (Monday, Tuesday) off should be fun (even with the rain) so I hope everyone else has a good week up ahead!

So two things happened to me today that is making me want to change my lifestyle. Number one, I couldn't donate blood, not because I wasn't healthy, I am. I passed all the damn tests (this would have been my fourth donation). Except my uncooperative blood wouldn't flow out. They gave up after trying both arms out and only 10cc later. I feel horrible and totally disappointed in myself. They said if I exercised more, my vessels would be more open and have blood flowing nicer. I will work on this. ANother reason to work out? When they weighed me, I was FIFTEEN POUNDS OVER MY supposed ideal weight. Depressing stuff, I tell you.

Still, I don't want to pressure myself too much with this, so I'm going to just do it a day at a time and see how far I can go with it. Still, right now I'm trying to stay positive and feel determined to do something about me whining about my belly and my thighs constantly. Here we go.

I don't regret not stressing last week but suddenly, this week there are a hundred things to do and very little time to accomplish it all and suddenly wish I had more time. It doesn't help either that I'm having a hard time suddenly reading people in the office. I'm usually an okay judge of things but lately, I've been feeling a little off with how to act around folks. Oh well, I should just keep at working and not bothering too much about everything else.

My dad was able to give me a ride home which totally salvaged the day. If only I could just keep getting free rides going to work and coming home, I'd definitely have less things to worry about. Then again, a little extra challenge to get through to make life more exciting, yes? That's what I tell myself.

Hump days are always good and this one managed to go by ok even if I'm dangerously close to the deadlines set. Scary-ish thing happened outside the office though. After lunch, we could see billows of smoke outside the window only to discover a vehicle was on fire in the tunnel right outside the office. I'm not sure if anyone was hurt but our office had the smell of smoke. It got resolved pretty quickly though,.

It's a good thing I was able to drag Ana to the movies with me. I miss this girl so much, I totally jump at any reason to see her even if we were trying to be quiet throughout the movie (this is impossible, we tried being polite to movie goers though). I wish we could do this way more often than we do now.

I know I won't have any concentration tomorrow with my sister coming home at night and with my meetings and the physical check-up so it's a good thing I totally persevered and managed to finish most of my work (with minor revisions for the next week). Sure, I stayed late, but at least I was in the groove and somehow got things rolling. It's harder to start something than to continue it, so at least I have some foundation.

Plus, Pam and I were able to have some Cha time which totally fueled the rest of my evening so I wasn't to cranky -- even if i had to spend money on my cab. Best part? ministop chicken for dinner. I swear those mutated chickens are the best treat after a long day at work.

My sister arrives tonight so I'm practically out of the office (in terms of concentration). I do attend a lunch meeting though, with a client, who turns out to be one of my good friends from high school. Who knew? What a small world really. It was nice to catch up a bit with her considering I haven't seen her since high school.

We picked up my sister at the airport and though I'm totally tired from the week at work, we manage to have dinner out and coffee and then I crashed at home. This is the start of the ultra long weekend though, so I'm not complaining one bit.

And we're up pretty early-ish considering we got in at around 2am this morning and it's a lazy day at home. The rain is pouring really hard (Thanks a lot, weather for cooperating with the only long-er weekend we'll be having) but it's all good cause we do nothing but laze around anyway.

My sister is off to meet up with her boyfriend and my parents are going out, so I end up sleeping early and waking up at 10 in the evening. Of course, I can't blink a wink of sleep so I end up watching Friends with Benefits which is actually pretty awesome. I liked No Strings Attached but this one was just way more hilarious.

My god we are on a roll. After mass at 8 in the morning (yup, we made it), we head to Makati because my sister just can't get enough of the outside world. We end up seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love (again and yet it's still so awesome the second time around) and eat and eat and eat and eat. NO really, we do nothing but eat.

By the time my dad gets off his shift at the hospital, we've stuffed ourselves to the highest heavens and eat some more at Tsukiji (a pretty rad Japanese restaurant). I realize, I should probably make a list of all the good Japanese resots in the city so I can knock them down one by own. This would be a good list to make.
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