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Red Carpet Round-Up: Anne & Jim Bring 'One Day' From New York to London

20 Years. 2 People[Anne Hathaway Fan]
Despite the not-so-glowing reviews for One Day, I still sort of enjoyed it given the fact that two of my favorite people were starring in it (all miscast-discussion aside). And though it wasn't like the Jake/Anne promo tour of utter love, I'd like to believe Jim brought his adorable British self and complemented Anne's American ways.

They weren't the only ones going around being their pretty selves. Jennifer (with her baby bump) showed up at the D23 Expo; Harry, Kate and Wills reached out to those affected by the London riots; Leighotn got all 'lovestruck' by her perfume and Jake planted more goodness in SF.

Photos courtesy of Jim Sturgess Online
Before the premieres, Jim and Anne went around the talk shows to promoted the movie. Jim's appearance on Kimmel was pretty hilarious and of course Anne did her rapping bit on Conan. I did love her very rock-and-roll gone chic look at Jon Stewart though.

Anne must really love McQueen, showing up in two McQueen dresses for the premiere of this movie. I love her London gown more but her NY gown was pretty fantastic too. Her strapless black dress has an explosion of gold embroidered details on the boned bodice, which narrows at the waist before fanning out into a flared skirt spells high drama and it's really amazing how far Anne's gone when it comes to her red carpet style. Obviously, this is a hit.

For the New York afterparty, Anne switched gowns to a really dainty sleeveless Carven dress featured embroidered details on the bodice and skirt (which I can't see in the photos). I love how she can go from ultra glam, to just simply sweet. She looks wonderful.

Finally, Anne wowed at the London premiere of the movie (where the film is also set) so it was nice that she wore a British designer as well. She looked AMAZING in her Alexander McQueen white tape ribbon embroidered dress. I would never be able to pull off a tea length dress, but she does so beautifully. I love her hair and make-up and just how adorable they look.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Harry and Will and Kate have been doing the rounds after the London riots. Harry visited some fire fighters and tried boosting morale after the horrible events that happened a few weeks past. Then he headed to Salfard to mingle with the folks who'll be joining the Kayak expedition. Oh Harry, please stay outdoorsy. You know you look most at home when you're not in your suit and tie and just in the great outdoors.

Meanwhile, the ever adorable Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to Birmingham to show their support for those devastated by the riots. I absolutely loved Kate's Alexander McQueen ensemble that looked oh so very army-wives-esque, which is really what she is, other than being a princess. I know it's protocol that they shouldn't be holding hands, but I wouldn't mind seeing a shot of them being sweet. Let's not be too proper, yo.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net
Mommy-to-be Jennifer was out at the Disney 23 Expo looking radiant in her blue dress. I'm so happy to hear the news that she's on the family way again and though another girl would still be a gift, I'm hoping the Afflecks get the boy, they're probably wishing for. She looked absolutely pretty here and I can't wait to see her do more events now that she's got that bump to dress up too.

Photos courtesy of Zooey Fan
It's so wonderful to see Miss Deschanel out and about, at the premiere of her movie, Our Idiot Brother which looks all sorts of hilarious. I'm absolutely in love with her Moschino dress with an oversized collar and ruffled detail at the waist. She just looks so freaking sophisticated in her black and white ensemble. I wish she got out more to promote this film. Perhaps when The New Girl comes on my TV screen, we'll see her more?

Photos courtesy of IHeartJake and
First off, I love Leighton's dress. I love the color, love the cut and love how smiley she is at the Lovestruck perfume launch party. She needs to be this giddy all the time. Just beautiful. Meanwhile, Jake's doing good with the Boys and Girls Club of SF planting in their school yards. Yes Jake, I love you even more when you're being a goodie.

Photos courtesy of Yoon Eun and Gong Yoo Thailand
Eun Hye came out (with very little makeup and looking tired) to the VIP screening of a movie while Yoo attended the press con of his movie and though I don't know what either movie is about, it's just good to see these kids out and about again, even if it isn't together. I'm totally giving up on finding a Kang Ji Hwan fansite in english, so it looks like it's back to these two.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source and Shia LaBeouf Daily
And finally, though I said that Shia was at this event, as you can see, he barely showed himself, so it's not like we can chalk it up to an appearance. Jon Hamm was there though and you know he totally made up for anything lacking whatsoever. I don't know when we'll ever see another photo with Marilyn Manson, but this is one odd pairing, I'm actually interested to figure out what was going down conversation-wise.

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