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TV Time: A Little Bit of English Hospitality Sure Goes a Long Way

Yes, I have seen the latest Doctor Who but because this TV post is way too late, I'll save my thoughts for the return of Rory, Amy and the Doctor for this weekend, yes? For now, let me revel in the glory of Downton Abbey just because I keep enjoying the crap out of this thing no matter how many times I've rewatched the episodes. I know, I'm obsessed. It's almost September though, that means... hello again, fall TV.

Downton Abbey 01x03

Can this show get any more awesome? Apparently, it can. And this week, we get more scandal and awesomeness as Mary flings herself at entertains more suitors and Mr. Bates, tries to self medicate his limp away. But let's start with the upstairs drama.

Mary, Mary, Mary. I love that you're at least trying your luck elsewhere with Evelyn and Mr. Pamuk and by default, Matthew Crawley. If only Mary just focused on Evelyn Napier, I don't think things would have gone the way they did. But of course, Mary can't help herself and Mr. Pamuk was a surprise with his cuteness (I totally thought he'd be into Thomas). I feel horrible for her though she did sort of had it coming. I didn't think they'd actually kill him while doing her.

The way Cora reacted to her indiscretion and how Anna had to help out no questions asked, put a lot of people under unnecessary stress. So at least Mary looked really contrite when it all came down to it. Mr. Carson's comforting her was pretty sweet though. See Mary, there are folks on your team. Don't feel so alone.

Meanwhile, Edith tries her luck with Matthew only to realize he's just not that into her. I feel bad though cause even if she was a bit obvious, she was just trying to see if there was anything there, only to have Matthew more interested in the churches and still asking after Mary. Oh Edith, your man will come.

Downstairs, things aren't as happy either with Gwen getting her typewriter discovered and having her dreams dashed. I'm glad that Sybil is all for women's rights and is supporting Gwen, cause she obviously needs all the help she can get in that department. I'm sure O'Brien has her redeeming qualities but at this point, I just don't care for her.

As for Bates, I feel horrible that he's trying so hard to correct his limp, only to do it wrongly and him having to suffer silently. The bloody legs look awfully painful and I really think he should have wrapped his leg with padding first before putting the damn contraption. Still, it's good to see that Mrs. Hughes is looking out for him.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x07: You Win Or You Die

Up North, I get that Theon is kind of wary of Osha, heck I would be too, but because Osha is played by Tonks, somehow, I'm totally trusting of her character and think she's totally awesome for Bran. Of course, because I have not read the books, I don't know if this is going to bite me in the ass one day, but for now, I hope Osha has a good time up North.

Meanwhile at the Wall, my heart goes out to Jon and his stewart-appointment. I get that Sam was trying to make him feel better about his appointment but something tells me, Jon could be hoping on this outcome, only to be disappointed in the future. I'm going to try and stay positive for Jon, but we can only hope that being groomed to be the next Lord Commander, really is what's in the cards for him. Because after Ben's horse comes back without Ben, I don't know how much more suffering this guy can take.

And as wrong as it is, Jorah and Dany is kind of working for me, slowly but surely. Sure, he's meant to protect her (while also secretly tattling on her to the King), but when he got all in-command of the situation with the poisonous wine, it was kind of sweet how he really was devoted to keeping her safe. Still, I love how Khal Drogo got all protective of her suddenly and now wants to cross the sea to avenge his wife. Oh Khal, you're so wrong, but so right some times.

Finally, at King's Landing, so many things happen at once and all of them can be blamed on Ned's plain niceness. If only he were a bit more ruthless and didn't give Cersei a chance to find out he knew what he knew, then he wouldn't have been caught with his pants down thanks to Little Finger's betrayal. Obviously, I was shocked when Little Finger turned against him but I guess I got complacent and too trusting, just like Ned. And really, raise your hand if you like Jeoffrey. Yup, I didn't think so.

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]

Pretty Little Liars 02x11: I Must Confess

So let's start off by saying this episode needed more Ezra Fitz. Like WAY MORE. Also, as much as I wasn't the biggest Caleb fan, he was one of the more decent boys, so when I saw that he'd be part of this new show called Wendy (as the lead guy of sorts!) I went into panic mode. Cause this just means we won't be seeing much of him. So as mean as this sounds, let's hope Wendy gets cancelled so Hannah can get Caleb back because really, she needs all the positivity she can get right now.

Thank goodness for Hannah's grandma, cause I'm sure we all knew that little truce Katie called was not happening. And how stupid could Hannah be? I know she's not some master-schemer but to fall for that 'let's-get-drunk' tactic is the oldest trick in the book. Come on Hannah, let the claws out! I want to see you fight this one.

Also, as much as I don't care for Aria's family-drama, I'm glad they're sort of easing it out of the way already. Yes, Mike, get the help you need, we all knew this was the solution from the start. But we had to dawdle. Also, Maya coming back for Emily? I love how they're making Emily out to be such a player. Way to go, Emily and your revolving door of hot-girl lovers, I approve.

And Mr. Hastings is apparently part of some cover up for this entire DiLaurentis family drama? I don't need additional strings, yo! Just solve the basic drama instead of adding more cobwebs to this crazy game. Unfortunately, we don't get that resolution, cause the writers love to mess with us.

Finally, let's all take a moment to mourn the disappearance of the Doctor who supposedly knows who A is. Seriously. If she knew her office was bugged, why would she make the phone call in her office? Could she not have taken her files somewhere public like a fast food or something? Sure, I feel bad for her, but that was a stupid move. Now we continue to stay in the darkness as to who A is.
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