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Movie Raving: Still a Sucker for Romance of the Comedic and Tragic Variety

Opposites Attract [Collider]
For a month filled with movies (I think I saw a total of four in the cinemas (this is a lot for me -- Captain America and Rise of the Planet of the Apes were the other two), I was looking forward to these two most just because a) they have my favorite people in it (hello Anne, Jim, Ryan and Emma) and b) well, they've got romance at the forefront.

Despite both being romances, there's definitely a distinct difference between the two. Obviously one is the comedy and the other a drama, but more than the differences, due to my easy-to-please nature, I had a good time at the movies in both, for very different reasons as well.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web
Gosling and Stone, too, have wonderful chemistry; their all-night "seduction" sequence is the film's highlight, witty and effortlessly sexy. [The A.V. Club]
As if I wasn't obsessed with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this movie multiplied my love for them exponentially. It's no joke. Despite the fact that this is an ensemble cast and everyone shone (Carrel/Moore, Tomei/Bacon, the kids), my focus was of course on Stone and Gosling who just stole every scene they were in. At least for me.

The best part was that I didn't think I'd be able to watch this movie and instead I got premiere night passes so I took glasswinged with me and stayed up late on a work-night because you don't say no to free tickets for GOSLING AND STONE. And I'm so lucky I didn't get lazy and went to this.

So yes, Gosling and Stone. We all know Emma's great with comedy but putting her with Gosling, who was the ultimate revelation, just made me all giddy inside. If it weren't for the ultra-rude moviegoers behind us, I would have been jumping in my seat. Every scene with the two of them bantering or being cute, just made me think, 'god they're adorable together?'

I was rooting for them so bad and at the same time getting distracted by how good looking they are. I couldn't decide whether I crushed on Ryan or Emma harder. They were that pretty. It's a tough choice, I tell you.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
Between the writing, acting, directing and the rest, it works. Not crazy, not stupid, and filled with love. Period. [Los Angeles Times]
But more than the cuteness of that couple, the way they weaved the stories together was pretty surprising. Though I vaguely remember reading/spoiling myself for the twist, I was so engaged in the movie, I totally forgot about it and got surprised when they did the big reveal.

I also loved the storyline of Steve Carrel and Julianne Moore. Moore has been awesome in comedies I've seen her in (The Kids Are Alright technically NOT a full-on comedy) and she brought so much heart to this that though it was a laugh trip most of the time, I really felt for their relationship too.

And though I usually hate 'teen love' stories, the little brother and the nanny were pretty endearing as well. So all in all, this movie wins at life and I need to rewatch, obviously.

ETA and on a totally superficial note, I absolutely loved the way they marketed this movie with the different trailers (this is crazy, this is stupid, this is love) and posters and just cuteness. Obviously, I'm still enamored.

One Day

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
Even in the skillful hands of director Lone Scherfig, the effect is disjointed. The characters that Nicholls brought so cunningly to life in the book feel rushed through a timeline, tied to an agenda. [TIME]
From the start, this movie had a lot going against it. Other than the critics saying Anne was miscast and my personal opinion that the book didn't do ALL THAT for me, the reviews were predictably not very good. But when did I ever listen to reviews anyway right?

I'm glad I was able to drag Ana to this one just because I always have the most fun at movies when I'm with her. Maybe it's because I miss hanging out with her but movies become all the more enjoyable with our conjugal commentary (Ana was a film student and i'd like to believe I have valid opinions) so my viewing experience definitely puts a bias on how much I enjoyed the film -- especially since I came in expecting trash.

I thought the adaptation was admirable but because of the structure of the book, it would be a challenge to let it flow as nicely on screen. At times, I felt like it was too rushed and had too little set-up going on, even if the romance was twenty years in the making. I'm glad I read the book because I did get the flow but Ana was a little confused here and there and I couldn't blame her.

Photos courtesy of Jim Sturgess Online
The effort is admirable, the movie not so much, and yet, contrary to most pictures, it does improve towards the end. At least a little. [The Globe and Mail (Toronto)]
Still, despite the disjointed storytelling, I'd like to think the film had its merits. Production design was superb. I love how they 'aged' the characters as well as the set. It was nice to see them move from dingy college digs to more modest apartments as they started out and to classier haunts when they made it big. I loved the costumes and the hair and how they bloomed in the year 2000. The music and scoring was hilarious (bringing us through the best of the 90s) and just scaring us that these clothes will and have come back in style.

And say what you will about the casting, but I thought Jim and Anne didn't do so bad. Jim looked totally adorable (post-drug usage) and when he became a father. And though they didn't dwell too much on his suffering and drug and alcohol abuse, it was touched on a bit. And Anne was still very American but her accent wasn't horrid. And for some moments, I actually believed her. Though I didn't feel Em's frustrations with her life were as evident, the Mexican restaurant and the loveless relationship pretty much solidified that.

*SPOILER* I still stand by my opinion that the ending-flashback is a cop-out with the way they killed off Anne's character anyway. I'm all for happy endings and though I knew what was coming, it still made me sad to see her go, especially since they were finally getting their life together. *END OF SPOILER*

The point is, the movie was pretty good for me and I really enjoyed the little text of the dates every year. Silly little things, but it made me look forward to the next year all the more. Will I watch again? If jamypye pays for my ticket, why not.

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