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Sneak Peek: Jake Shaves His Head and Bulks Up

Grow it back, Jake[IHeartJake Media]
First off, I prefer Jake Gyllenhaal with a full head of hair, thank you very much. I know he's rocked this look for Jarhead and Brothers (can't say it was my favorite either) and now he's back to being in the service, a police this time and I guess he had to shave it all off. So yes, I can't wait till he grows it all back again. Jake, I heart your hair, FYI.

Another transformation I just can't take? Ryan Gosling for The Place Beyond the Pines. I get he's in character but after seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love and how he should be (I kid, of course), this is a look all the way in the other side of the spectrum. Obviously, I don't approve.

Photos courtesy of IHeartJake Media
I get Jake's the hunky action star and all but I do prefer him outside of his action roles. Still, you know I'll see this if only to see America Ferrera rock the police uniform too. I hope he's got a love interest in this one and please let them be cute together, cause I don't think I could take a love interest-less movie.

Photos courtesy of Sweet Anne Hathaway
Anne's been getting a lot of flack for a lot of things but I have to say i was pretty excited to see her on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. I'm loving how she's looking and am really excited to see the finished product. No doubt, she'll have haters (doesn't she always), but I love her and hope she does Selina Kyle justice.

Photos courtesy of Zac Brasil
Not quite sure what this is about but it has Matthe McConaughey in it too so it could be either a) cheesy or b) actually good. Zac has bulked up quite a lot for this one and we see him a lot of wifebeaters, so I'm hoping we get to see the goods during the movie. I'm not a fan of his hair though. Seriously, what's up with the bad hair for the movies?! I get they're trying to diversify but I like them pretty. Yes, I'm shallow.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
Amanda looks adorable though on the set of her movie, The Wedding and just by the title, I know I'm going to enjoy this one. The movie's got quite the cast too, including Ben Barnes, so at least I know I can count on my cousin to watch this one with me. And it has Amanda in a wedding dress. Obviously, this is enough of a reason for me.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota
Something tells me I'll be crying buckets while watching this one but I'm absolutely adoring Dakota with this cropped wig so I'll give it a try. Plus it seems to be set in London and with a pretty cute co-star (Jeremy Irvine) so I'll brave the tears to see this one. I hope she doesn't try a Brit accent though.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
I still have yet to sit through the entire Midnight in Paris (I keep watching it when I'm sleepy) but I do love a Woody Allen film so knowing that this one will have Ellen and Jesse (and a whole slew of others) is making me very excited. I'm guess Jesse and Ellen will have scenes together, so I'm hoping they're actually romantically linked. I love how this one is set in Rome now. Let's tick of all the European countries Woody's filmed in, yes? But really, I'm quite excited for this.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
And finally, Ryan Gosling pulls one on us and dyes his hair bleach blonde and dons tattoos and looks quite the bike rider for The Place Beyond the Pines. You know I'll be watching this, but definitely not to ogle him. WHY RYAN, WHY?! Just when I was totally lusting over your character in Crazy, Stupid, Love, you pull this one. Oh well, Iknow you love variety so this is what we get. I'm sure you'll be convincing.

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