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TV Time: That Silenced the Dragon For Good

[Game of Thrones Fan]
I'm more than half-way through my rewatch of Game of Thrones and I'm loving it even more now that I've finished the book. And though I'm taking a break before reading A Clash of Kings, I'm really psyched to see what they'll have up their sleeves next season. As for Downton Abbey, each week gets me more excited as I re-watch. The days can't go by any quicker. The war is coming!!!

Game of Thrones 01x06: A Golden Crown

I feel horrible for Bran. Sure, he got to ride out with Theon and Robb but then he gets attacked by Wordlings (TONKS!!!) . At least he got 'saved' in a way, but it makes me worried how helpless he really is. Even if he tries to be brave, there's so much he can't do. I hope they fnid a way to make him more capable to protect himself. He could be Lord of Winterfell one day.

And Bronn wins at life. I know he's a sellsword and only goes where the money is but somehow I feel like he's got some sort of loyalty to Tyrion. I'm glad he was able to beat Lysa's champion.

Can we slap Cersei please? I'm glad Robert put her in her place, though I don't approve of domestic violence just because she's really evil. Girl needs to get kicked in the ass. And I'm really liking how Arya is getting better at swordfighting with Syrio. She's going to need it for sure.

As for Sansa, I really don't know what to say about her. I get she's totally enamored by Jeoffrey but girl needs to get her head out of the sand and just listen to her dad. At least she gave him that clue about Jeoffrey's real lineage. I'm still grossed out that all the kids are Jamie's.

Meanwhile, Dany eating that stallion heart almost had me upchucking. I was seriously grossed out with this but hey, at least she got the approval of the elders. And it's mean but I'm glad that Viserys is gone. He was such a fake dragon anyway and obviously was just threatening Dany.


Downton Abbey 01x02

From the moment Matthew does a misstep with Mary, I'm totally loving the tension. All their banter at the dinner table and just being totally cold to each other makes me so happy. You can tell things will thaw out anyway. I love how Matthew can stand up for himself and isn't afraid to speak his mind either. And see, Violet, he's not just there for the money. He'd willingly let it all go. I love how Lord Grantham cleared things up with Matthew regarding Mosley. I was feeling bad for Mosley, who didn't have anything to do anymore. It was cute how Mosley got shocked that he was finally needed in the end.

As for Mary, one can't blame her either for acting out this way. Sure, the entire Perseus-Andromeda story was a little rude at dinner but she's just trying to make her voice known. And just a funny bit, but when I saw the name Evelyn, I actually thought Mary was lesbian. I didn't realize Evelyn was a boy's name.

And I'm really loving the Violet/Isobel showdown at the hospital. Maggie Smith has the best lines ever and when she gets into it with Isobel, it's such a treat to watch the oldies battle it out. I'm glad that Isobel got her word in edgewise just because girl does have a point and she saved a life. Let the fights begin!

It's horrible that Carson had to be outted that way, but at least we get to see a more human side of him. And Lord Grantham is just too nice for brushing all of his past away. I love how the family is quite just with the servants. As for O'Brien and Thomas's stepping out of line, I'm glad Mrs. Hughes and Carson put them in their place. Sure, they have a right to their opinion but I'm with Cora on this one. O'Brien was just being mean.

[Pretty Little Liarsss]

Pretty Little Liars 02x10:
Touched By An 'A'-ngel

As we get more ridiculous as the weeks go by, we get newer complications in the scheme of things, just because the writers don't seem to think there's ENOUGH going on. Let's start off with sort of happy thoughts care of Aria. So I'm happy that Ezra knows that Spencer knows and finally, he gets the balls to just come out with his relationship with Aria but alas, Mrs. Montgomery would 'feel betrayed' if she found out and we can't have that. right? I guess we're pushing back their coming out. Again. And didn't I tell you they'd give the entire Jason-red-room business a nice clean, finish? I know you, writers.

As for Hannah, I don't remember Katie looking like that in the first season but they did recast Jason so I guess they did with her too. And we've got a mean girl. I hope Hannah fights back. This is clearly a case of Blair Waldorf being bullied and we don't want Rosewood's queen bee going through that right? She needs to get Mona on her side and plot evil revenge. I don't want to see Hannah in the underdog position. at all.

Emily just needs to be open to the other girls with what she's going through and to her parents about A cause then all this HGH-business will get fixed. Or at least get out of the way for a bit. But no, Emily the martyr of course keeps it to herself. As for Spencer, I'm glad we got to see some Toby this week but you all know I'm just rooting for Wren. I do not care what N.A.T. is about, really.
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