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On Repeat: Still Missing Amy, Amy, Amy

Amy, Amy, Amy[]
Though I wouldn't call myself Amy Winehouse's biggest fan, her death did leave quite an impression on me. I really loved Frank and Back to Black and knowing that she won't be able to make another album makes me sad -- especially considering how troubled she seemed. I know this is a late reaction but better late than never, right? RIP, Amy.

It's not all sadness though. You know me and there's definitely some 90s in there (a boyband! no, not that boyband!) and some fun fun fun. Let's pretend I'm not just listening to the Downton Abbey score on repeat cause I'm that excited, okay?

Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

Though Rehab and back to black are her more popularly covered songs, I do love this song so much. The sheer acceptance of her being not good anyway, "I told you that I was trouble, you know that I'm no good." not that I condone cheating at all, but I love that there's full disclosure from the beginning -- of course it could be a defense mechanism too but i'm not here to analyze the song. I just like it. a lot.

Tyler Hilton - Faithful

So I'll admit, I did find out about Tyler Hilton thanks to One Tree Hill. I ended up loving his two albums and I can't wait for his new one to come out this year. In the meantime though, it seems he's provided music for Larry Crowne and though I'm not quite as anxious to see this movie (probably on DVD?), it just makes me so happy to see him come out with new material, I'll take it.

Matt And Kim - Block After Block

In less depressing news, I first heard this song by Matt and Kim on Jimmy Fallon and it was my first time seeing the duo live and I thought, WOW I want Kim's arms. They're so toned and just gorgeous. I should probably take up drums. But really, this song really is just so happy, it always picks me up even if I'm totally lazy at work. Plus it's set in New York, I really want to go back.

Jay-Z, Kanye West - Otis

I had this phase in my life wherein I was into a LOT OF hip-hop. Let's just say a certain someone was quite influential in my musical tastes (I realize I tend to deviate towards guys who can introduce me to cool new music, but I digress) and got me into a lot of hip-hop. And because I'm still mainstream, having Jay-Z and Kanye get together on a song pretty much equals pop for me. I'm really liking the album, and this one is no exception. I do love some Try a Little Tenderness so this was just awesome.

Code Red - What Good is a Heart

Though I'm not as obsessed with the 90s as I was last month, there is still the residual hangover and it's of the boyband nature. Sure, there was my love affair with NSync and that was pretty publicized, but I'm guiltily admitting that I gave the time of day to even the smallest of boybands, including lesser known, Code Red. This video has cheesy dance moves, the beach, all white outfits and lots of pa-cute behavior. I love it of course.

Even More Music On Repeat:
They've got My (Stereo) Heart Beating Faster and Faster
Coldplay's Ready For Their Comeback
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