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Hello[32 Down/20 To Go!]
[+] As tiring as things are when relatives are around, I really do like having relatives coming home. Whether it's my siblings or my aunts/uncles or cousins, it's just nice to have visitors and reasons to go out and meet up.

[+] Speaking of meeting up and going out, I outdid myself by being sociable this week meeting up with my ex-boss, koi_tattoo and catching a movie with glasswinged ALL ON WEEKNIGHTS!!! Look at me getting out of the house! I miss bumming at home though.

[+] We're already halfway through August, it's really absurd how incredibly FAST and frenetic this year has been. Here's to hoping I actually remember some of it next year. Something tells me, it'll all just go by in a blur.

[+] And I'm sort of not too backed up in terms of LJ entries now (after a month or so of belated entries and the like), will try to catch up on the flist and replies (good luck to me). Have a good week everyone!

It's always so hard starting the week again. I've been reading about the London riots and it's making me so sad see so much destruction and chaos going on. Especially now that London's been preparing for next year's Olympics, they get set back like this. It's a little crazy and I just hope everyone over there stays safe.

I had dinner with my ex-boss and it was really good to catch up with her. I do miss seeing her everyday and just chatting with her so it was nice to just hang out for a bit and see what was going on with her. It's funny cause we spent a year or so together everyday and now we barely talk. I hope I get to see her more often.

My brain is still filled with nothing but Downton Abbey and since I found out it'd be back on the 17th of September, the more excited I've gotten. I think I'll need to rewatch faster just because I want to absorb every single detail before the return. I'm crazy, I know. I have these bursts of obsession.

I so wasn't planning on going out but I ended up with free tickets to Crazy, Stupid, Love and I know that if I didn't watch it, I would be too lazy to go to the theaters. I was lucky to have glasswinged with me and I was probably very noisy (too giddy with love for Emma/Ryan) but the people behind us were even ruder and just so crass. Still, I had fun with Macy. Look at me, two nights out in a row.

These past couple of weeks haven't been as bad as they could have been so I'm relishing this calm pace. I even had ice cream for dessert at lunch today. That's how chill things have been. But since I've been going out two nights in a row, I've decided that tonight, i'm going straight home.

I am the laziest girl on earth. Despite the fact that no one was using the computer when I got home and I got home at a decent hour, I totally just lay down and of course, sleep. It's not even that I have nothing to do, I do have stuff coming up but I'm not working on it. What is up with the laziness, Patty???

I'm liking how this week hasn't been too too heavy. I know the work will come later on in the week, day, but for now, I"m relishing the non-craziness. Of course, planning is coming up for 2012 and I'll need to bring my A-game considering it'll be the first year I'll be planning with the team, but I hope and pray that I can step up and bring something substantial to the table.

Also, the big iOS vs. Android debate has been raging in my head for months on end and to help me with it, one of the bosses (of the tech website) lent me an Android phone to review. I've never handled one and am only familiar with the iOS system so this should be a nice way to finally settle the score? When I actually have money to spare, that is.

My boss has been talking to me seriously about all the new things we'll need to do for next year and I'm a little scared/intimidated about all the new things. First off, I'll be welcoming another teammate and this time, we'll be sharing responsibilities. And as happy as I am that I'll be unloading/sharing (plus I know her, I rec'ed her! she's awesome), I'm also a little worried. I know I odn't need to compete with anyone but I've never worked with someone on the same level, I'm always the only one. So this will be something to have an actual teammate.

And as much as I hate it that somehow client always has last minute things on a Friday evening, I think I've already resigned myself to this fact. I will be working over the weekend and it won't do me much good to sulk about it. I just get really frustrated cause I just want to relax. Oh well.

I woke up quite early to my dad saying we'd be having lunch with his side of the family. I'm not as close to them as my mom's but they're pretty nice people so we headed to a restaurant for lunch to celebrate one of my dad's cousin's birthday and there I sat with my second cousin, Aurora who is just the cutest thing ever. She goes to the same school as my little sister except she's still in grade one and totally cute. I'm a little in love with her.

My aunt will be leaving for the US next week so this is her last weekend here with us. After stuffing ourselves over lunch, we head to my grandma's house to stuff ourselves even more for dinner. And though I'm usually asleep after dinner when we head there, for some reason, I was actually awake this time around. Which really is a shocker in itself.

And because it wasn't like we saw enough of each other yesterday, we still hang out at my grandma's house today complete with more stuffing our faces and just sweltering in the heat (it's been excruciatingly hot for some reason). I kind of wish I had done something productive this weekend, but obviously that isn't going to happen.

And for the first time ever, my cousins and I finally dropped by Kitch Cafe (which our other cousin part owns and manages). We've only sampled desserts which they usually bring to family gatherings, so it was nice to actually FINALLY see the place. I'm so not looking forward to the next week just because there seems to be quite a bit to do. I'm not excited for that.
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